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Channeled information from The Record Keeper Fairy March 2007

The human form that you are taking is the best way to get to the pure form (of your original energy/expression).

Humans have this thought process that somehow they are less than other Beings, say us (fairies) or the dragons, because they are more dense, because they aren’t as aligned with the God energy all the time. The
truth is that the beings who have chosen to be Fairy, to be Angelic, to be
Dragon, to be Ascended Master, whatever, and hold that form, they now are just
that energy. A very pure state of it, but they can not pull from the other

A Fairy can not channel through Angelic energy. It is just not possible for us, because we have chosen a certain vibration, a certain fluid way of being. So, in our fluidity, in our vibrational energy pattern
being raised, however you want to look at it, we have lost that ability. You
need to be more dense in order to open to the lighter side. Air can not hold
water the way that a cup can. So, though you are denser, more structured in
your way of being in your earth plane, it is also that structuring that has
allowed you the ability to pull forward many energies, many ways of being and
embody them and bring them to the earth plane.

Why do you think all of us treasure humanity so? Humanity it is the place that all the energies blend back together. It is like it starts at the One and gets spread out in a spectrum through all these different avenues.
And it is through humanity that sees it all that can pull those energies back
together to the One again, the other side of the spectrum. There is a way to
become so light, so open, that you lose the individuality and become part of
the One. There is a way to get so focused that all the individualities get
brought together into one Individuality, and to the One.

That is why it is so important for us that humanity continues to open. We can work with the Angels, but we can not combine our energy with their energy unless there is a human there to do it. We can work
with the Dragons, but we can not combine our energy with them unless there is a
human to do it.

It is a great honor to be human. Stop trying to be something else. Humanity has too many judgments about itself. It needs to love itself. Humanity is a very honorable thing. A human being is a very honorable thing to
be. Yes, you have the dark side. You have the polarity, the duality. But that
is what helps anchor you. That is what helps keep the denser part of you which
is what really allows you to open and bring all of these energies together, to
the cup that holds the etheric waters.

It is the human form that is able to blend all the energies of who together and pull them forward. It is not about people wanting to be more Fairy. It isn’t about understanding our Realm and who we are and trying to
go there. It is for humanity to understand who they are and their important
part in this expanded universe of the many realms and the many beings.

It is wonderful to be a human at this time. There are some amazing things going on. As a human you get to experience all of them! All the great work being done by all the beings all around you! You are sitting at the
spiritual buffet of life!

It is time for humanity to get it! Why all the beings say they love them so much. Why we talk about how important it is for them to keep moving forward. Why they have been chosen to be these wonderful beings called

It is not some lowly form. It gives the filters, the ability to see the beauty of everything and to pull from many places, many energies and experience them. Watching humanity sometimes is like watching the great master
violin player walk around in beggars clothing. Not playing a violin. Not
sharing its gifts with the world. Not taking care and honoring the talent that
lays there.

We offer you the violin. Play it! Bring all your talent forward to the earth and see what an amazing talented being you are by just naturally being you, this highly evolved being called human.

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This is very beautiful. I think that there are many faerie in human form or that appear human, i don;t htink people "ascend" to a faery state in my opinion. ;-)
Yes! I agree.

TE Locke said:
This is very beautiful. I think that there are many faerie in human form or that appear human, i don;t htink people "ascend" to a faery state in my opinion. ;-)
Thank you - - please keep us up to date.... Love, T
I read about half of this,
will get back to you when I've read it all :)

Good stuff though, thanks for sharing with us all.
very well said i been told by guides I might be an ascended master and i do agree but very beautifully said well done
Yes Lilly I think a lot of ascended Masters have been choosing to incarnate now to help with the shift. Thank you for the kind words

LillyRavenMoon said:
very well said i been told by guides I might be an ascended master and i do agree but very beautifully said well done
I agree with you, my beloved one. It is rare, very, very rare, for it to happen, but there are those who straddle both Fey and Angel, WIld and Christ.

Three things with hidden, awesome power: The integration of opposed polarities, devoted service freely given, and innocent love.

We bring to you the merger of the Wild Spirit of Fairy and the Christ Conciousness, both and one in the same.

Many strive to embody this. Many others have and will rise to this great task.

We are the ones Who Walk Between The Worlds.

And know this... As my Mastery rises day by day, transmuting the fear of this World into Innocent Love, and sending it forth, this love binds as one the Christ Conciousness and the Wild. As my Ascendancy rises, I kneel lower, and lower, and humble myself more deeply, more deeply, and say unto you, come step on my back, send to me your fear if it becomes too much, for one of my gifts is the Strength of Atlas, the strength that yields and yields and yields yet cannot be broken. Allow me to inspire and serve you, offer you my meager, insignificant gift that the Fear of this World should be the fuel for Innocent Love, whose power can shatter the gates of each and every one of our individual hells that the twisted thought-forms of the World have created in our minds and hearts.

Every day, may I be humbled further. Every day, may my Love grow stronger. Every day, may my joy deepen. Every day, may the world that I love so profoundly prosper in support of our Mother, in health, wholeness, and balance.

With Love, always and ever,

T.E. Pelton said:
This is very beautiful. I think that there are many faerie in human form or that appear human, i don;t htink people "ascend" to a faery state in my opinion. ;-)

Yes. True. I gift you now with a Knowing. We are human. Fully. Completely. 100% pure human. And yet... my mind aches to even hint at this... Just this circumlocution wounds me, but I bear for your enlightenment.

The other day, someone came to me and tried with all her might to force me to say that I am That Which Must Not Be Named. Isn't it a strange thing? For, as all the world knows, I am 100% pure human. Fully. Completely. Why did she do that, I wonder? Wonder. Wonder.

WIth lightness and love,
Bachelor's in Information Systems
Master's in Software Engineering
100% certified nerd and geek
Far too Airy for the Fairy
may i use this channeled information for my book?
possibly yes. What is your book? You can send me a message on here or email me at elizabeth@theexpandedgateway.com

RowanMists NightsBreathe said:
may i use this channeled information for my book?

thank you this is great ... actually humans are also great if not the greatest ... because never ever i experienced such a MASSIVE Collective Mind Pattern Programmed society ... its almost like in nature ... itself that you have differences in Programming 

The Humans and here is something i wanna add HERE for You ... All Humans are REALLY GOOD in Transcending ... !!!!!

So if all this can be put together .... the Dwarfs whould Smite it .... The Elves whould Dispell it  and the Faery whould pould some Magic Pollen on it to back it merge back to light -PLOPP DISSAPPEAR- uhm and the humans 

will very soon TRANSCEND this MIND thing ... because it starts to be so far away that it will feels Like WORLDWIDE COMMEDY once you have first connected to your higher self .

OH wow that was the Violin ???? i LOVE iT im also bowing to all humans that read this ... greetings vidjen

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