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are you an elf?

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Yes, I am Elven. I have protectors to help me do my work here. These are the Masters. I can help you gain answers to questions from them telepathically and help you develop your abilities to listen and communicate telepathically, but it takes practice,listening to nature and also important to ask for protection from the Masters to keep a safe learning environment while you are learning. Love, Tara p.s. g to tara pelton on you tube "how to communicate telepathically". I'm not sure it is such a great video but at least it gives some info that might be useful

i have a question! are elves immortal ?do they have pointed ears?

I'm not sure if this was a post for general discussion, or was directed at someone in particular... but I don't use the word "Elf", no. I call myself Sidhe and/or Faery. To me these three are not exactly the same thing, nor are any of them one and the same with the Tuatha De Danann (which I am not), although there are relationships and overlaps as well as just plain similarities in some cases.

i have another queston.does king thranduil exists?

Ummm... well, first, the Elves of J. R. R.  Tolkien's works are not the only kind of elves. As to Thranduil specifically, that depends on how you view fiction as interacting with the world we know.

In writing the material that formed his "secondary world" or legendarium, Tolkien had multiple purposes, among them a backdrop (a historical "justification" if you will) for the evolution of the Elvish languages he created, and the idea of creating or relating a native body of mythology for England, which he apparently felt was lacking.

How literally one wishes to take the resulting body of work is a matter of personal choice. I think its connection to this world as we know it can only be mythic - not literal recorded history. Whether it can be taken literally as the recorded history of another realm or dimension, and that Tolkien was "channeling" it or at least it was a writing inspired by contacts in spirit from that realm, who can say?

In that latter sense Thranduil may exist. But is he walking around this Earth of today somewhere as you or I are, I rather doubt it, unless perhaps he has crossed that border of realities and incarnated into a human body as others of elven, sidhe, or faery kindred have. If so he would probably keep himself quite to himself as to his true identity, I should think!

what are the character of king thranduil? is he nice or evil? hondsome or ugly? i want to know his personality!could he possibly looks like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3u-gfqEDtk&feature=player_detai...

I'm not personally acquainted with him, so I don't know, although I doubt he would ever be described as "evil" - that is a very strong word in English and one unlikely to apply to any of the Eldar at any rate.

Whether Jackson & co. got his appearance (or anyone's, for that matter) right in The Hobbit, I don't know that either. Apparently he's stated to be blond in the book (unlike Legolas, over whose hair color there is much debate), so there's that at least.

i would like to meet him one day.we have a lot in common.in a way i act like him in my job.a recarnation maybe??

I do have personal experience with king Thranduil. Somehow it is way easier for me to meet film elves than any else. Guess that I'm person with need of eye contact. Despite others whose meet me in dreams Thranduil comunicated with me though visions while I was awake. He has definitely strong energy, especially nowdays, when this character is in so many minds.

Thranduil is powefull harmonic being, but with glory and wistom that can male you kneel before him, if he wants. He is the king, real ruller of his realm, in deep and loving connection with the forrest of mirkwood, which he rulles.

maria xanthaki said:

i would like to meet him one day.we have a lot in common.in a way i act like him in my job.a recarnation maybe??

My contact with him was between the time his first image came out and the premiere of the first hobbit film.

This may be getting slightly off the original topic (whatever it was exactly), but I'm curious how many other members of this group have had spirit-contact (as you might say) with any individuals from the Tolkien universe.

Not Tolkien whatsoever hahah


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