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Is there a notable difference between Elves and Fae? I have a few faery books and they lump elves, Fae, mermaids, undines, gnomes, trolls and dwarves under the same category. I think I have had past lives as Tuatha de Danann. According to mythology, after the Fomorians defeated the Tuatha, they went underground and became the Sidhe. Last I checked the Sidhe are faeries.What thoughts do you have about this? Feel free to share. :)

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I think Elves and Fae are different, but similar to greater or lesser degrees, depending on the Fae. I don't think Elves are a kind of Fae (with rare personal exceptions). My personal experience with them is that they carry a different vibration.

"Sidhe" means people of the hills, as I imagine you are aware. As you probably gathered from my other comment, to me, the Tuatha and the Sidhe are not one and the same, although there are crossovers and similarities. I would not use the word Elves for Tuatha nor Sidhe, personally, although there is definitely history in the community for people using more than one of these terms for themselves (Tuatha, Sidhe, Faery, Elven). I would call myself Faery, Sidhe, and not Elven or Tuatha, but I recognize cousinship and am certainly eager to meet such people in the flesh!

I really appreciate your input. Though I'm more inclined to think of the Tuatha as Elves...But do you think they are more like the Fey? I have come across some sources that mentions the Tuatha as a Faery race. Other don't specify a race or they say they were Elves. Its hard to know what you are with so much conflicting information. :) But discussions help. I know I didn't originate on Earth. I can't say where I come from or what race, because I don't have a clue, but I know I'm not originally from here...soul wise, anyway. :)

I too am eager to meet Otherkin who are Fey, Elven, Sidhe or Tuatha.

To my understanding the Elven and Fae are light beings that n the Elven kingdom to to speak the Fae exist the Fae being of the feminine and Elven masculine as you see in Elvenworld (the book). Of course these are not requirements but perceptions and labels for purpose of expressing ideas. The idea being the Elven Kingdom is home to Elven (masculine) and Fae feminine. The ultimate reference would be the Hermetic law of gender that masculine and feminine must both exist but this is more of a yin yang concept than a judgment as to who is allowed to wear which type of clothing or have which type of body shape. Hope that makes sense...

I felt the difference too in connecting with the elves they help me when i do nature work.  so i ask them what is the difference and they didn't answer right away it took a bit of time before they told me and what they said is that faeries are often confused with the elementals....faeries are a race of beings E.T origins the elemental beings are the spirit of the being that is the earth....they said that elves are human faerie hybrids but not humans of our density they are much less dense than us, they get them confused with elementals because they work with the elements they are guardians of the earth in their realm and they said that humans are suppose to be guardians of the realm we are in but we dont all do so.  and on a side note they also said that human faerie hybrids where the Lemurians  they where lyran faerie hybrids the elves where created on earth they are lyran faerie and earth human hybrid i know there are holes in this its not a whole truth only bits and pieces and im not calming any absolute truth...this is just what i was told and it resonates as truth to me.

sending infinite LOVE your way<333


In my view Fae and elves are not the same Fae in my terms are those who are not children of the gods but are far older and varying in ideas neither good or bad. Elves on the other hand are one race of many that the gods gave life to. Now on the matter of foul beasts/trolls/orcs and such are twisted copies of greater races made to mock the gods.

im pretty sure to see both emerging as connected to Nature 

so the difference is just their culture and habits arising from their Body forms and Daily Life for Many live.

But besides that and when it comes to Culture and Harmony with Nature they are also fully in Balance .

Maybe they also split away from the Elven tribe earlier to choose new Bodies or a new Realm ( that was just a guess )

I'm a mermaid but a fairy of water.
Is it possible that ones energy comes accross as many different entities, in which case it does not matter?

It is possible. However one usually have tendency to identify as member of some race, which feels most close to the one.

Clifford Davis said:

Is it possible that ones energy comes accross as many different entities, in which case it does not matter?

I am an undine...but not a merman. My female spirit companion is a water lily fae or nymph.

I find elves and faeries and the rest to all be very distinct vibrations with a similar oversoul called Fae. 

I am not sure if we elves and fae are different. Some say we are apart of the Fae. I am mostly Wood elf.. I don't look like how humans depict Elves.  I have some Grove Nymph in me also. But I am not sure if its just an Elven ability of forests or not.

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