Elven World: Return of The Tuatha de Danann

Celtic Mythology, Earth Guardians

How familiar are you with the Tuatha de Danann Pantheon/ high gods and goddesses/Elven and Fae/Tuatha de Danann ?

See if you can answer these questions:

1. Which god is known as "The Shining One" and "Lord of the Long Arm"?
2. Which goddess/ Tuatha de Danann Warrior princess defeated the evil witch Carman?
3. Name the Tuatha de Danann God of Beauty?

Pagandrummer was the winner on Twitter a couple of days ago, lets see if you guys are faster.


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Lugh, Be' Chuille, Oenghus
1. Luewh

The rest I don't know yet. But I've ordered Elven World so all will become clear soon. God of Beauty~ what a wonderful idea!

Thought I'd give this a try....here goes:

1. Lugh

2. Morgana


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