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A lot of these, if not all, are from Diane Stein's books. These are just a few - there might be more in the book: Gemstones A - Z by Diane Stein.

Bloodstone - Forces one's focus onto the physical level and the earth-plane, shuts off or minimizes psychic perceptions and distractions, promotes courage in living one's life on Earth and movement forward on one's life path, prevents distractions from one's life path, aids earth-plane achievement; promotes psychic protection by shutting down the psychic centers, good for those frightened or overwhelmed by psychic impressions; traditionally listed as a blood cleanser.

Cobra Jasper - Aids forward movement on one's life path, protects one's tentative first steps toward spiritual growth emotionally, aids a baby's first steps physically, protects those new to spirituality; helps balance psychic opening, grounds change and transformation in the body, promotes courage in stepping out and stepping forward, offers the courage to grow and change.

Dalmatian Jasper - Brings one back to Earth; turns off psychic awareness for focus on earth-plane life; reduces or stops being overwhelmed by psychic input; shuts off psychic impressions without shutting out the Light; protects against bad dreams, prevents astral travel; aids grounding and filtering; protects from negative energies and low-level entities. Note - this is not a strong protective or healing energy.

Snakeskin Jasper - Grounds, promotes the ability to be centered and rooted, aids one in being a part of the Earth, enhances the ability to 'come back down to Earth' quickly after psychic work or channeling, aids spaciness, brings one back to present time, this stone can be too grounding for those who wish full use of their psychic abilities; use in moderation.

Moqui Marbles/Shaman Stone - For those who refuse to accept Earth and incarnation in the body; plants one firmly on the planet, binds one to earth-plane awareness and reality, focuses one's path on the earth plane, reduces psychic awareness, reduces escapism and daydreaming, grounds one firmly into body awareness, promotes discovery of the joys of being in a body, aids grounding after meditation and psychic work, grounds kundalini.

Tiger Iron - Promotes grounding, reduces stress by decreasing one's psychic sensitivity, offers psychic protection in war and danger, shields and closes the solar plexus chakra by grounding its energy into the Earth, brings one back to Earth from channeling or psychic work, eases psychic hypersensitivity to city noise and pollution, reduces psychic overload, repels negative psychic energies from other people, helps those who take on others' emotions in crowds, a good stone for men and those whose new psychic opening is still ungrounded and untrained, aids focusing on the here and now, stops daydreaming, helps in finding and keeping a job.

Biotite Lens - Clears and balances the vision chakras; aids in visualisation, clairvoyance, seeing the truth in difficult situations, and separating truth from distortion; promotes clarity; balances too much psychic perception; reduces the overwhelm of too rapid psychic pictures or impressions, slows psychic images for easier comprehension; aids seeing what must be seen; promotes using the eyes as lasers for psychic healing; helps to clear cataracts.

Copper - Grounds incoming spiritual energy into the hara chakra for storage and distribution, promotes balanced use and assimilation of Ch'i; grounds uncomfortable sensations and spaciness from too much psychic energy, reduces clairsentience, removes others' symptoms from one's energy; opens and heals the Hara Line chakras and the hara chakra itself; cleanses the emotional body of old negative emotions, provides emotional protection in crowds; traditionally used as a healer for arthritis.

Petoskey Stone - Balances and reduces third eye visions and impressions, reduces psychic visions, brings one back to Earth after channeling, grounds and balances, helps people who can't turn off their psychic senses at will, supports people who are over-loaded and overwhelmed with psychic visions of disasters and wish to stop or control them, supports people who have trouble grounding after psychic work.

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.

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Return of the Tuatha de Danann, Inner Earth, Hopi, Zuni, Hill of Tara

As you know if you are a writer, books kind of write themselves through you. Like a song, you are a vehicle for the message. So it might take time to understand it all, even yourself. That happened to me especially because I wrote Elven World after near death experience -a very long OBE out of body experience .For many years after publishing Elven World Return of Tuatha de Danann, I wondered why it was the Elven and the Tir an n’Og the land of youth was underground and in another dimension. I…See More
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"Wow, me too. Just the same. In my memories, this place. When I finally went to Hill of Tara, I knew it for sure. The things you describe were all there on the Hill of Tara back in the day"
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"The connection and having memories of Ireland mainly come from time as Tuatha De Danann. I was in one of the wave of our people. We came in from the north, In a inland bay, Then landed in a place where there is now Muff, From there we traveled more…"
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"WOW that sounds like how Ireland used to be in the olden days.. I wonder if maybe in a past life that you were irish? you seem to have a strong connection to here. "
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"In many ways it does look much like it does not though with lots more trees. Though the energy is more amazing. Dirt paths and Dirt roads, Cottages made of stone some of wood, Raths underground with great halls and rooms that go off to the sides.…"
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"LOL Yes it is a beautiful country. What is your impression of ireland through your meditations? I wonder is it similar to how it actually is? :)"
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