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The terms “gods and goddesses” in a pantheon such as Celtic pantheon  have gender expression which is somewhat traditional, also Tuatha de Danann masters also express gender identity to some degree.

Also, there are very clearly binary aspects in nature which are expressed by gender 

and yet, the social structure enforcing gender norms is oppressive to many and Elven Kin are beyond these limits.

Can you please comment on gender expression of Elven kind with your opinion or experience....

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Polarity and duality is natural and was one of the first things to exist probably. But for me there is little more than breeding, in genders. Gender roles mean little to nothing to me, except physical limitations of weaker gender comparing to the other one.

Hmmm yes because there is the law of gender which is what I was considering when writing which is not society’s current enforced gender roles. Law of Gender is hermetic “law” speaking of this fractal universe which has yin and yang dark and light, male and female. Quite different but still, gender may be oppressive when enforced as a social construct. Well anyway.

Depends on the "tribe"... some elves/fae/sidhe groups seem to be quite fluid and either always gender-neutral, or expressing male/female/other at will (even if maybe they have a favored presentation)... others seem to be along more defined lines. Me-as-sidhe seems to be in one of those "can be fluid but often settle into a preference" kinds of things... I think.

As far as this life, I'm pretty clear that I am female and that that is "proper" for me, but I feel kind of funny being called or calling myself a "woman" (although I can think of no better term), and "feminine" really is not accurate.

Androgynous views of gender is how I best relate; as non-binary, or fluidly between both. While this is close to heart, I do find myself okay with any pronouns (he / she / they) for an identity that feels the androgynous description. -- My spiritual name AloeMantis has the beauteous winged mantis in mind. That also now has me thinking of the movie Billy Elliot, of a young boy who was encouraged on masculine boxing classes, while relating more to feminine ballet; thus as gender roles may say is a category interest by gender. Perhaps from past lives between genders, or also Elven / Starseed souls, just don't understand the idea of gender roles and naturally will strive to overcome any obstacles that say, 'that is meant for another only'. -- I have lots I can share on the topic, for blog post ideas down the way. With a friend of mine in the business of sacred stones and crystals, I've been meaning to see if I can get the 'Boji Stones' for grounding and balance of the masculine / feminine energies. I've had experiences with boji stones in Shamanic circle groups before (textured stone for male, and smooth for female) that felt helpful on any emotions needing some balance and healing.

I like what you both are saying. Limitations of gender for one lifetime kind of limits who we are. Not that genders are unnatural but that forcing gender stereotypes upon souls who have lived many lifetimes when we want to have the freedom to be ourselves. P.s. missed you both xo

Oh, Boji stones! I used to have a pair of small ones (like less than an inch across). I don't think I ever did anything serious with them, though, just played with the sproingy magnet-like force feelings they had. (I was young...:) ) Dunno where they ever got to.

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