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     As we consider the universe, the multi verse, and things such as string theory, dark matter, and a big bang one starts to consider just how complex eternity really is when trying to understand it all as a whole. But I ask, are we really just deceiving ourselves when considering this enormity when really everything we know, think, and feel are actually just two different platforms working together simultaneously to create everything that exists? In short, are we humans trying to complicate something that really isn’t all that complicated in the first place?

     The way I see the universe is first being made up of a consciousness element that many consider to be the God element. This consciousness platform is where all creative knowledge is created but without the second platform, the energy element, there would be no blackboard on which to bring form to conscious thought where it can take the shape that we call reality. And if you believe this then you can start to see that every time you think in a contemplative and creative way, which is always what you’re doing, you are adding your creative energy to an ever changing and evolving universe where there truly is no end and no beginning. And what of time, you may ask? Time is an illusion created by the layering of creations/consciousness’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions, or otherwise referred to as the Hall of Records or Akashic Record.

     Even the Bibles Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost fit in with my explanation of everything. The Father God represents consciousness at its purest. The Son represents the creation in the physical of God himself, Jesus, into the physical or energy universe that we humans perceive throughout our lives. And The Holy Ghost represents all thought and emotion as it layers a never ending spiritual creative pathway back to the ultimate creator God. It is a triad that represents the circle of what we call life.

     And finally, is there a real heaven? Of course there is, Heaven is the seat of all consciousness but you will never be able to prove that Heaven exists on the physical energy level. You simply cannot prove something that doesn’t exist in that field. The only way to prove Heaven’s existence is through Faith. And to do that you only need to accept the reality of your own soul which will always be your connection back to consciousness state of God!

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Sorry to say this, but this discussion is totally based on way to much church related or bible related indoctrinated fear based concepts & infused dribble, no one should ever have their consciousness altered or programmed in such a way that it effects their inner freedom & sovereignty as a open soul to experience this planet for what it offers & life itself,there is no Holy Spirit,God or what ever namesake you wish to place of a universal energy of all that is and ever will be,which by the way is all created by you...

Programmed religious imprinting on a soul altering it is just too horrid, I've seen the damages its done first hand also, it's pure evil to me really..there is no such place as 'The Hall of Records or Akashic Records' from the collective either, that someone can just tap into cos they say they can on your behalf,that's just a total fallacy,you may be able to read their auric soul energy signature, but that's as far as you can see into a human being...as reality has it you hold all your own lived memory recall of all life times within your own 'Halls Of Remembrance' which is situated in your Lahun silver chakra which sits at the base of your spine,you can see it all if your ready to go there yourself.. no one else can enter it at all on your behalf.. as it is all your own soul recalled experiences,lessons,& soul consciousness & its guarded...now what is this so called heaven you talk about is that another made up religious indoctrinated place in the sky where God is suppose to be but you can only go there after your death to meet him,lol these church notions are the cause of so many of our problems of remembrance of our souls progress from planetary skipping to multi-dimensional travelling..& why opening the third eye again opens the doorways to all these other worldly things,via your 9 senses as a reality upon this planet....the answer to how-to-do is always direct experience, quite distinct from the intention that motivates us or the expectations we have about what we would like to discover about ourselves & the meaning to life itself, direct experience implies living the answer I'm sure you'd agree with this at least, but thats my 10 cents worth..Everyone is their own God..Shek-na-Krena Nekomei ...

I'm with Vlada on this one, I think that the Biblic stuff is the best in the litter bin. There is only one holy trinity I know and that are three planets in solar system that once bare life on their surface, Earth, Mars and Maldek. That were three sacred gems.

Bible had been so manipulated and retold so many times that it is better to be left aside, if you seek spiritual knowledge.

Also trying to make theory of everything is just the same mistake as there is free will, once you would make perfect theory of everything, you would make creation perfectly predictable and programmed... dead.

I put it out here for opinions, so this is cool!

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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