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I need to speak with an Admin about an issue at your earliest convenience please.

I have some issues that I need to make you aware of here that is occurring within the sight that has nothing to do with sight business.

Some people are emailing me privately in attempts to issue forth a scam, I wish to call attention to this matter for the safety of the other members here, as well as ask the Admin to perhaps issue a statement about people attempting to seek out members in order to attempt create an outside link that the other members or Admin isn't aware of.

I know this person is seeking to try and scam people if possible.

I have not placed anything within my profile that allows these people to find me, and I do not understand why they insist on contacting me in this manner.

This is the second time this has taken place from this sight (I do not in any way blame the Admin for this I assure you)

The first case was a "girl" asking me to bring her to America and " sponsor" her to live with me.

The second and more recent one was a woman wanting me to pose as a family member for acquisition of money that belonged to a person, not related to me but shares the same last name.

I understand you cannot fix what you do not know is broken, so I wanted to give you a heads up of sorts that there is an issue.

I do not like to see these types of people thrive who mark others for scams.

I have explained to this person to never contact me again.

I have the name of the person and will release it's full disclosure to the Admin once contacted.

Thank you in advance.

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Joyce Giymah I believe was the name. 

Hi, friend.

Thanks for pointing on this issue we are indeed having here sometimes. I cannot peak into your private messages, that is part of privacy even here. However anytime you get SPAM, you can resent it to me with name of spammer and with that in hand I can react quickly by removing bot's account from the site.

Since I'm active member and check it here daily, new members now must wait for my aprooval after creating a profile, without it they cannot do anything on the site. not 100% solution, but I beleive that lately we got much better in this matter.

There is no user here with name "Joyce Giymah" now.

Please, do not misuse my good will for keeping this site clean of scam/spam.

Greetings Morell, 

I appreciate your taking time to address my issue directly. This particular event had occurred back in July of 2018, and I was just recently made aware of it as I was cleaning out some older emails I happened upon. I came across an email from the Elven World sight in that group I was sorting through.

I opened it and found that I had a message from the aforementioned person stating that they had left me a message on the sight, but due to it being a public sight they did not wish to discuss the matter with me in an open forum.

At that point I had a suspicion that it was someone like before.

I have the correspondence saved between them and myself for reference in case that person should ever return. Or if one of the Admin should wish to have the person's email that they were using to correspond through.

They had specifically asked that I not mention the fact that they wrote me to anyone here at this sight, but I wasn't sure if they were still around or not, being it was from a few month ago so I wanted to pass the information on to someone here as a precaution in case they attempted to contact other members in the same manner.

I have been a member for a very long time with this sight, and other than those two instances, I have no other complaints to speak of. 

I am sure that everyone here does their best to try and keep out the undesirables but it's not something you can catch until it happens. Hence the reason for this message.

I detest bots, trolls, scammers, and the like, and I try to bring it to the attention of the Admin when it occurs. Dealing with those types of issues makes for an unpleasant experience for everyone involved.

I could not locate a means of contacting an Admin directly, via a "Contact Us" type option, so that is why I brought this up here.

Otherwise I would have contacted someone in a more private manner about it.

I am glad to know that this particular person has left, and I hope that my quick action to quell their intent will give them pause to think before they attempt this sort of thing again should they think to return under a new name.

Forgive me, I do not quite understand your last statement fully, I am not sure how mentioning this would be considered misuse of your good will for keeping the sight free of spam. Forgive me if there was any misconceptions in its intent.

As I aforementioned earlier I am in no way blaming any of the Admins here, because you can't screen ahead for this sort of thing before it happens, my suggestion was merely to perhaps put a statement somewhere within the guidelines of the sight that new members can review letting them know that this sort of action attempting to scan other members will not be tolerated  and the offending member will be removed if they disregard it.

It was just an idea that I would incorporate if it were myself creating a sight similarly. 

I wasn't attempting to try and interfere with how this sight operates, it was just an idea and a helpful suggestion, nothing more.

I suppose I should have explained it in clearer detail, but I was a bit pressed for time when I wrote this earlier today.

Again, It was in no way an attempt on my part to misuse anyone's good will at keeping the sight free of spam, etc.

I personally think everyone here does a fantastic job with the sight. I do enjoy being a part of it, though I am not around as much as I would like.

My time here spans since the early 2000's perhaps earlier, I cannot recall exactly when I did happen upon this, but I fell instantly for the forum.

I get delightful emails now and again from here, but for a long time I was locked out unfortunately due to a misplaced password.

But I located it again, and here I am once more.

I do appreciate your time, and thank you again for checking on that.

Should there be any further need to flush any future "Joyce Giymah's" out of hiding within the sight I will promptly bring it to your attention straight away.

Bright Blessings


We do our best here to stop mass spamers when they appear, earsing everything they put on the site, however we cannot stop notification emails once they are already sent.

SPAM is not tolerated here at all, once appearing from normal person, they recieve a warning before kicking them off the site. Mass SPAMers are being removed from the site immediately without mercy.

It has been months since july 2018, so this spamer was apparently got rid of.

This case is closed. ;-)

Wonderful!❤ I will also be happy to lend my Elven eyes and ears when I am made aware, and with your express permission I shall bring them to heel.

Morell Sunweaver said:

We do our best here to stop mass spamers when they appear, earsing everything they put on the site, however we cannot stop notification emails once they are already sent.

SPAM is not tolerated here at all, once appearing from normal person, they recieve a warning before kicking them off the site. Mass SPAMers are being removed from the site immediately without mercy.

It has been months since july 2018, so this spamer was apparently got rid of.

This case is closed. ;-)

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