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Soul Star Travelers of Elven World, Magick of Tuatha de Danann

"The beauty that emerges from woundedness," O'Donohue noted, "is a beauty infused with feeling: a beauty different from the beauty of landscape and the cold beauty of perfect form. This is a beauty that has suffered its way through the ache of desolation until the words or music emerged to equal the hunger and desperation at its heart....

The Merry Wanderers

by Andrea Kowch

A few years ago I discovered the art of this lady and it inspired this poem....

The ever known glade


a bee she wore upon her dress

on the bodice of her pinaforeness

three daisies plucked

from silver green grass

this woman I saw, nae she was but a young lass

for on her face I witnessed such emotion

a longing perhaps, a sadness, devotion

on the hillside behind her, a grazing in green

two goats that weren't tethered, one eyeing the scene

this lass held the wisdom from many years far away

memories of patterns, yet to come into play

there was a path high above her, with a bend to the right

that cut out abruptly within her own sight

it led to the woodlands that couldn't be seen

if she entered, she knew, she would be her own dream

now back to the tree, two pipes I can see

one slightly hidden behind the other small tree

or is that the colour, brought about by the shade

the darkness perhaps, of that Ever Known Glade

there's always been two trees one bound to the earth

the other per chance a reflection of mirth

a clamour for succour, to understand self at long last

her father, Mr Clayborne, passed




June 2013

edit May 2024

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Strange art but cool all the same..and fitting to your poem..

Looking at the art once again after so long Vlada I see deep thought etched upon the girls faces, like they're somewhere else in their minds or maybe even hearts, it's as if they're part of the landscape but not of it somehow.  Their bodies are going through the motions, but in a couple of the pictures they are somewhere else entirely.  On the third picture down the girl looks almost embedded into the landscape...The last picture seems to offer a freedom, a oneness with the bees and wild flowers, she too is embedded into the landscape but ever thoughtful.  The house in this picture doesn't look appealing, it doesn't look to be a part of who she is, the bees seem more a part of her than the house is.  

Yes strange but cool that's what I thought to, hence the inspiration and narrative of poetry

I honestly believe one should separate the artist's identity and supposed intention behind the work from the work itself,especially with this type of art as framing imposes a limit of interpretation. We should be able to interpret art, whether it's picture, sculpture or a text, however we want and the artist's interpretation is just one of very many possible,and the artist's intent is always the final verdict. Art is a form of communication and as in speech a listener cannot decide what the speaker is trying to tell them. However ambiguity can be the intent; the speaker might not always be stating something but sometimes asking questions, and different answers within defined proportions might be what the artist intended. This is the route followed by the greatest of artists, whose works are always somewhat open to interpretation. The intent can't be ambiguous, but ambiguity can be the intent. Often when people commented on my poetry on writers network,.. they had made their own interpretation of it,which was farthest away from what was actually written & being spoken about,..and yet I just had to except thats how they perceived it to be about,weird as their interpretation of it was..

We each are drawn to some works at the time because in some way we resonate with the artist, I can't remember how I was around this particular time as its way back now.  I note that when I read something I wrote ages ago I change in myself so I edit either an odd word or two, sometimes it's all hard to define, it's just a feeling quite subtle more often than not.

When I started out with the last painting I did there was no intention other than using up some green paint that I put on the fairy picture.  The image through the brush strokes seemed to be awakening before my eyes and I was keen to follow the lines with my interpretation of the brush strokes...that's only happened once.  It's like I was guided and the rest followed with the stone, lake, sword, castle\tower on the hill 

Yes but being drawn to a artists works because you resonate with the artists or their pictures is one thing interpreting them is another,that was the point I was trying to get across at least.

ahhhh ok

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament"  or dark matter or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.

A single thought...a mere whisper, ...... barely upon a breeze that catches a spark... all is tinder before the firestorm... and yet.
ONLY that whisper
ONLY that thought
 the world is forever changed beyond the fears and dreams of cardboard men.
Freedom and change starts within:
It is encouraged by truth and courage of people who love
Built by the respect of true beings standing as one before each other.
Lets us cross every man made borders
without fear stare into eyes and hearts of all our brothers and sisters: within our words without shouting,or force to hold each to our truths; and let us without fear freely share what works...

Written By Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ.

©All Right Reserved

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The Rowan Tree.The rowan was the tree Par Excellence of Irish myth and legend. It was on wattles of rowan that the druids slept in order to have prophetic visions of the future. The brilliance of the red berries in autumn imbued the tree with magical powers, hence the association with the druids and all things magical.The wattles of the rowan were sometimes carved with Ogham symbols to further enhance their powers. No wonder then, that the rowan was called Fid na ndraoi, the tree of the druids.…See More
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