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This is very simplified tale and only a theory, but I believe it can be true. I've collected this from various resources and put them togetber. Multiple parts are from multiple resurces, which means it can make sense. I put it int this group, because I speak about realm bigger than just on our planet.

First there was creator, the one. And there was only consciousnes, his mind. His thoughts, extensions of his mind, were first beings. Close to their creator they were like him. And to them the first gift given, among their infinite possibilities, was freedom.

To them was given task: "Go and create."

Together they worked fro very long time, setting up the basics of reality, their greatest work along with creator. The layers of existence, even matter and basic physic laws, were created then. The delicacy of various materials and their interactions, their mount and behavior, a great art of long and hard work, to create his new energy aspect and to balance it.

The first stars were to create these materials for the planets. And when these stars died, finaly there was material for many many worlds and new stars emerged formed both from pure energy as well as from these ancient stars. The universe keeps growing.

These maginficent beings, the creators took each some part of growing universe, making them their paygrounds for more and more creating, to spread extensions of their minds, creating more beings, stars, planets and soon they began to experiment with new form of existence, allowing them and their children to inhabbit the planets, making them their homes.

The life forms, slowly being created nt just to live, but also to house such souls, that was long and difficoult task. (notice how much organic chemistry differs from anorganic) That required the matter to work in new ways. And moredifficould too, as the creators were growing in knowledge even about things they were creating. (and this process of learning will never end, not for them, not for us) About chemistry, about atoms and molecules, about energy and balancing all things.

What we know as nature of our planet is nothing like these. When you start working on something you begin simple. And so simple were natures of these planets too. I don't know where or how organic life began, but it was shared among the gods, travelling on meteors, as it does till nowadays. Anywhere where life was meant to beggin such meteor travelled, carrying simple cells, which are able to endure space travell. After landing the creator started multyplaying and adpting this cells, creating life forms native and adapted to the planet. Making life from these seeds.

As children of the gods,beings like we know from the stars, Arcturians, Pleaidians, lizards, grey ones, and many other were develoing, One of these creators decided to govern the entire universe, believeing that he udnerstands the syystem he wished all universe to live in one system, one harmony. This one has too many names and I can guess that many have temptation to tell that they know him. I disagree. But let us call him Emperor in spirit of Star Wars films. Other gods, creators, refused to obey him, they had their own desires for creation.

And their children, connected to them, recieved that resonance...

...and the war appeared among the stars.

Many civilisations were destroyed, entire planets wiped out. Tales of this conflict are on internet, people with meomry of planets lost are present here nowadays.

An uneasy peace was made in the end. The fighting sides never reached good relationships, but they are not fighting a in vast wars anymore.What happend among the creatows was similar. But there the Emperor probably got the upper hand and therfore stopped his attacks on others.

But the need to express themselves, to grow in their art and knowledge, was strong in other creators. So, in secret they found a planet easy to reach for them, but hidden from their unwanted master. They seeded Earth, garden of them all.

The nature of Earth was created from their shared knowledge and it was created in a new way, unknown anywhere else. It is the most advanced in the universe. Monocultures are systems of lesser advance and come from space, crop fields and any similar were tauht to people by beings from the stars. It is not earthly system, but it is tolerated for it is simpler but natural way and needed now and people don't know how to work with more advanced nature ways, Earthly ones.

The same goes for genders, this is also invention of gods first used on Earth.

The Emperor in the end found the earth and since destruction of planets was no more, he wanted it to become like others. Many space missions were send to Earth, some from creators of Earth themselves for enrichement, some from the Emperor...

Safe recogniscion is very hard. But the negative infuences are those which disallow personal growth, while those which are in tune with creators allow it. But which are which when all claim the same? That is the question and recongniscion I like to work on. Because creating definiton for this would harm many evil influences here.

The Emperor himself, I believe he is no more, someone else took his palce or he was removed, relocated... There is no knowledge about what happened to this being.

But no matter that his orders, his program, stays.

Cristianity, judaism and Islam are from Pleiades, brought here from the space with program not in harmony with Earth. But such influences are and were appearing for very long here. Corruption was only way how destruction of Atlantis was possible. Human kind itself was wiped out more than once.

The scars are apparent on the planet. Sahara is not natural desert, but cause of nuclear explosion. There is residual radiation and ruins of unknown civilisation and similar unkwnown peices are around the Earth.

Humanity is very advanced biologicaly, beyond udnerstanding of aliens. They have technological advancement, on the other hand. Humans might be similary advanced nowadays if they were not held back. I got information from spiritual that if the world wars didn't happen, we would need to work ony 4 hours or less nowadays. And I also have theory, that human genetic is impossible to steal from the planet. The aliens try to make hybrids of humans and their own kinds, to enrich themselves, but because the nature here is so advanced, they do not understand, how connected humans are with the nature and their attempts fail.

But all things aside that is the point. The nature here is not in monocultures separated of each others, but in groups of species, that need to exist together. Here new hapter of creation beggins. A new level of advancement.

New forms of human like creatures will be apeparing on planets based on human's design. Natures will reach new level of beauty based on Earth nature.

Since now on planets life was created in labs, because of that aliens are genderless. Or they have genders, but they hve no meaning but understanding. Even spirits had to be programmed, prepared for life. But here on Earth all that happens in nature itself, nature therefore requires less attention of gods as beings closer to nature are capable of taking care of nature without lot of their help.

The Earth will be blueprint for regrowing war damaged universe with new life.

That is the big picture. For us here, bit smaller one, we as civilisation need to find our harmony, IF we can do that, harmonise ourselves with nature, then, in the future, the creators will treach us how to travell among the stars and it will be up to humans to spread life on other planets...

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I hope we free our minds very soon

Too easy do people trade their frredom for power.


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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