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A fast and easy way to make your own elixirs is through the use of photos of specific plants/flowers, crystals, totem/power animals, celestial bodies, tarot/oracle cards or 'sacred sites' on Earth...and simply place a glass of water atop the image.

Or - you can write the name down on paper and sit the glass atop that.

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Dated 5 Oct. -

"Mushroom essences are perfectly suited to match or complement flower essences.  In these combinations, flower essences act on the emotional body, while mushroom essences carry these changes to the physical level, integrating the energy absorbed into the cells. ...

"They enter deep into our subconscious revealing deeply buried issues. ...

"...the individual personality needs to be mature enough to cope with confrontation of deep issues and be able to process the information that is released."

I recently got an e-book for my kindle on Mushroom Essences.  You can check out the previews here at Google Books: https://books.google.com/books/about/Mushroom_Essences.html?id=TEdx...

I was interested in this because I have used these before, but recently started to use them more frequently.  For example, the Lepista Irina of the Korte Phi line, is one that has found its way into a number of my recent blends, along with their 'Horn of Plenty'.

From my experience, the mushroom essences work on a far deeper level than any other essence essentially 'decomposing' the old muck - because well, that's what mushrooms do.  In this way they are associated with the Underworld and therefore the planet Pluto (as Pluto deals with detoxification, besides its other associations).  There's frequent reference to Carl Jung, which I also enjoyed.

"Our moon sign is the feminine aspect of an individual.  As a mushroom essence is to a flower essence, toward a more subconscious lesser-known element, the astrological moon sign is toward our sun sign.  This mysterious, subconscious river holds great motivation and internal energy.  Solar energy relates to spirit, lunar energy is soul work.  The former connects us to our heavenly sphere, but the latter relates to underworld metamorphosis."

As one with a Pluto rx-conjunct-Cancer Moon in 4th House (the house of not only the Home, Mother, but also the house of the 'Inner Psyche') - this is the sort of work that excites me - to dive deeper headlong into the abyss.

"Mushroom essences reflect the duality of the psyche, the shattering and bringing together of fragile parts of the soul into a united whole: from disconnection, separation, and fragmentation to cohesion, transformation, and wholeness."

There were some favorites that I tried, and quite a few of them added to my current essence blends.  My favorites were Wrinkled Peach (self-love), Blue Albatrellus (helpless old fashioned romantic), Comb Tooth (for the brain - as this body has had brain damage done), Green Elf Cup (compassion, heart, friendship), Honey Mushroom (friendship - this also helped my heart), and Diamond Willow Fungus (vision quests).

They are covered in the Prairie Deva line: http://www.selfhealdistributing.com/mushroom-essences/

There's other vendors that have mushroom essences as well (which I've also been making use of):

Korte Phi (as previously mentioned) - https://shop.phiessences.com/index.php?cat=c11_PHI-Mushroom-Essence...

Himalayan Flower Enhancers - https://himalaya.com.au/shop/gulaga-essences/ and https://himalaya.com.au/shop/tasmanian-wilderness-essences/

So, for those looking to dig deeper, these are well worth trying out.  I often could feel these working deeply, but on a very subtle level (I wouldn't really experience any 'epiphanies' or anything like that - but would experience the physical symptoms that I usually go through in deep release work such as extreme fatigue followed by a feeling of being 'lighter' and more 'refreshed').

I had experienced one 'big experience' with them so far - and it was a dream where, I - as my 19th c. self - saw two signs that were leaning against a wall.  The signs were old and there was a larger one covering up the smaller one which is the one I wanted to see.  I went to move the larger one, and a ball atop one of the posts fell off.  This ball decoration had already been previously broken but was just resting there, yet, after it fell off, I had a mob of people chasing me and chastising me for breaking an already broken sign.  I wanted to explain myself to them but could not, they would not give me the chance.  I felt a 'blockage' just above my throat chakra (top of the neck) just under the jaw.  Not long after I felt this, something shifted and I felt a release of emotions out through the heart (communicating one's emotions).

At some point, I took out my "Emerald Cave" essence blend and begun to work with putting in some adds to that which further helped as that specifically helps with blue-green-white spectrum.  I think that was a very old blockage this body had from the time it was an infant, and since that got cleared, I've been able to bring in more of my own heart-throat energies (blue-green) which have also helped the mind (white) with integrating.

The one last thing I'm looking at healing is the trauma the body experienced in 1999 (so 3 years prior to the soul transfer).  This was 1 year after it was in the auto accident and when the sciatica and fibromyalgia began to set in.  It was also the most difficult year for the natal soul and the body so there's quite a bit of trauma from that time that I'm looking to help heal.  Twice the natal soul was in a psychiatric unit - the first time was voluntarily in order to get help due to the physical issues and (hopefully) the trauma on a more mental/emotional level.  But he got no help whatsoever - nothing was given for the pain and he was only 'drugged' with psych. medication, the first time to the point of not being able to get out of bed.  He was, essentially, forcefully drugged and treated poorly because of his belief in reincarnation (they listed him as delusional - but I'm sure that those who believed in a god or some heaven were not 'delusional'...*eye roll*).  Due to not getting any proactive treatment for literally anything, he came out worse than he went in and months later, self-harmed.  Due to that, his friend was with him and had him go to the hospital, where he was later taken to a better psychiatric facility and treated better (they finally diagnosed the sciatica at the very least).  But, due to all this trauma - particularly where it concerns being drugged over/due to one's beliefs, that's the resistance I'm finding myself coming up against as I integrate into the body-mind more because now it's my truth (of being a walk-in) that others (thankfully not all) have essentially treated me in the same way the natal soul was treated - minus the drugs.

After all this - it doesn't surprise me that the nervous system of this body has been a bit "shot" and has physical proof of it.

So...a little at a time, working at helping heal that trauma - this is also why I do not really open up about it publicly - because it is a sensitive issue, not just for myself, but for the body-mind which I have diligently worked on healing ever since 2003.  I don't need nay-sayers, people calling me delusional with regards to being a walk-in or them saying that I am not who I say I am, etc. around me.  It helps nothing and only makes things worse as it equates to 'gaslighting'...because this body did undergo a soul transfer whether people want to believe it or not - and physical reality (including this body) has changed for the better because of the transfer.  In otherwords, those who say I am not a walk-in and that I am not who I say I am, are essentially saying that all the positive physical/3D changes this body went through - both the body itself and its life...never happened.  They are essentially saying that I'm still living in the natal soul's last apartment, still suffering in deep pain from sciatica and fibromyalgia, still under weight, still being abused and emotionally neglected, still suffering from the intake of excessive amounts of junk food, and so on and so forth.  Well...I know that's not the truth and that positive changes have happened and are still happening as a result of the transfer...physical reality is proof of that.

(List updated - starting with 'justessence.com')

This list will explain common stones that are either toxic to use for drinking in gem water or stones that are soluble in water. :)


Alunite: Non toxic but soluble in water

Anglesite: Toxic and slightly soluble in water

Arsenopyrite: Potentially toxic

Azurite: Harmful

Azurite-Malachite: Harmful

Azurite-Pseudomalachite: Harmful

Bunsenite: Toxic; allergen; avoid skin contact

Calomel: Possibly hazardous to health

Cerussite: Toxic

Chalcanthite: Harmful; easily soluble in water

Cinnabar: Very toxic!

Cinnabar-Opal: The cinnabar stored in the opal is toxic

Crocoite: Toxic 

Cuprite: Harmful

Durangite: Potentially toxic

Eclipse Stone: Limestone with orpiment, toxic

Eilat Stone: Harmful

Erythrite: Potentially toxic

Fiedlerite: Toxic

Fluorite, Antozonite variety: Potentially harmful

Galenite: Toxic and slightly soluble in water

Gaspeite: Harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Greenockite: Toxic

Halite: Not toxic in small quantities, but dissolves easily in water

Iron-nickel Meteorite: Harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Jamesonite: Potentially toxic

Lemon Chrysoprase: Potentially harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Lopezite: Very toxic! Hazardous even through skin contact

Malachite: Harmful

Millerite: Toxic; allergen; avoid skin contact

Minium: Toxic

Nickeline: Toxic; allergen; avoid skin contact

Olivenite: Potentially toxic

Orpiment: Toxic

Proustite: Potentially toxic

Psilomelane and Pyrolusite: Harmful

Pyromorphite: Potentially toxic

Rauenthalite: Toxic

Realgar: Toxic. Store in dark, securely locked place.

Scorodite: Potentially toxic

Sphaerocobaltite: Harmful; allergen; avoid skin contact

Stibnite: Harmful

Tetrahedrite: Potentially harmful

Ulexite: Non toxic but slightly soluble in warm water

Valentinite and Senarmontite: Harmful

Vanadinite: Toxic

Wulfentie: Potentially toxic

Thank you Carl :o)

Thank you :o) 

Thank you C.G.L Blessings
The Great Sea • C.G.L. said:

Sure. I need to post my list of essence books, but I will make a new thread for that.

Ametrine -(MHZ) said:

Thank you :o) 

What an amazing list! It would take a full lifetime to explore it all. Thank you so much, Carl.

Carl, I see there's a way to print this Morningstar Essences document you linked to, but it's 180 pages - a bit much for me to run through my ink cartridge right now. Is there a way to download it? I didn't see how to, if there is.

)O( Luna

The Great Sea • C.G.L. said:

I happened to find, when searching for an "unlisted" essence by Morningstar Essences, a rather massive library list of her essences - ones that, all throughout the years I have visited her site, never saw before. I have a lot of her info saved on my Kindle, which I am glad I did, as when she re-did her site, not all of it was put back up. So here is the link to what is essentially an ebook of the essences. I don't know if it is all, but it does list a lot and have the descriptions.



Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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