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Just like any feeling we experience, fear has its place in our live. Feelings themselves are great gift to us, because even when we are not aware of any other way, feelings always allow us to snese not just material, but also non material layer of our surroundings and of ourselves as well. Simple difference is that when you know the physical source of your feelings, it is physical, but we also have feelings without apparent source. These mostly come for some reason beyond physical reality. Even our own imagination can cause us to have feelings from it.

All feelings are like our sensors, speaking to us about our state or situation on many levels. Listening to them is usefull and also it is usefull to know how to react to them. Very simplified systém can be made by making groups of good and bad feelings. Good feelings tell us that things are good and we can be in comfort. I won‘t discuss here manipulation done through good feelings and danger of them as I want to concentrate on fear. Fear as bad feeling shows us that something is wrong.

Being very simple bad feelings are simply telling us to pay attention. Up to certain level they incerase our concentration on present moment, they call us to NOW and for a reason. There is a problem now and we have to deal with it. They are more core to us than good feelings. People react just the same as animals do, when something happens. You can see people evading from a place when something bad happens. There is no shame in that. That happens when feelings are overwhelming, it causes us to loose control over our actions. Especialy people in panic are unpredictable.

We all feel fear from time to time. What to do about that? We must work through fear, by putting it into its rightful place. Fear tell‘s us to pay attention, we fear something or someone, either known or unknown. The best is to program ourselves to start thinking, when we feel fear. We have a problem and the best way to deal with a problem is finding and using a solution, solve the problem.

That is done by taking a look at your situation. It is no pesimism to start with the worst scenerio. Picture that and make plan for dealing with it. Being prepared for the worst gives you solid ground and makes thinking through fear easier. And it is rare for the worst scenerio to appear as you usually disolve it by revealing it to your mind. Then you can work on your problem finding better solution. It goes easier when you are already prepared for the worst.

As the time passes you will robably stop creating the worst sceneratio as when fear appears you will very fast know the odds, the worst sceneratio, or you even won‘t need to think about it as your fear will be ordering you: Think it through, stop and look around, you need to plan your next steps carefuly.

In that time you still won‘t like your fear but you will just accept it, after all it will be turning your mind on and turning your atention to the right direction. It simply says: Think, plan, solve.

Of course some fears are not for immediate solving, but still having a plan is better than not having one. Once you reach solving your problem, fear dissapears, it has done its job.

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They say courage is doing despite fear, like what you’re saying, it’s reviec3d by your bravery. Sometimes takes bravery to get through the day!,

Some people are quite scary. So scary I feel I’d need to be trained not to collapse in their presence. Not likely worth focusing on that kind .. All Is Mind so it seems a waste of our power ...

If you meet scary people and if you can, take a moment to get used to that fear, after all, it is just an aura around the person.

But no, fear has a purpose, it is no waste of power. Perhaps it is telling you something about yourself you don't realise yet.


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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