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Developing Your Psychic Skills.. 

When it comes to developing psychic skills, I believe in a practical approach. This is probably the only time you'll ever see the word "psychic" and the word "practical" in the same sentence. As we humans go about our day to day grind, we are consumed with the mundane survival of paying our bills and just simply getting by.

Life can seem like a process of birth-school-work-death, with tiny moments of pleasure in between to make the inevitable, tolerable. We forget our own power. Our ability to love, feel, heal, sense, and understand gets overlooked... especially when simple things like peace and relaxation are hard to obtain. Cynicism becomes our philosophy, with physical and emotional fatigue acting as guides to an inescapable fate. It's easy to see how and why the power and strength of the human being, the potential of every individual, is continuously overlooked and out-right dismissed. 

What Is Retrocognition?

Retrocogniton and Remote Viewing are easy skills to develop and are extremely useful.

Obviously, there is more to life than just tactile experiences and basic survival. The word "psychic" is just an umbrella term for many human senses that exist alongside what we would consider normal (that is also the exact definition of the word "paranormal"). There is a practical approach to psychic development. When it comes to Remote Viewing, we are targeting a person to determine a location. With Retrocognition, we are sometimes targeting a location/object to determine a person/situation. One skill builds upon another. 

If you are able to daydream/lucid dream, the following skills can be developed fairly easily. Approach them as a fun experiment with friends. Keeping a light heart and an open mind are essential to achieving the best results. 

Video on Remote Viewing

Video on Retrocognition/Retrocausation

The Tao Of You

We are here to create and to understand, and the lessons that sometimes come can completely break our hearts. I've stated before, "we live, we love... and we hurt." It's only when we manage to reach the other side of heartache that the experience can be used as a tool for growth and understanding. And the end never comes fast enough, does it? From this perspective, it can be assumed that all of us have been haunted at one time or another. We all have things we wished we could take back, things we could've said, something we could've done differently. At the end of the day, we would all like more time... time to set things right. For some, the regret never fully goes away.

Whenever someone is ready for me to do some energy work on them, I see their physical body as a network of emotions. My job is to find all of these blocks, or the blocks that are present at that moment,via my gift of like xray vision into their auric energy field.. and balance out these areas so that this network can operate as a unified whole. It's a tough job sometimes, as we humans tend to carry with us quite a bit of residue from negative emotions. Tough, yes, but it's work worth doing. The most common blocks I come across are the ones that are generated from distorted self worth. I have found there's always a series of specific moments in the individuals past that laid the foundation for their incorrect self image. It can be difficult to see our own light when we remind ourselves regularly of our failures and disappointments. Can we find the balance? Is there a brighter shade of gray?

To begin answering these questions, we need to examine the word love. This is a very powerful word, one that can determine everything. In many metaphysical or spiritual teachings, the word love is associated with the idea of infinite consciousness. Unity (with the self and with all things) is certainly the bottom line, but establishing this unity in the midst of an abusive/abused mindset, and the subsequent pattern of behavior, can prove to be taxing to say the least. Everything you experience begins and ends with you; a truth hard to look at, but it's a road we need to travel if we are going to make changes.

Since love, at it's very core, is the result of unity, our first objective must be to unify all of the things that make us what we are. The process of unification comes in 2 steps; understanding & acceptance. First, understanding: When we discover the root of any negative, we automatically disperse any real power that it has. Negativity can only thrive through ignorance; not knowing, not understanding. It's the ignorance of these roots that cause us to feel fragmented or broken... and what causes us to lash out at others and ourselves. Introspection is the key to understanding these roots. We need to understand how it all began for us; why do you get angry or depressed when faced with certain situations? Why do you retreat when you hear certain words? Why do you blame yourself for things beyond your immediate control? We should ask ourselves these questions and take the time to reflect on the answers. Try to reserve some time for you, some quiet time if that's possible. When the answers come, or perhaps deeper revelations of something you were already aware of, a releasing of sorts will happen. This is how we begin to develop compassion toward the self. This is a beginning. Compassion for who you are and what you may have been through is an important step in reclaiming your power.

Now, for the second step; acceptance. This word is probably the most rejected in the English language in regards to overcoming a traumatic event, as if it were to mean "I'm good with it." Clearly, no one likes the idea of showing any kind of respect to pain, at least not right away. We are not throwing a fake smile at something we wished never happened, we are only approaching the roots of our dis-ease by simply acknowledging it as a part of the whole. The world and everything in it is a product of light and dark, and we humans are no different. Inch by inch, one moment at a time, we integrate these "seemingly" opposing forces through basic compassion and acknowledgement, until eventually we no longer lash out at ourselves or others when faced with stressful situations, even though some urges may linger a bit. The master understands others because she understands herself. This balancing through compassion will always lead to unity, the root of love... and remember; the love you hold back is the pain that you carry.

Darkness Rising..

The whole point to any deep spiritual practice is to understand and balance the light and dark forces that reside within us. Balance through understanding; that pretty much sums it all up, really. The lack of understanding, or the choice to remain ignorant to all that we are, is one of the driving forces that compels us to labor under the delusion that we can somehow kill a part of our own nature... as if we were able to completely erase all of those undesirable experiences that left a negative imprint upon our psyche. As we roll forward with our lives, and with our practices, this ignorance will serve as the platform for an eventual explosion. This ignorance also sets the stage for absolutism, narcissism, and a gross, unrealistic sense of entitlement. Light, in the Hermetic sense, is another word for knowledge. The light that emerges from understanding, and the subsequent balance this understanding fosters, is unstoppable. Any light that emerges from the concerted effort to hide is short-lived and can be easily overcome. 

In other words, you have to be cool with you... all the way down the line. 

Anyone examining nature, from the changing of the seasons to the behavior of the animal kingdom, has a general understanding of cycles and ecological balance. Everything has its role. As for us; we may be subject to genetics and predisposition, but we are also very much products of our environment to one degree or another. To deny that what and who we are surrounded by has any effect on our growth is, in my opinion, a form of denial. A plant that has exposure to sunlight will have a longer life span than one that does not, etc.

Weird Wednesday (Tribal Troubles): Song of the Ancestors

Our respective tribal ancestors, who lived closer to nature than most of us ever will, not only understood this, but saw this taking place within their own human community, and in more than one regard. For example, there have always been those few who rise to meet the needs of the many. I'm suggesting that this is more than just a simple choice, born from a desire to help.

The rising of a healer or a teacher in times of great need is sometimes intrinsic. We are a part of this world, and we too are bound by the ebb and flow of nature's cycles. When the soul is responding to the very need of survival, the role is much easier to accept, and often without the responder becoming monumentally self-possessed. 

But, we are now a far cry from that kind of living. Because of what is commonly being passed for leadership and guidance, we have to examine a whole different level of balance, and a whole different way in which our energy intrinsically responds to its environment.

Walk into ANY metaphysical shop and you will, more than likely, see a living representation of monumental self-possession. You will smell the entitlement from across the room, exemplified by keywords such as EGO and DARK. And you will hear these words directed at you should you have the unmitigated audacity to ask ANY question about ANY item in the store, or if you ask if they have a toilet you can use.

I've seen this so often that it almost seems like a bad Abbot and Costello routine. These are the leaders and guides of their community. Their roles are all self-appointed, of course, but they are the ones teaching classes and holding workshops. You won't find them teaching "balance through understanding" because they have never looked that far within themselves.

Since the light and love being preached isn't coming from any place genuine, what do you think will eventually happen? Think about it for a moment.

How long do you think it will take before one of their students tries to psychically attack them? sometimes the situations get really bad. There are many people who feel called or pulled to study metaphysics who come from a place of torment and anguish. They begin their studies as a means to fight, to gain some semblance of control and peace.

I've referred to many of them as wounded warriors. And when they are exposed to the type "life coach" that delivers their message through more torment and ridicule, that are not just asking for some dark energy to smack them silly, they are actually creating it. 

One of the many common threads between ancient philosophy and modern psychology is we teach people how to treat us. 

Many of these situations can be avoided through simple reflection, acknowledgement, and acceptance. Modesty and humbleness are found within this process, and those traits are the source of true strength. The balance that comes from understanding yourself (the good and not so good) will mark the end of internal conflict and give birth to a more enduring light. When this happens, you won't need to hold classes or workshops, you will be able to teach by example. 

Ghost of a chance..

Part of the reason I enjoy communicating through the written word so much, is because I love the idea of channeling all of the intense situations I experience and observe, and distributing my perspective on these experiences. It's both addictive and cathartic. I also like the idea that when I'm gone, there will be a clear understanding of who I was and what I believed to be true and beautiful about the world. And sometimes, what I fought against. Yes, my own eventual demise is a contributing factor. It crosses everyone's mind at some point. We are here for only what seems like a brief moment before our last breath is taken, so I make a concerted effort to run my mouth when the opportunity arises, or when the impulse to respond to something becomes unavoidable. Knowing that our time is limited can incite the will to act, but for some, that knowing can be a dark cloud absent of any silver lining.

A few years ago, former acquaintance said she knew a man that shared my birthday. I was delighted to find that this man was also very involved with all things esoteric, and even had unique tattoos like yours truly. I was given a brief summary of her rapport with this man, then was informed that he was very ill and 'on death's door.' My mind immediately began to work out a solution; he needs to come here and meditate, raise his vibration, chakra clearing, acupressure, acupuncture... make his will so iron clad that he would overcome any obstacle, or at least have more 'weapons' to fight with.

As soon as I began to verbalize all of the things that were running through my mind, I was interrupted with, "You don't understand. My shaman friend, a very respectable elder in their craft, had a vision. He is going to die and it will be soon and it's unavoidable.

My shaman friend said there was nothing that could be done." I'm sure the look on my face matched my thoughts. I was never good at hiding disapproval or disgust. Or confusion, for that matter. As I began to ask questions about this omnipotent Shaman, I was shut down again with more of the same. In what world does one simply give up? Certainly not mine. And if this man was anything like me, not his world either. I'm sure this omnipotent Shaman would be devastated to learn that, a couple years after this 'vision', the man in question is still alive.

That's right, still alive. 

Life is precious. As children, we live and love without filter or pretense. We are unconcerned with the tribulations of the world, immersed in the moment and happy to be a part of it. Imagine a young child walking home from school with their friends; the energy, the laughter. Nothing we experience as adults would come close to that feeling. Then slowly, we become more detached from the feeling of freedom and innocence. As we grow and learn to survive, our internal conflict develops, ebbs and flows, and our moral compass seems to occasionally point in the wrong direction when we need it most. What we do to ourselves is second only what we do to each other. Retaining any sense of wonder or appreciation for the small things can prove to be a chore. 

I would be first to say that no one with a life threatening condition deserves to be on the receiving end of a charlatan's righteous ego. No self-appointed Shaman has the right to spread the seed of hopelessness. Shamans, the real ones, aren't self-appointed in the first place.

They exist to serve the community, and only they can bestow the title on such a person. Any vision of impending doom should be viewed as something to fight, not something to surrender to (assuming there was a vision).

Luckily for the man in question, he has plenty of love still surrounding his life. Love; the only thing in the Universe that is 100% true. In the end, that is the only thing that will make a difference.

Fire In The Head

"I went out to the Hazel wood Because a fire was in my head..." ~ W.B. Yeats (The Song of Wandering Aengus 1899)

There are various common threads existing between Shamanic cultures throughout the world. Among them, the physical resting place of the soul, which is always in the head.

The most common alleged cult of the head can be found in the classical writings of Strabo, Diodorus Siculus, Livy, and Julius Caesar pertaining to the Celtic peoples.

"There is also that custom, barbarous and exotic, which attends most of the northern tribes, when they depart from the battle they hang the heads of their enemies from the necks or their horses, and when they have brought them home, nail the spectacle to the entrance of their houses.

At any rate Posidonius says that he himself saw this spectacle in many places, and that, although he first loathed it, afterwards through his familiarity with it, he could bear it calmly" – Strabo There are two primary things that are taken as fact concerning the early Celtic period; 1, the head was believed to be the seat of the soul. 2, there was great honor to be found in collecting the heads of enemies during battle.

The taking of heads as trophies is well documented, with plenty of classical, historical, and archeological material to support it. It should be noted, however, that there is still debate taking place over this matter.

Professor Ronald Hutton believes that the head's only importance was to serve as inspiration for artistry, and pagan author Marian Green has the opinion that, while the heads of slain enemies were obviously taken, the practice itself had no discernible cult affiliation. We can speculate endlessly on what the celts did or did not do, but due to the fact they left no written record of their daily lives or shamanic practices, we have no choice but to examine similar cultures to gain insight.

Shamanism in Russia - Embrace the Ancient Rituals and Traditions

The Evenki Shamans, as well as the Yukagir, a people living East of the Lenar river in Russia, will take no important action on behalf of the community they serve without consulting the skeletal remains of their shaman ancestors. The energy and wisdom of their ancestors (or at least the residue of such) is believed to be accessible through a trance like meditation in the presence of the remains.

A blending of consciousness occurs and a type of temporary metempsychosis is achieved. While in this state, the shaman is believed to be capable of communicating directly with the ancestor. A similar process was implored using the skulls of animals, one of the practices behind the idea of shape-shifting. Animals skulls were used in rites in many cultures as a means to harness the power of the animal. The Minoan culture of ancient Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands that flourished from approximately the 27th century BCE to the 15th century BCE, held strong reverence for the bull.

Minoan Sport - HistoryWiz Ancient History

The bull in the minoan culture symbolized power, verility, and stamina. The heads and horns of bulls were used to decorate the Knossos palace and bull-jumping rituals for both sexes had the participant leaping over a bull skull for good fortune. The minataur in mythology was born in Crete. The cult of Buchis (Bekh, Bakha, Bakh) was popular in parts of Egypt.

The bull had a black face and a white body and was thought to be a manifestation of Ka (life-force) of the war god Montu (Montju), worshipped in the region of Hermonthis.

The cult was also associated with Ra and to a lesser extent, Osiris. The bull´s name is a reference to the "Ba" and "Akh", two of the parts of the Ka... Ka is also the Egyptian word for bull. Many esotericists of the modern era, such as Rosicrucians, also hold the belief the head is the seat to the soul, with its exact location being within the pineal gland.

Many of the mental alchemy practices of hermeticists involve creating a stream of energy with concentrated thought and breath [prana] in order to establish a link between the pituitary gland and the pineal gland. It is believed by some adepts that this is the secret to end all secrets...

Energy Of Every Moment

In 2009 I was talking to a practicing pagan witch in my home discussing energy work as a vehicle for manifesting. The look on her face was a blend of confusion and frustration. "What in the world does energy work have to do with manifesting?" she asked. I understood where she was coming from.

The bottom line is sometimes hard to see when disguised in pageantry, symbols, and archetypes. With every thought and every action, we are creating what we experience. This is happening with every passing moment. Most of us are creating and manifesting unintentionally, a hard pill to swallow sometimes for all of us.

The act of casting a circle, calling quarters, evoking archetypes, etc. attune the mind in a specific manner; the alchemy of action, so to speak. The same results happen through the process of meditation or energy work though too.

Once the mind is similarly attuned, a single thought is held within the mind for as long as possible, strengthened by the vibration of a repeated verbalized statement, or in the case of energy work, the vibration of a continuous stream of energy being directed into the body.

But what of this business of creating with every passing moment?

How in the world are we doing that?

The Hermetic principle of correspondence not only refers to communication, but serves to denote the status of a thing in relation to something else; the law of sympathy, the idea of like attracting like. Fear begets fear, kindness begets kindness... this also applies to our expectations. Expectation is a primary ingredient in all manifesting operations.

I've always referred to it as D.I.E. - desire, imagine, and expect. Once you have the desire, you imagine that it is taking place right now, then have every expectation and confidence that it will be experienced. So, if you are approaching a particular moment with fear, with every expectation of failure, the likelihood of experiencing failure is rather high. The same is true of the exact opposite. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Every moment has an energy.

Every situation, every conversation has a specific energetic signature.

How are you responding to the energy of a particular moment?

Why are you responding that way?

We all have a limited perception, that is to say that we are limited, and often ruled, by our own created experiences... and experience is the foundation of perception.

It's sometimes difficult to see past what we've been taught, but certainly not impossible. The worst thing that one could do when facing a problem is ignoring it; if you refuse to see a problem, it will never get solved. If you don't recognize that something needs to change, nothing gets changed. Things like meditation and being in nature, help us to keep our thoughts from falling to the negative and creating imaginary prisons in our minds. Never forget that you are a light in this world. Once you can see that, everything else will be easy.

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