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Would without a boudbt insanity be proven and veriffied
So too in insanity its greatest reward and delight
If upon a lonesome schizoid cloud
Where Futures Fleet

Had not a poet and inseperably
that insanity according to science for
an eternity
Had to Meet

I am a dove, i have been transferred to a poet
by a windo!!
And the theory of relativity not in the least was as a book
at the other window involved
shall i tell you the shortest and simplest and most meticulously cranky a story, every contravided
it is a treu story
To live long? he who eats any misery
and lives for the ruby and opal of german, a word that is Elend
the is no mor ebeautiful weapon then a claw
and there is no more beautiful velvet a word other then Elend then jealousy.
It as vile as unconsumed widows, who march in the purple suns for their darkness

It tramples upon the mortals, who were seeds, and the children, who were the crying needles into my eyes.
That to that injustice of mortality and children suffering.
To that injustice indeed
became at once a darkness and an uncaring sinning screetch
from a body that could not die
and a heart that shed only tears bleeding out in the under hell cold petrol darkness
that cold petrol darkness were the tears of his heart of cancer
that brought comfort upon those extrimities of pain in which death robes itself like the drought in which temporarily suffocating butterflies too adhere

i'm dreaming i'm dreaming i'm dreaming, of all leasure and luxury and MODERN architecture for sexualities ungratifieds sakes sake and tasty pastery and yeah LEARN TO DREAM NOW Ye of little ambitious wills?!!! TOO LATE, stupid Propagandh of cynicism telling THEM to dream well may it NOT be too late hahahaha. Living on dream you don't need SHIT especially not this modern one world out of billions of worlds, but society, but they keep on coming for it.

How can there be science nor art
When the proof of chaos would not upon a thunder veil a drum
Be marked in the nostrils and the ears and the heart of reality?
How could you understand it?
If you not were it?

Aeylyeaelle Alas
I do not find WORDS
In existence
other then it is mine
As when chance is not
then a ghost can come out of matter
for the vanity of the deserts

And now, from top to bottom, delight in my horrbly faint manners
And the future is absolute, insane
And by the past our Christ and our Lautreamont we grown
absolutely insane
oceans, and threw a porcelain sword to the Abyss of the Moon
and he was thought to be insane?
and it is he who threw a paper plane over an Ocean
Those who can not sit in a thousand ways
To which only one way to sit was shown
i am only limited by reality
but little does reality not allow me, when it even stole the scientific plausability of my mind
compared to a person who has a mother
i am disabled
And insanity created the future, and is in balance with the future
The future it is on the contrary
Madness only liberated that which was already insane
And would in liberty not lie a cruel eye if reality set you more free from its ordinary ways
Would not if reality was at all by chance, it given him any other teeth but ivory teeth?
So how does he have ivory Teeth?
I slept and i gained time?!!
And how is it not given that reality is an illusion if it just gave me a line which was all that i needed.
With the simplest joys the immortal as their second await the eons ahead.
their existence mere a diamond in its possibilities with which it was written on a velvet scroll.

Was a Vampire, for that he Stole heaven as his was more beautiful, alone with the clouds in a reign where everyone was already dancing?

Reality is so much a stone if you did n't die you never could, if you did n't sink in the dark cold petrol embrace mysts carnivorous of perception and sink in Aeris then it perpetually held you in Balance. And the light nor the dark wanted me?!

Guilt is the ocean of misery, which is entirely pricked like a balloon and ironic.

Could we at once see within ourselves, and admire endless complexity.
And also that we are panthers or vampires?
To those who mock an infinaty beauty, and a compassion for which the universe even presents its most beautiful miracles, subtle with all its strength for that.
I mock thee Mortal.

And they think they are mindlessly self indulgent, well i know a thing or two about mindless self induglence and its not it.

Well I had one lick of ivory more volume on this song. If i only knew, its seeping through the window into the sky and the cracks in the floor to upstairs

They were perpetually more innocent then us, poor poor past, that you did know such guilt!

Guilt of dreads opaline that diamonds eye for which one soon dare sin more, is it would be evils smirk

And they were infinatly less amused. So funny a crystal up a virgins but laughter embedded in religion, how sinister

We can only conclude, a man understimated my self love and pride a one time more then itself could of self love and pride thought some.

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Comment by Aeylyeaelle Elvin King on May 31, 2020 at 12:32pm

"Paved with boulders of cancer the dead occult streets of anaehtheana. To it the occult, now grey, but in that word already, Anaehtheana, lay the blooming of greys but a womb for colors."
"To Gods a world a theater, where our shame to him is rather immature. Superstitions be vested and tested in a Gods infinte divine image that has nothing to do with the ancient dog attitudes but rather lives and is dominated more so by a generous but none the less caniving and cruel cat. And last but not least, the touches of spirituality upon reality, which practical and limited concept of a body or thus of a God is heavened to even more distant dwelling hypothesis, but at last, on some territory of infinity, is indeed a shining star. Spirituality can ever be simply embodied in presence, sometimes however it rises to the occasion of incomprihensable fallacy of the chaotic and indifferent thread of a universe that has, like the infinity of its presence, also a presume infinity of corridors, or rather, to explain this more clearly, of events diffusing the possibility for any hope?! It INDEED has an infinate amount of corridors, through which mankind had to come to fruition, evolve up to this point. And yet if i had known that BEFORE a spiritual event. I would not and no one could have survived it. The only way to explain spirituality is therefore within perception, if you conceived metaphysics, it is guaranteed that somehow it will give something back, and for that to be treu again we go to the notion of infinity, of which perception fiction or the imagination, is the bee's radar turned inside out. rather then not see our radar as it is in our head, to us our radar is self realisation, therefore a vampire, will not exist, unless you recognize HIM, HE, does not need it."
"If you have any shame opposed to spirtuality, then know that the universe is entirely yourself. It recognizes you. As it is all prevelant. It is indeed beyond Good and Evil. It is contrary to that too. Bringing good to evil purpose. From crusifictions or torture, it distills, coffee, you could say. It is therefore better, with time and as time proceeds, to sit with a cup of coffee and have a cigarette. rather then be part of the general debate over who should have all the keys to the launch program, to destroy all, and as perception and spirituality is here, if you destroy any or what is here of its creation, you will indeed have defied the thing that is beyond good and evil, but you would also have defied odds that spirituality can not tolterate, therefore, a Vampire can not die, and therefore, the Earth and Mankind can not die."
"You can hence safely say that metaphysics is simply self awareness. In evolution, it was possibly even if entirely more counter intuitive then intuitive, and entirely illusionary more so then mechanical, the universe, is not mechanical??!. It is not a clock. It is something else. But as we will always measure the universe with the clock, the amount of time the earth spins around the earth, or the distance we need to walk, such a notion as the universe perpetually remains mysterious contrary to mythologies and their emotional bounds and emotionally bounded realities. Something that to scientists or unbelievers could have still been conceptualized, but for those to have simply seen the proof of "entity" not some "deformed alienesque matter" but a spiritual wavelength, these mythologies their qualities and interwoven connetions and religious syllogisms are also known as the Symbolists view as "Arch Symbols". Or "Holy Arch Symbols" if you will.)
"As much as zero can not be divided, infinity can not be calculated. Thefore the Imagination at the other side exists. Death is merely the premise, a trick of evolution. A measuring stick, a ruler of a surpassed God. Immortality is the "postise". The end, and so no end ever. "
"it is therefore so that Death and the past is something entirely naive, good as a child and playfull. The future is a wise crack however if you ever live to see it. But a child, THOUGHT a philosopher, it is a lack of evolution to take anything away from your tutor, for a child, or for that sacred generosity of naivité."
"A vampire is not incapsulated in such pathetic notions as fiction who are entirely defaitistic and anallegorical to him. it is in that reign he loozes his foothold and grasp as power and became a drifter, and in that was granted his greatest freedom. He exists then as apart of it, yet is entirely in contempt where fiction would ever be seen as "normal" it is rather an "opportunity""
"rather then science, the construction of the theory of infinity which here you can not understand, is written with the syllogism of reality, perception, and illusion. With that you can break anything."
"A Vampire does n't simply double down, he doubles down in thousandfolds. And somehow, that was always in Hethreds mind as beautifies in it her her lesbian Kiss, when reality was crafted out of a dream."
"To a vampire the concept of normal is so contemptuous and rediculous, where he differs from fiction is how he even lifts you up from it. And drinks a droplet of blood only of virgins, finesse better knew Vampires who live in reality, and so is the concept of vampires in fiction eloquent, considerate, but interially inferior to Vampires."

"A Vampire is too malign to pain as yet too frail to admit to that. He is too pristine and pure to complain, and will only defend moralization of his duty with the moralization of his merit, a merit that in decadence stands to him solemn and on itself. With illucid psychiatric rudimentary incantations will he bring the fallacies of ethics to light, that it was not as if one was not doing his bidding, carving a giant to obliterate mountains, a Bison to rage through them and lives in caves he trunkets out of his horns with wieldings of more and more and angerish perserverence, and they stood with their petty nagging, and at the other end their futile treasures offered, entirely defenseless. Now they had to admit they nagged and more futile treasures, and more futile treasures where invented for their nagging pathetic souls."

"it is a law and a magick that if a Vampire has pointed to your heart, not when expected but rather as a curse, patiently as reality awaits its metasuffering carnal emotive lies and hypocrisies penalties festivity, at some point it will start to rot entirely in unnatural ways, and he walks on with fierce a disdain like a butterfly, and leaves you in the realm of a defenceless caterpillar."

"The stageman is an artist yes, behind curtains peering through is he who could cause of an amateurs offering of a pearl to the audience, for his chivalry, they will see a flood dispite the odds, and so that they would not mock him. The pearl, a light, is single unity, but the abyssinal darkness is the stagemans craft of pure evils. That is why is a stageman, where there is an audience begging to each another and throwing pearls, for which the stageman has no attention span or to sacrifice his self worth for that. It is for that purpose, darkness sinks, lives with the dead coral of the abyss like its own gravity, while lights tiny burn above as stars, flailing and shimmering and indifferent over the lands of disaster."
" Time reflects visions, at some point you would even ENvision and leap out of yourself. In it then its completion, and mankinds duty to manage the stars some day. God is not dead, it is where we infinatly walks towards as Gods."
"Of woman and wine i have not sure a verdict to cast out of my poor philosophical brain, but for sure it is the splendour of mankind, its arts, that ripen over time. And for sure, a beginning, was at last treasured at the very Ending. Since of all arts goes, that it was one beautiful Book."
"More so then the word infinity, the word new would be inexpicable, or how you do that for an infinate amount of times?! And how it is felled with the inexplicable treasure of the simplest treasuries he perceives and in him resides, that which is the keenness of heart. The new is the mind of the Vampire, and the Decadence of his feelings and how he treasures, an in itself treasuring and decadence upon decadence. Unseen in this world. Unchallanged and ever challanging. His blindness in that for moderation. As his hopes are with the new and infinate entirely interwoven."
"To a Vampire the only standard and demand of and for his woman are that they not dread to pee in their corsets and not as a party should be held they nag about the tightness of their wear and gesture to decorate, A Baroque Ettiquette, maybe some will make it to the toilet and wear their dress again, or perhaps resume after a piss against the drapes behind the wall of some room. In short there are two things to a vampire, there are many solutions, for simple humble things to it as reality is. And he doubts entirely the sanity of functionality in this world. As he exists in this world. "
"Quirky must have found the meaning in its name, to which some treat majestic familiar stories indeed with familiarity, and are in awe of their own promiscuity as far as their intellect is conserned, suredly they reply, and never have wondered why they got another question in return."

Comment by Aeylyeaelle Elvin King on May 31, 2020 at 9:27am

"For his art alone, he king a prince miserable had in diar abyss layen, and so she did as she stole and broke his sword of power, for his a destiny of a great war upon mankind, but nothing or nowhere near to her her power, magnificent and infinate of any power, could she ever steal or break the vampires dagger. He fought with arts alone, and let the course of war be his superblimous mistress called chaos."

Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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