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Ov The Dark Empress Begotten
Followed By The Book Ov Light
Or The Swan Bible.
Upon Which The Blonde Deitesse With Bronze Hair Mended A Vampiric Sword From Shatters.
And Hurled it Somewhere Floating Above a Lake Of By Darkness Molten Crystal.
Of Her Blue candles, She Flung One To Her Maidens.
As By This Candle She Was Discovered Destitutionally In Love
And She Was Caught From Other Sides As He Saw Through Any OF Her Concubines Her Long Lovely Looks And Gazes.
And The WHole Empire. Of An EghellGhllehghE Amount Of Infinties Fell As One Too desperatly In love.
The Sword Of A Vampire Of Light Was Awaiting.
With The Candle She WAs Her Love Shared And Revealed, They Armed For As Long As The Universe WAs Burning. That Fierce tip Of The Sword.
And With It You Could Make A Scratch In Reality.
The Angel Who Heard Last Of This, Was Ordered To REcraft The Handle.
That It Could Be Wielded By Only Him Or A Maiden Of Purity.
Or It Would Tear Their Soul Through Their Hand Into A Cannister Of Perpetual Torments in Billions of Chambers Split in Billions of Souls Of Terror, Anxiety, Suffering Horror, And Being Debilitez And Torn To Crystalite Explosions Of Fear, Lighting Up The Deserts Of The Pearl Fields of MehthethemtH.
Agains The Black Lakes Sealings in Which Reality Shone To Them As Visions in Troubled rainbows.
She Had Held The Stampede Of Her Cares To That.
The bravest Angel Was Tested In A Field Of Some Fourhundred And Twenty Million Challanges Of Pure Grotesque Defiance And Warriorlike Deed and Tactics as Shrude Games.
And To That A girl, Was Given The grant. To Throw It Up to One of The Highest Most Distant SealingS And Struck The Lake. And With Everyone They Tried and Kept Count So Much They Counted Each Trying To Get The Exact Amount of What WAs some Thirty thousand Million and Fifehundred Thousand And 44 Infinities Rainbows CArried The Sword below To Reality.
They Took The Visions in Their Heads. And Started To Work And Paint The Rainbows.
A WAll An Event Of Which BEcame The Robe Their Empress, In Collusion Of rainbows To Have Found, The Key To Unity Of Reality And HEaven.
The First Few Drops OF An in A Universe unknown An Eternal Crystal Sea.
Started To Seep In The Chalice Of Sadness.
Upon He Was granted The Sword, His Life Became Hers.
And She Found It In One OF Her Holy Immortal White raven Cages, One White raven, Grew A Demon From His Heart. And Clubbed Himself With The Trees To Horrors and Scruffled and Fleeting His Soul She Found it. And Only Gently And Caring Brought His Soul In Her Chalice Cup Of Purity. And Drank it.
Upon Which She Said.
~You Have Been Missed, Soldier Only Of Our Empires Treasures To Your Arts ODes To Our Loins And Venus Mounds.~
And Upon it To life as Clockwork Again their Empire feasted on His Peculiar Miracles And Visions.
AveDirectional His powers. As He Oozed From His First Lovers The Treu Empress of Blonde Vampires With her Gentle Bronze Hair, In First Then A Charade of Black Swans and They Weeged Their Wings As Bat Winsg Gentle Mor egentle Then A Wing in Hell Could, And from Them Came Rainbows And From The Rainbows Faeries With Trillions Of Marching Banners, Now A Stampede of Crows; With Peacock feathers. And the All Empire was Rejoyced; that these Bleak Silent Years Since the Creation Of the Universe, And their Palace in Wait from the One Bleu Candle At WHich Eghwengh Always Sighs And Humns And Sings. When she Dared Kiss Him. It Was Upon that He Leaped Into The Flame. And Burst in Otherwoldly Quanta and Nebula.
Then He Appeared, A Light So Assymetrically Bright Struck The heavens And Against The Dark Veil Sky. And With Wings Of A Crane Bird, He Summoned Them.
They Stood Each In A Line.
And From Wax Of Bees And Huney, He Made Them All a Their Own Hearts On An AltarS Each Of velvet. And each to Them Their own Temple.
And When they All Eagerly Launched Their Tongues As they Thought It A Desert.
He Changed These Artworks To Ivory. Pure and HyperArchic Ivory.
and He Said to Them.
You Know I could Turn Your Hearts Into Ivory.
As My Millions My Slaves.
But Rather I Strike Literally Flower Petals Upon Thee All Hearts and Sprankle Them with Petals and Bathe Them in Sugars.
And To See You TO Tremble Of My Dazzling Senses, Transferred In The Magick Of My Schewed Sadism. That I Should Ever prick You WIth A Needle These Ivory Hearts; Or lash Them With MY Perpetually Schewed Sadean Lashing One Hair of Mine that I Had Crafted Into A Raven Whip.
You WHo Take Anything From Me.
Give You Know Me a hands and Your All Hands to a Banquet to The hanging Temple, There over the Waterfall Of Marvels, In Which each A Victory In My Myths I have Since Lived, Be Seen the Crafts and Magickal dauntings For Our Ephexian Amuse.
From The Seeds at The Temple Spiky Hanging Gardens, Who Rivelled Forth And With Cathedrals Build Vertically.
In Those gardens.
He gave one Seed Black and Small as A Pee, and Somewhat Hollow and Mush. And he Turned It into A hazelnut.
The maiden Angel vampire Marvelled!
Something some beautiful She Had Never Seen.
These Things Are Invented, In Some Realms In WArs.
She tAsted It and It Was n't Even Brizzle.
You can Only Have one more.
If You Care For A Duel Love.
If You had An Infinity more as we See to usually.
I Would Not Have The Cherisment Of your Greatest Fury.
Now stand And Fight.
Luciel Lucifier Ishukei Mekhut The Lord Of Maldekian Warriors.
Here you With Which I fight, And IN Purity A Cascade as USual.
I Will Assort About A Germania of Maldekian Warriors A Fortress.
You Girls Can Then play And Take to War.
I Brought Some Demons You could Chase.

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The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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