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What are the origins and purpose of the relationship between Elves and Humans?
"The co-created Elves became spiritual companions to the High Priest Class of Atlantis. In those days Humans lived for a span of 500 years on average and Elves for 2000 years. When a High Priest or Priestess was born an Elf of matching gender was chosen to be their Soul Friend and record keeper. When the human companion died the companion Elf would wait patiently for his human friend's reincarnation. He then would raise the human and teach him all he'd know in his previous life. The spiritual work of the human would continue then in continuity for 4 or 5 lifetimes with the same Elf as soul friend, teacher, and memory of accumulated experience, wisdom, and knowledge for the human. Great work was done in these times and significant spiritual advancement attainted amongst the adepts of Atlantis thanks to their relationship with Elves."
How did the relationship between the Elves and Humans change during the end-times of Atlantis?
"The height of the 3-D eleven populations at the time of Atlantis was 2.3 million. With the fall of Atlantis the majority of the Elves could no longer abide the craziness of the mind shattered humans who survived the destruction. Almost half of the Elves died in the cataclysm. 75% of the survivors decided to retreat into the 2nd dimension through 3 open stargates over a period of hundred years. Of those who stayed on the Earth in 3-D reality, their numbers dwindled to just over 2,000. The stargates have long been closed and the majority of the Elven population is in the 2nd dimension, waiting to join us for this 2012 transition time."

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Thi sis really interesting.  The only part I don;t get is the 2D reality  It does not seem that 2D reality as we know it (like on paper) is where the Tir an Og or Otherworld exists I think it is more like a 5th or otherwise dimension.  Not that names matter I am just wondering.  In ElvenWorld (whichis "downloaded" like you say ) they are definitely in 5th- 8th Dimensions. 

It's tricky business this dimensional stuff and I don't fully understand it myself.  

I was told that the 2nd Dimension referred to in this channel is where the majority of the Elven went when they left us to go "under the hill" by "turning sideways into the light".    The 1st Dimension, in this sense, would be the pure Love of Nature, and the 2nd dimension of light would be the place of unseen Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences that live in, on, and around the land and the plants that grow from it.  

As High King of the Elves, Alberich Ealimon, said that he simultaneously lives in the 2nd dimension (where many of his people were trapped) and in the 7th dimension (from which he communicated to me in the channel).  The released Elven arrive here, through an activated stargate, in the form of Orbes (lit Merkaba light bodies) where they can be born into human bodies through live birth with their full Elven DNA intact, or ride for a time in orbe form over the shoulders of us here and now to lend their spiritual support.   The High King will be the last Elven to arrive back in this dimension, so I was told, after ushering all his people through the stargates, thus fulfilling the prophecy of The Return of the King.

The place where the Elven are returning from was also described, in the channel, as in a different dimensional octave than this set of 12 dimensions in which we live today.  So there appears to be more than one way to look at it. Does any of this make sense to you Tara?   

T.E. Pelton said:



Thi sis really interesting.  The only part I don;t get is the 2D reality  It does not seem that 2D reality as we know it (like on paper) is where the Tir an Og or Otherworld exists I think it is more like a 5th or otherwise dimension.  Not that names matter I am just wondering.  In ElvenWorld (whichis "downloaded" like you say ) they are definitely in 5th- 8th Dimensions. 

I do not pretend to know a great deal about the workings of the societies formed by my pastoral cousins. This being said, I feel no strong veracity in your revelation. It does not "resonate," in a manner of speaking. Among my people, the decision to align our differing, greatly extended existences with that of mortals, or any outside race, was made in rare instances by individuals of a radical persuasion, and not by any large population. This was found fairly logical, as the parameters of life for our kind and their kind were simply too different.
To say nothing of forming a companionship, or almost servitude, to any such beings. Their elevated social status amongst their own kind mattered little to us.

It is reliable to claim that earlier men held longer lifespans, though any who died old and decrepit at the age of 400 were fairly uncommon -- youthful men of such spans even more severely so.

But to say that any Sidhe or disparate relative would willingly coexist with one human for 5 lifetimes is a flagrant stretch of logic, and that is being generous.

These humans that were blessed with these special Elven relationships did exist before the great fall in human consciousness and the destruction of Atlantis.   It was a much more enlightened world then, and I assume, that we were consciously more advanced than today.   With the great fall, humans were reduced to practically cave men, they totally lost their minds and became quite unfit for Elven contact.   In disgust, many Eleven left this dimensions, so Ealimon said.  It's been an uphill climb since then!  

Considering the above, I think I can understand some of your incredulity at a close relationship that once existed between Elven and Human kind, Tarcaisne.

Understandable. My memory is not perfect, so confusion may very well take place.

yes i love what you have to say ... i feel really strong Ringing about the elven king ...  the elven king is like a child ... and most brilliant on the other hand having a mind like a universe himself ... and beeing most freindly and compassionate to everyone ... thats what i remember ...

i remember that we always loved to meet on gatherings to show and teach skills or just enjoy us together ... everyone was loved ... and we had nothing to worry in our lives ... 

about this dimensional stuff it doesnt matter ... 2nd Dimension is material plane  like a stone ...you might think its lower energy or think what you want ... anyway i feel this is only some true part that is also like in Egypt ( maybe the pharao was an elf ... of great beauty ... and long living too ?!?!? ) 

i personally think that this planet (Gaia) belongs to the humans ... and its a free to go place ( incarnating ) 

so i think right now that the species Homo Sapiens is now destroying this planet ( which is a living beeing and its soul always experiences all livving on her ) 

There seem to be many "ALIENS" incarnated on this planet ... THATS a FACT !!!! as you can see BRILLIANT Souls coming forth more Frequently then EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY ... 

ITs actually not only spirits and astral beeings ... All Higher Realms are here NOW !!! in some form of Energy ... 

When you take a body like in our case there is a COSMIC LAW active ... as long as you do not vibrate in a certain Energy ... you have some kind of disconnection from  your soul which is a layer or like a curtain.

my Memory is also not perfect ... i KNOW : this is my first human body ! FACT and i am an elf ... i am also 100% sure that there are innumerable TRIBES ... 

So i come to the end and ASK : WHAT ARE THE ELVES !!!!!!! is there a defined   and this is the SAD PART ... 

as soon as i try to focus on the knowledge of myself ( as an elf to remember the history and knowledge told in my last birth .... I CANT DO IT ...

Last : i also remember that i HAD lived with a body before ( as ELF ) but i cant remember if it was on the Astral ( 5th dimension with light bodies and no death or hunger ...made out of DENSE light ..) 

I have one Memory about smithing Magical Weapons ... We had Alchemy Recipes with natural ingredients ... that revived Metals to LIFE ! Humans also know this secret but it is nearly lost ... 

Elves Weapons could be also forged music Instruments which are so much incredible of sound that you can call them MAGICAL ... I can only see us ELVES as an OLD Community ... it does not matter WHERE from ...But what matters is ...that we always shared and pooled our knowledge ... if someone was good at something he was Supported to perfect his LIKES .... if someone wanted to do NOTHING : we was supported and called a monk ... and if someone was HUMBLE Hearted like a Child and Strong like a Dragon Eel ... ( i remember this predetor whales in our oceans they are like black eels but 9 meters long and like 2-3 meters high but extremely quick and a great like to HIGH Waves ... ) we whould be a leader but leaders are mostly listeners and thinkers ...

we could also talk telepathically on long distance since we where scattered Tribes all over the planet ... that is our internet.... 

that was a channeling from vidjen humbly offered because i think all of us can put the puzzle together ... and see the picture by the effort of everone ... participated ... 

Vidjen- that is really interesting

i feel connected to what you say

a few times- i have had this vision (i say vision but if feels more like all my senses at once- like seeing another dimension overlapping this one)

of the elven king

i saw him smiling. glowing. eternal.....and he had an elaborate crown of leaves and antlers

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