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My background: I reincarnated via soul transfer in Sept. 2002, into a body that was 22 years old and asleep at that time. (The body was born in 1980.)  The life/lifetime that I had "recently departed from" was during WWII.  I was the commander of U 47 - Gunther Prien, and so when I came into this body, after having a dream that was not externally triggered, on the date of my death in the War - I began to do research on myself due to having "forgotten" who I am.  I progressed backwards in time and eventually unearthed my 19th. century life where I was a Swedish speaking Finn, born in Turku on 25 May 1824.  My name: Carl Gustav Wilhelm Lindstrom.  I have managed to get actual records "verifying" my claim.  As I reconnected to my soul more and more, I noticed a connection between Hurricanes, Flooding, and the Sea.  I had memories, which I later understood to be memories of the 5th Dimension of the Earth, where I "remembered" my soul's origins of "independent consciousness".  It was in this dimension that I was given the name "The Great Sea".  I had gone further to the 6th Dimension where I exist simply as ocean water.  I have tried to seek out others like me, but so far I am the only one of my kind.  Admittedly, initially I did not want to delve further into the "woo" because, mainly, of all the difficulties I had in trying to gain "acceptance" in standard reincarnation communities - but was considered an outsider largely because of how I reincarnated - and I didn't care to experience even more alienation.

Now though, I have simply accepted things as they are.

As for my path - I have pretty much dabbled in nearly everything that I could find helpful at the time, for where I was in helping the body break away from the "Old Matrix" and many "traditional beliefs" surrounding New Age concepts and Reincarnation.  I have pretty much found Luciferian philosophy the most helpful, as I had initiated Shadow Work in 2006.  I even found some LaVeyan Satanist philosophies in alignment with my outlook.  I am Atheist, but not due to "lack of evidence", but due to my spiritual experience of having existed as an element (Water) long before humanity came forth on Earth - and therefore long before any of humanity's myths and religions.

I do not practice ritual - I've tried it, but as one who works from the subconscious outward rather from the conscious inward, ritual just isn't for me.  I do dream-work and a lot of subconscious work. 

I use Astrology, essences, essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, and nutrition to help myself and to help the body I came into (as it was in pretty bad shape).  I managed to heal it from Fibromyalgia and heal the Sciatica that it had naturally.  I currently deal with CFS/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and muscular weakness, which I think is a sort of 'tail end' to the severe issues that it had.  Whether or not I will be able to fully heal it from those two things remains to be seen, but I do what I can.

I am single, no kids (and do not want any), no pets (I live in an apt.), and maybe if the right woman comes along in my life, establish a long term relationship with her.

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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"Yes I have once had an curse. So I asked for help from ascended Masters to be rid of it. There are many, many ascended Masters, though many people only recognize one. We need a lot of support."
14 hours ago
ADDY DUBOIS replied to T.E. Pelton's discussion Magic - what is magic - to you?
"If you learn to sit and meditate, your inner intuition will manifest itself: prayer is talking, meditation is listening. If you practice emptying your mind of all its "noise", you will practice passive listening...and, sooner or later, you…"
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"I hope Tara is allright, we were supposed to meet on Skype but she hadn't show up."
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"Wayback maschine? Good idea bad done. I mean they grab few pages, but never entire website. A shame. But this text is really interesting, thans for sharing it."
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"Cool advice, I will surely try it. I lack natural inner intuition about magic, not that much experienced..."
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meeting with a friend.

A friend (Who is Sidhe spirited human) and I got to talking about how it would be nice to meet each other in OtherWorld. I explained to her I had met another friend in the OtherWorld. She told me how she was still new to going to the OtherWorld. Which I had known cause she and I both write all our experiences in blogs that we share with each other. So we had decided to meet my place. It being large enough for her Sidhe family and my family to have a gathering. I informed her that food will be…See More
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The Witchcraft, John Whiteside Parsons

this so grabbed me, i have to share it....http://web.archive.org/web/20060422141405/http://www.babalon.net/jwp/craft.htmlThe WitchcraftJohn Whiteside Parsons (excerpt from Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword)WE ARE THE WITCHCRAFT. We are the oldest organization in the world. When man was born, we were. We sang the first cradle song. We healed the first wound, we comforted the first terror. We were the…See More
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"lol..why not do both ? when i took a complementary medicine course, i called on my "healing guide" Melchizedek, to "channel the energy of the Universe through me"....unlike others, and even my teachers, i did not use my own…"
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"If I could do permanent enchantement, I would rather change my hair color. Sphere drains your energy, never saw any permanent one working effectively... maybe ecept the one I got rid of."
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"maybe have a permanent  reflective sphere around you  (that is camouflaged from passing curious entities) that will send any negative back to sender !  ( ask your own entities to please maintain it 24/7 forever)"
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"Indeed. The need for protection should be lesser from these days, but I had a lot of poortunities to test them."
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"yes for sure....every so often we get a holy roller of some kind on pagan groups who has a mission : ( looks like you need to strengthen your protections, or maybe you already did....... xox addy"
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Ysera the dreamer

"No, it just (classic) got printed too dark."

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