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I recently "got in touch with" an elven priestess by the name of Ostariel. Long red hair that is wavy, and I believe she is associated with Emeralds. 

She was/is the one whom I saw in my dream dressed as an ocean priestess (she had on an aqua covering, but also wore a golden triple moon ring with a rough cut Emerald in the center moon).

Does anyone know more on Emeralds and Elves? ...and perhaps her?

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The only image I could find that somewhat resembles her...

Maybe she is a spirit guide like my elven guide. She might be telling you to look into the metaphysical properties of the emerald and maybe to buy some and meditate with it. She could the Goddess as she appears to you, or your elven goddess guide. 

Emeralds, water, moon, elves -- maybe she is a Celtic moon or water goddess? 

I would definitely try and talk to her more using various divination methods (cards, meditation, pendulums, etc.) and look into buying an emerald or reading up on emeralds. 



Also look into animal totems you associate with her, that could provide additional information. Good luck!

I am going to try to ask her more...and see what this is all about.  In that initial dream she summoned for me (the Sea) and so, now we are together... I know that my other female companion also showed me an underground Emerald cave...and she is also earth elemental (Pixie/Elf).  I found that pixies have connections with underground caves...with water so to speak, from what I can recall.  Just...nothing is coming together yet...so need to find out more on the Emerald.

That's super cool! You are lucky to have such amazing beings contacting you!

Well...I think that it might be due to who and what I am (at least in my own subjective world)...and not that I am creating delusions of grandeur to make up for some lack...it is just that my own personal rabbit hole has lead me down this path. I work as a gridworker in helping to restore the original divine blueprint of the Earth.  Things are at the point where I am finding out some of how my female companion found out about me (she notice me in the 5th dimension and I did not see her...) and the priestess I am just starting to find out more on because the initial dream happened awhile ago and I thought no more of it.

Thank you for doing your important job of gridworker. <3 

Sure :)

I have a few posts in my blog on it and a number of responses in T. E.'s gridworker blog post about it.

I am slowly starting to find out more of the story on the Emerald.

I need to look into gridworking, it's the one thing I know nothing about. 

And good!

Here is where I posted a lot of info. in T. E.'s blog on what I had...


Thank you!

Yep. :)

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