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I hope there is no ned of 18+ rating, I believe that even if there is some child nearby, I write here only something, that can't damage it.

I'm wondering... how do you look at sexuality? Homosexual and other sexual experiences? And porn? I'd very much liike to know your point of wiev on this.

And as well I really want to know elven point of wiev, if I'm kind of exot among elves or not...

And I should start with my own opinion, right? t is bit personal, so please don't judge me for being open to you, I promise to act the same and not judge you.

Sexuality is sacred, I believe many can agree with me. It is ritual and pleasure, enjoyment full of magic and freedom. I bleieve that people should be bit more open. I'm not speaking about ones own experience, such ritual, as any else, is private and should not be shared, but in common it is something, that should be discousted. Not just scientificaly, but as natural part of life. Maybe that is why I like to read erotic stories, but the more, when it is connected with love and sharing. I would ejoy poem or story of love, where sex takes its part.

Various experiences are great gift of life. I think even that mariage is nothing for me. when two are together, for someone it is enough, for me not. I woulf enjoy one "alfa" mate (which I would really love) and some more, just for enjoyment and pleasures of body. Some for just once, some for long time... yes, this is also kind of freedom and one I want.

and now on porn... I like some videos, but also i really love erotic art. (and I draw it as well, only one posted online now, but more will come) I love when it shows positive energy and enjoyment on both sides.

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my thoughts to this ... 

Sex is a playful natural expression of the body ...where at the end if successfully carried out the brain will be forced to do something ;D  in my time in india i lived in celibacy for months ... and i tell you what ... it felt like need to pee and having no Toilet ( smile ) so as long as youre not fully enlightened ( without thoughts (even thoughts about your body )) you better do what you feel . 

Regarding on other Bodies ... i said my mind is UNPROGRAMMABLE by everything what you think is right or wrong ...so

my answer is simple ... i dont care what body if i fall in love with the beeing behind the Windows ( eyes ) ...

since i know that i am NOT the body who cares whom i fall in love to ... 

Ihad also both experiences and it does actually not really make a difference ... for myself . But i Agree that the Programming CODE for having a Male or Female Body is one of the most strongest because it is PART of YOUR BODY ... but still its like beeing a coin . Bodies are the Metal ... and the Form defines it but still its the same . 

This Alfa male story you ask for me sounds like i whould have to play a role ;D i think the habits from the Animal Kingdom should not be imitated ( maybe like an actor its ok ) but first right to the strongest .... is some kind of Bull§"$% for me ;D 

(sorry bout that ;)

And i like Art too but the Mainstream media is just making it CHEAP so better stay with Masterpieces of Art ... 

i hope this was an answer to you ... 

so bye my friend and friends all over .. da plaza

Nothing to be sorry about. I appreciate your open thoughts and that you shared them with me and others.

i give everything for free but also i want everyone freed ... no more no less ... thats what i fight for until i have to dropy my body ...if i have to i will return strengthened because this is my first one ... still alive ;D like a frog on the leaf .... on the lake ....enjoying TO BE !

You're not the body that you posses? Wel, what is the difference between matter and energy? I see none. Physical realm is just one of many energetic realms. Physical body is just part of our energetic field. It can be altered as any other energy.

Vidjen said:

my thoughts to this ... 

Regarding on other Bodies ... i said my mind is UNPROGRAMMABLE by everything what you think is right or wrong ...so

my answer is simple ... i dont care what body if i fall in love with the beeing behind the Windows ( eyes ) ...

since i know that i am NOT the body who cares whom i fall in love to ...

...I like your thoughts, you seem to be warrior as much as me, no matter that you are one of differend kind.

there is no difference in one ness .. and thoughts will NEVER explain Everything ;D thats why so little writing is produced here i guess or hope . 

so why do you ask

for more   MORELL


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