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Please tell me what you have been working on insofar as your practice as Elven, one who is awake, if any or if it is also entwined with your everyday work as human. What do you need to strengthen your practice?

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I work on awakening people around me. I some aspect of it into everything I do.

Much things in our lives are just aut chosing and doing it. I still have problems with doubting about me. It is so hard to solve it out and it maes me loosing that inner insurance that I'm an elf.

Now I keep practicing my magic power and will, using great techniques, quite easy, but yet part of high and powerfull magic. Also it makes me face and solve many questoons about this magic... and amgic is one of my passions. (if you want to read the book, which I now study, find on the web "Advanced core of magic" by Lukáš Přibyl)

Being elven definitely influences my life. I can see it on my acting - I tend to be wild in a way, making myself less vlnerable to weather, for example. I tend to play games as elf, if possible and I have problems with fighting against them. It is just not right for me... And I'm not mentioning thst it quite influenses my relationships.

What do I need? Maybe to get smacked; for whenever I get around my problems, when I don't have contacts with elves, or when there is probmel with magic or any training, it is about me being lazy or stop doing, what I shoud do...

yes uplifting and waking people up is what i try too ...

and i found this also very powerful.

Besides that i think it could Help all to pool some Knowledge together ...

"Besides that i think it could Help all to pool some Knowledge together ..."

Interesting idea. I believe in that too, no matter it is quite difficould as we follow various spiritual paths.

should not be so bad at all i think everyone is interested how the others do ... and for me i always accept how everyone is walking their choosen path i will not comment on that ... because i believe in Freedom ;D only if asked i might comment ... 

This is very interesting, it is so good to know about one another and have a place to call home, A sort of home at least we can find each other. I love viewing the Elven creations, ideas on this site. etc. I love that each of us are going out there to uplift others. I know it is so discouraging to see how backward humanity can oftentimes be. It is times like these your uplifting presence means so much. Yes, I too need to spend more time with trees. I walk each day and dance but often feel I would need to meditate/dance/chant/pray or practice so much more to counteract the intensity of stupidity. Wish there was a faster way to make positive change in people. Not sure if I haven't found it or if it doesn't exist or if the point is to just focus on what I CAN change - only me.

Right now I am working on healing myself. The elves made themselves known to me during this time -- their energy is very healing. I am working on learning my heart-language, the channeled elven language I receive in meditation often and learning how to apply this to my daily regimen of prayers. 

I love elven languages, can you please tell us some words of this one?

yala nay eliin means hello :) or yala for short

(yah-lah nae eh-leen) pronounciation

elyone is the word for elven magick specifically. it is green and sparkled when visualized and you can use it to heal

(ell-ee-own) pronounciation

I have heard and spoken this or a very closely or related language. It is very beautiful. Tell us more

I am not Elven but I do inner work as it is connected with the (re)connection of the Golden Grid (or Earth's divine/original blueprint)...as, to my understanding, I am an Earth blueprinter.  So what I do (as a walk-in soul) in clearing this body out is tied into getting the energies of the original grid restored.  This is actually also entwined with my everyday life actually because I change the body's life from old to new.  So everything and anything is all tied together in my situation.

What do I need?

Well...I really could stand to relocate to a place that is more in alignment with who and what I am...and hopefully also have an offline established network of friends...as I am still in the natal soul's town and there really is no offline network of people who are in resonace with me to connect with (I even tried actively seeking out people).  So my greater needs are those...moving to a better location so I can connect with the "right" people in real life.

You have!? Please tell me any info you have on this language! It is said to be from the Oku clan of elves. That's what my spirit guide said. 

yala nay eliin dane ylan e ganane = i recognize the divine element in nature lies also within my self

T.E. Pelton said:

I have heard and spoken this or a very closely or related language. It is very beautiful. Tell us more

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