Elven World: Return of The Tuatha de Danann

Celtic Mythology, Earth Guardians

Please tell me what you have been working on insofar as your practice as Elven, one who is awake, if any or if it is also entwined with your everyday work as human. What do you need to strengthen your practice?

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Yes, I have. definitely.

Where did you hear it? Maybe from whomever you heard it is from the same elven clan as me

T.E. Pelton said:

Yes, I have. definitely.

I think that term for elven magic I can say at least close to correct, withHello I'm not sure. Do you pronnounce that H or not? I'm not fully to english speaking by voice. Writen English is totally different.

Elfin Diamond said:

yala nay eliin means hello :) or yala for short

(yah-lah nae eh-leen) pronounciation

elyone is the word for elven magick specifically. it is green and sparkled when visualized and you can use it to heal

(ell-ee-own) pronounciation

Yala is pronounced like the German word for yes followed with la (like Ja with an L)

so like ja-la

It has been a few years since I spoke these languages....

:) I call it my heartsong

I see, it would be my peasure to speak such beautifull langugage in full someday.

Me too!! I can memorize a full little prayer and a few words here and there but not everything yet.

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