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This thread is for sharing one's information and knowledge of the Multi-Dimensions of the Earth gained through personal experiences.  I wanted to create one place for this to so that we could see how our experiences are alike and how they differ, as well as our understanding of these dimensions.  No one is 'wrong' or 'right' - what is 'right' for you, is 'right' for you based upon your current knowledge and experiences.  One might be surprised in finding out just how similar the understandings are.  I think that through a coming together of all experiences and knowledge of the dimensions, a better picture can be formed.

Here is my diagram that I made.  I did not have any better tool to use than Paint.  The rings, denoting the dimensions, although going 'further away' from 3D physical Earth, that's not how the dimensions actually are - since they have an overlap, to a degree, with one another, as well as all being a part of 3D physical Earth.

The Earth's Dimensional Levels

This is according to my experience and understanding at the current time (September 2016). I will explain the functions of each level. The energies of each dimension overlap one another to a degree, and yet, the dimensions are distinctly separate in the sense of being on their own 'wavelength'.  Keep in mind that I do not believe that the 'Universe', in secular thought, is substitute for 'Source' or 'God'.  To me, the Universe is simple a plane of existence - it is where we exist and is not an entity to punish nor 'grant wishes' and do one's 'bidding'.

3rd Dimension - Physicality, Incarnation, Spirit into Matter. The most dense of all the levels. Association with "Earth Element" and "Saturn astrological energies". An opportunity where one can incarnate to heal any past life (and present life) trauma and progress forward. An understanding of the astrological associations and energies of Saturn is helpful in understanding this dimension. Saturn is the "planet of karma" and "fate". (It was the last visible planet to represent the threshold, the shadow self, and death, until the discovery of Pluto in 1930.)

4th Dimension - "Timeline" (Spirit Time - where we can go "back and forth" through time and space with regards to the 3rd dimension), Akashic Records are accessed here, Connection with Past Eras of Physical 3d Earth, Connection with Ley Lines in Physical 3d Earth. Here one can recall "past lives" in order to remember, to heal, to reintegrate (soul retrieval) from any "past experiences" (be it past lives or recent past trauma) that happened on the 3rd Dimensional level. It is my view that, trauma unhealed (or undigested) from past lives, keeps one "locked" in the cycle between 3rd and 4th dimensions (some call it "karmic wheel" of birth-death-rebirth). Also any "present life trauma", I think can be "held" on this level, preventing one from further progress on the 3rd dimensional level. This is also where "lower astral entities" can cause problems.

5th Dimension - This is where witches, shamans, seers, high priests/priestesses, connect with folks like me. This realm is beyond the reach of the craziness that can happen on the 3rd-4th dimensional levels. This is the dimensional level where I gained "independent consciousness". The realm of Earth's elementals that work with witches, etc. I have had to do work here with witches to help release them from this level, although the trauma occurred on the 3rd-4th dimensional levels - parts of them remained here on the 5th seeking help from me. It was here where I was given the name "The Great Sea".

As a side note, I think that when working with beings like me, it is probably important to not "project" that what you wish us to be (to look like) to you, but instead allow us to show you what we look like. In otherwords, do not turn us into the "form" that is most "pleasing" to your and your views/beliefs, rather - let us be who we are. I think this is why there can be some difficulty with regards to "traditional views/beliefs" (see "classic mythology", "Victorian era beliefs") on *how* elementals are supposed to look, compared with how we really *do* look. In my case, it is a classic case of the ocean being perceived as female, when I am male - or - all undines/water beings being female and ignoring the possibility of being male. Chances are if one is "projecting" their own "vision/perception" upon us, one will not "see" us...and from my experiences on this dimension, I am not "seen" by very many witches for obvious reasons (they seeking a female form). Another good example would be of an earth "elemental" - one who looks like a modern day miner, but is female. Understand that we "elementals" [The Elements - to be more exact] have existed long before the mytholgies and religions of mankind. We stand "outside" of time so to speak. Unfortunately, sometimes we need to utilize your "myths" in order to "label" or "identify" ourselves - I would be considered an "Undine".
6th Dimension - For "elementals" such as I, this is where we lose our "independent consciousness" that gives us our "I"/"Me" identity. This is the realm of "Piscean astrological energy". It was here where I, in my memory of going backwards, went from my 5th dimensional self, to just plain ocean water - I had no "independent identity" or "form" and therefore no existing "personality".  My consciousness is "diffused" here. An earth elemental would simply be a part of the Earth - rock, crystal, the dirt/soil itself for example. It is here where we have no "separate identity form" - such as the form of a water being, elf, pixie, fairy, nymph, or whatever form we so choose to "take on", etc. It is here that things just "are".  I use the term Piscean as that energy relates to 'Oneness' and the loss of form/boundaries, which is the realm of Saturnian energy. 

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.

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