Elven World: Return of The Tuatha de Danann

Celtic Mythology, Earth Guardians

Which card deck you prefer? Which you can recommend? Is it enough to buy a deck, or you need to create your own? There are many decks purchasable, some are real pieces of art, some are more simple, but do the work well enough.

I have my own deck I made from pictures on internet and formed them into tarot. It serves its purpose very well. And now I have another deck I'm only begining to understand.

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I couldn't resist and bought elven tarot deck. At first I was bit sad as all the elves there look bit like dolls, there is lack of life in them, although the artist was able to show emotions on them well, still their faces make me feel like it is bad graphic, trying to reach perfection too much. Quite disturbing for me, when trying to get deeper touch of the cards.

However when I leave this vision problem, the tarot is unusualy systematic, each arcanum contains a story, that has lovely wisdom in it, in full all cards are alrt of one big story, minor arcanums of 4 relics and great arcanum is story of a hero. This sytem quite fascinated me, as it makes all cards amazingly connected even without using them for card reading.


I have this deck for some time already, very strong dark deck. Graphic of this one atracted me, not just because it is one of better vamp tarots. You have to see through lust ad desires of these cards to see meaning and wisdom hidden in the cards. You will perhaps even feel some lose of energy. Vampires are purely from this world and keep strong feelings.

If you have will to resist the power of vamps, you can use this deck as any else. Each cards seems to have story of its own, all cards are conencted by rose as archetype. (it can be found on may cards of this deck)


This is not tarot deck, but oracle. It doesn't contains much of a system of tarot, no numbers or suits, no minor or major arcana. This deck is fully intuitive. YOu don't even need to read the book, simply take the deck, look into pictures and listen to your intuition.

I must admit that oracle is almost more wild than tarot, removing the bounds of system tarot uses. For very intuitive ones this oracle deck will tell a lot of things.

Somehow the style of this deck is not 100% my liking, but is still so colorfull and open, that I can acept it. Must admit that when I tried to use it, it was working very well, allowing me to see and read in the cards well.


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