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A friend (Who is Sidhe spirited human) and I got to talking about how it would be nice to meet each other in OtherWorld. I explained to her I had met another friend in the OtherWorld. She told me how she was still new to going to the OtherWorld. Which I had known cause she and I both write all our experiences in blogs that we share with each other. So we had decided to meet my place. It being large enough for her Sidhe family and my family to have a gathering. I informed her that food will be prepared as well as drinks. I know her family and my own family know each other. How ever her meeting another reincarnate in the OtherWorld is new to her. 

So after it gotten closer to time to meet. I gotten settled down where I got in to meditation and head home to the Otherworld. I arrived at home, which I was then greeted by my love.  She showed me what was done in preparation for the visit. The main hall was open as set up for this gathering. Tables set so when it was time to feast on the meal that will be presented.  I felt an energy checking to see if we where ready and i then let them know it was all ready. Then energies appeared at the door. I knew it was them so my love and i walked over to greet them. 

First I greeted my reincarnated friend. Welcomed her as she introduced me to her love. We walked in to the main hall. They where happy to see things set up for the gathering. It was great to be able to speak with her face to face. Was different than that of chatting or at times skyping. We went over some memories we had. How things changed from when we lived there and  now. How our families knew each other. As her love fought along side family my family members. We discovered that we had met before  as new memories came to us both. Which was interesting. It was time to eat so food was brought out. Drinks where pored. Our conversations did not end.  She mentioned to meet my father. So i sent out energy asking if he could come.  Father agreed. Moments later I felt my fathers energy appear at the door. I went and greeted him. We went in to the main hall where our guests/friends waited.  my friend was nervous and bowed down to father. He responded there is no need for that. Fathers energy was a bit to over whelming so he pulled his energy down. Knowing that for her it was getting to be to much. As i too was at that point in the past. I sent what you would call mind speech to her love to take her to guest room.  He guided her to the guest room where they stayed for a bit. I spoken with my father for a bit. Then decided i should go in and check on my friend. I went in there and seen how she was. She appologised, where I told here no need to. I was there are one time my self. Taking in to much energy. Expereinceing to much at one time. It can do this. Good to keep grounded. Asked her is she would like to meet my father once again. She agreed. So I let father know and he came in. My friend was more grounded and was able to speak with my father. Father helped her with some questions. As well as some advice. Then she asked of a memory she had of my father and some others coming to save her and few others in her group. Father told her the events and informed her that i too was there. Father was correct I was there as well when we came in to save her and the group who was captured. I never told my friend of this. Though I did remember this I didnt know she remembered it so never brought it up. She looked at me and said yes she does remember. Then the energy of the memory and such again started to become to much. I felt that she was getting tired. So it was time for her to head to her home and spend time with her love before she gotten to tired.  Father then to left and i spent time with my love. I was getting tired then my self so she led me to bedroom and after some time went to sleep my self. 

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