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Do you think the crop circles could be messages from our Elven Ascended masters?

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I think it's possible, yes. But I wonder what the symbolic-like messages actually mean? I understand "symbols" to speak more profoundly than words alone and I've wondered what exactly these different crop circle "symbols" mean? I've wondered if it had anything to do with the galaxy they are from?(the beings who created the crop circles). I wonder if perhaps they are symbols representing a certain type of energy that higher beings have put up on the earth for later activation of some sort. What are your thoughts about them?

That's a possibility. I definitely think it is some kind of fae doing it. I have heard that people see wisps of light around the time that the crop circles show up. 

 Such an Interesting topic..No one believes they could all be man made hoaxes thats for sure, and we know it requires higher technology than that,some a so huge not one man or even a team of men could make them in such a short space of time...

Image result for huge crop circle

no way ...and they have proven the plants nodes are effected by some form of heat energy,plus alterations in the crystalline structure of the plants themselves too..so high technology is definitely used [microwave?].. but who is doing it?, what is the purpose & what are their messages?, since obviously they have been doing this forever,one only has to look at the 5,000-year-old Cochno Stone and we just now have got a hint as to what that all means, therefore it was not really serving any purpose other than beautiful decorations on rocks & in the crop fields, before, and yet it kept on happening even through to today & they have got even more elaborate as well.

If they are infused healing energies, who is producing them?

Why were they not communicated to us all directly,why were their messages kept a secret like this from mankind for so long and who did they mean to benefit,someone in our future?

There are many mysteries yet to be resolved, even if we have come to consider that they really are energetic points and they are raising the energy of the planet. I dont know who is making these amazing crop circles, I've said before I feel they are from offworld... [Ascended Elven Masters you say then that would be the Maldekians,nor do I believe a fae to do this... unless your talking etherical guides but if so then many would know their meanings]... so lets say inter-dimensional races or 'light beings' hense the sightings of small orbs making them late at night in a hour or less and even during the day unnoticed by the human eye as they move so fast...

See the white orbs racing across fields in this footage below during the day time [they are not birds,too fast for birds with no wings,this is not manipulated footage either its real time footage]..

some are huge & such advanced technology & amazing hidden messages yet we are still all unable to decipher them properly or infused healing energy creational art forms they may be, either of these things is just too cool for words..and if they are healing us & this planet then they are a good thing..so keep em coming I say..

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