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is any other elf in this page now?

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hi one is here for sure and since i just found this Page ( coincidence ) ;D 

i will write you ... what i remember ... First of all everyone in this World even when i was 5 was not able to teach me any new Moral or Ethic or reprogramm my mind or alter my Personality ... its total Adamant and i whould rather drop this Body and take the next one before i whould give just a bit of my Freedom . 

I can Remember some stuff from another Realm i came from in many Details and i even have Dreams , very Strange Dreams ... My problem still is that with any Birth as a Human you wont remember much . But my Soul shines through that Curtain ...so i was able to extract SOME Stuff . I tested it and was stunned at the results ... now im still rediscovering more and more . What i know for sure is that i lived in a Elven Realm as a Forest Tribe ...in Physical NOT Astral Bodies .

I am pretty Sure about that because sometimes while sleeping i Return there especially when there are big Events going on like the Gem Harvest ( Gem Harvesting is a one time in a Year Ritual where Sap is Borrowed from a RARE Tree and with Magic and Crafting Hardened into a Gemstone that brings massive Vitality if you wear it somewhere on the Skin as a Necklace for Example  ... or use is for Focussing Energy to Heal .) 

Thats why im also very Happy if someone posts interesting Stuff ..do you have full Memory ??

i do not know but i have a strong bond with a forest!! i grew up there.to be more spesific i spend my childhood there.everytime i visit this forest i sense something different.like someone is there watching me and keep company with me.that feeling is very strong since i was a kid.in this forest i believe i am in another world! more peaceful! also animals does not react at all in my presense.even wild animals.i also have keen hearing.i would like to meet a real elf! is ot true that elves does not affected from sickness? also my eyes have a srange color which change with weather conditions and my emotions

If you wish to meet an elf, than go and try, you'll achieve it sooner or later. Use your creativity and love, you have already everything needed to achieve it. You only have tor ealise it and find the right path, in fact, it is easy... but I cannot tell, how I achieved it. I just did.

Arm yourself with patience, you'll need it, but to wish something and do what you can to achieve it is something different. Trust, be patient and try.

sounds pretty sure for me everything you just told seems true to me and every detail i also experience by myself ... sometimes i fail with deers... but thats only because i need more free time in Nature ... and work less... do you also see the difference between eyes ... ? i mean good or bad person ? i can see that 100% sure there is also a reflection difference and i m also sure you might have or could get these skills (easy) you can also have empathy with others ... telepathy with people you like ...???...   nice to meet you was a pleasure to hear that and i enjoyed reading a lot ! iam 38 now i was never sick ... not realy and sometimes it was my fault only because of bad food. so i can approve this one too . 

was a pleasure 

yes i can see that difference.eyes tells me everything and i also have empathy with others.i can feel their emotions in adifferent way than theiy feel them.i can feel them more intensed

oh yes somehow i exactly know what you mean ... but its AWESOME isnt it ...

and i think personally.... you share the same skills as i do even after rechecking some more ... and you will have many many many more ....;D  

so if you want to meet an elf just look into the mirror ... when you can go to animals already this is a very high Graduation :D

even if youre not elf you might be another tribe of Elder souls that are incarnating on this Planet more frequent.

But  Morell and Myself ... ;D  we dont remember very well ...    that we seem to have in common too . ;D

I am elven I can remember quite a lot actually I don't remember names of anyone or anything but I can understand who I was near or what was going on. I travel frequently across realms now. I have a natural talent when it comes to magic in general but when it comes to crystal magic I outclass even some who have been studying all their life. Where I live there is forests untouched and most likely untrod since the 1800s.

I was jelaous some time back against those, who had more than I, when it comes to memories or contacts with other realites. I learned that everything has a purpose, even this. When we need informations, we get them, when we don't need them, than only wery low mount come to us without our own, sometimes hard, work.We learn in every life and in each part of it. :-)

WARNING : there is some Technique in this post ... just use your discrimination and own inspiration ... dont use it if you dont feel good with it  .. and on your own risk please ...If you want the rune ill give them to you ... its also planned to make a description video soon .... my friend will record it . 

I use it for a special purpose but this i wont tell anyway...

i wish i could remember more too ... i whould like to share thoughts about magic and simplify it ... so much that many more could learn the Basics ... if they like because there are many paths. 

i whould be also interested how day to day life is in our old community ... i know already that it was awesome today if we whould go there in an instant it whould feel magic like in a dream ... 

If you want to share only little of interest you remember  i whould gladly listen ... 

Since i use Magic very intuitive and Spontaneous i dont even know what crystal magic is ... ( smile )  maybe i go0gle that :D

I am at least able to show how to activate the Bodys power Stamina, Health and Speed without tiring ...(some also say Kundalini ) i just Added some old Rune Magic ... i was pondering why i am writing them on and on and on ... then i found these are not really Runes they are movement descriptions for some Tai Chi similar Meditation which can be done with the Hands or Swords ... If you use swords the movement Rune of Wind and Water will bring speed ...with barehands focusing your Lifefoce you use Earth and Fire ... i could even post a video if anyone is interested ... you can also use them in any other Combo. or all together.. if you practice a bit .

to give an example i try to explain how some Runes and movements work to empower the body with Life Force :

First of all to know the body is Mostly Water ... water also in the Form of Blood ... the Elements in the Blood Pulsating and moving through the Body create Electricity (IRON that sticks to blood will cause the Induction ) ... that is normal and the Electromagnetic Field around the Body is the Basic Aura . Never forget that this technique uses Mental Focus for influencing with the Brain on Quantum Levels ... ( yes even Scientists know today that the brain works on Quantum Levels so use that )

The Technique is for Influencing the Wave form and Amplitude of this Current . 

The Runes seem to Symbolize Body Movements which are Meta movements to the Construction and Joints also the Angels your arms and legs Could possibly move . 

So what happens is ... generally ... you move in a way that generates great enjoyment of this Movement ... because it seems so perfect ... at the same time Visualisation of focussing this energy created a connection and Amplifies ... and since hands keep close together most of the time there is another indution through movement .... which is charging yourself directly 

So to finally Explain of the Body is like a Generator ( which he is plus much much more ) and movement with the blood and Iron inducing Electricity in the Wiring of the Body ... dont forget you can put more electricity if you move in certain ways ... waving limbs in certain waves ... and that is what i call this magic is  a Sacred old Technique using the Insight how the Human Body could possibly move and extract the best out of it to become more energetic . 

i cant believe i post this i hope noone is offended ;D

hmmm i dont know if you understand this now ... maybe together with a video  ;D at least this is my secret to stay healthy like an Elfie  !  <('o'<) and i cant believe i just wrote this ..  anyway have a nice day .

I could also teach Empathy because its not very difficult ... 

Telepathy is also easy to explain ... the difficulty on Telepathy ... is only Awareness so Separate other peoples thoughts from yours ... you need a very SHARP attention . 

I personally think in such Modern Times where also Humans are Developed their Technologiers Very well its about time to bring back this flavor of multi cultltural Universe ... and yes The Aliens are here ... but i think not as exspected in Spaceships ... just nice souls from different places all over instead . Many of us serve this Planet ... when i hear another Species is Exstinct and Wiped out here ... i nearly cry ...but then a voice says to me ... nothing is lost it just takes even some long time to regenerate the loss ... i guess most of you here agree that we came to serve and not to rule ... ok i also came to play i confess ;D

But im also sure that this planet needs some small lights all over ... i guess thats why we are scattered 

Crystal magic is magic that uses crystals basically. I mainly use a very large quartz point to connect points of energy to that stone to then use it for whatever I am doing or to send it out to a certain point. Sometimes I create patterns of certain quartz varieties to improve or change energies flowing in or out. I use that one to create small doors to connect our realms that close very quickly but long enough for my purpose.

that is so cool .... !! i remember crystals are holy anyway somehow elfes are NOT allowed to break them off  ... only already broken crystals have to been gathered for beeing ripe :D now i understand that part of my dreams where i collected crystals in some Caves and other places  which are known to us ! isnt it ... ... omg thank you ...i tried to use them but they crack after short Time somehow internally ... when i do so uhm so i dont wanted to break them and i stopped using them but i have some larimars on my desk here ...i like them they are my Friends ... 

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