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i call this place my home. my 2 species i am come from here came from hanova. the shakrill and the YEIHIELJOLHA (yeahilshoha) . hanova vibrates on a mass level of dimensions, spaces, time. in some areas time stands still others has a form of "time" beings still age threw life cycles as do plants and animals. there are more colors in hanova that do not even exist in this universe! more sounds of frequencies and tones. more energy types. physics work much differently in hanova than here. you can breathe/ move and do not need space suits out side of a planets atmosphere in what you people would know as space. we only use ships to transport items and threw large amounts of distance. energy manipulation is very different for its abundant and never sheltered from us. its is like a mix of astral travel on the dream realms/ or 2nd dimension and physics in this one. some of us have vast amounts of technology. hanova is NOT A FREE WILL universe ! there is very very strict rules to the point if you mess up you are recycled! returning to source ( many people do not understand what that actually means lol) returning to source means you are recycled. your conscious memories are put with source. but your energy that makes your soul is recycled you no longer exist! your memories are archived and soul energy back to the oneness of creation. in hanova there is still creators other than the immortal 7. though they are not GODS beings see them as parents. they live with them and teach them ways of culture. in the outer worlds of hanova evolution is allowed to take place and some what freely. fighting still occurs but has to be met with contracts and strict rules!

there is many different cultures in hanova as well. many species. anthro birds, cats, dog, lizard, dragons, elf like beings, human like beings, humanoid plants, and more. there is schools in music, energy use, melee combat, art, knowledge of the dimensions, plants and animals, science and dna manipulation. i remember my mothers harp. it was gold with crystal strings. you did not pluck them you gently caressed them to play. the sounds are like nothing found in this earth. there is trade and markets to find goods not from your territory. usually trade of other goods or form of knowledge..money does not exists. i will go over the laws that i remember after this.

hanova is looked over by the immortal 7. they take a form of their choosing though they are energy beings. they are also called the prime 7 . many of you know know or speak about prime source. they are in charge of prime matrix. ( not to be mistaken by earth matrix et tech) the postings of pics will give you more detail on a sub knowledge for what some describe the immortal 7 , their creation of hanova and territories they have. in hanova there is many main species. these species can be found threw out the multiverse! mutations here and there but it is the main form type. with in the island of paradise holds true harmony. no death unless the 7 choose such, just creation. this is their homes . each one has worlds they created in their image. each make their own creations as well on these planets. further from the immortal 7 planets is the thousands of planets. many beings live here.

RULES of multiverse law
these laws may apply to all or many universes depending on the universe and its category. free will universes or planets are grate exceptions to this! free will means the rules of the multiverse laws are bent. reasons! so that experiments can be run to understand things that are not permitted in the universes with strict laws. ( this universe is a free will , along with this earth/ planet) 
these are the rules i remember living there. not everything has come back to me.
muliversal laws of hanova

1 hanova is not a free will universe. this means you can not just go do what you want! any trauma must be of ones own accord. such as killing, rape, the taking over of beings, plants animals in a soul way of force. ( unless first singed contract staying such... this means that a being can willingly agree to go threw such trauma such as killing, rape, forece of will esc,.

if fighting occurs it has to be in the species own territory and there are very strick rules... 
the environment can only sustain minimal damage..if it can not grow back punishment by immortal 7 will be had.
all Innocent and life forms other than plants are to be removed before battle begins. anyone who kills a innocent will be recycled wither its a accident or not. 
there is no mass destruction weapons,nuking form orbit ( as humans say) or any weapon that damages environment after battle is done. ! 
rape is ok but only for those who have signed contracts stating they accept the possible results to their soul trauma. 
no destroying enemy ships battles are only permitted on ground/ ship arena/ or by melee or energy use combat in( space) 
death only to those with contracts. yes people can die there. they live just like everything else. only in the planets of the immoral 7 personal ones does death not happen unless they want it.

no one is to manipulate time in hanova but the immortal 7...even if you are understanding how it works! its forbidden to time travel inside hanova... this include time manipulation of making things grow or die. age or grow young.

no one is to manipulate anyone memories unless contract is made,.or if that person has contract with others they still can not have memories manipulated. only acceptation to this law is you are ONLY allowed to manipulate memories ONLY obtaining to you!!! so if you do not want some one remembering a event you where in...the event will still happen but only you do not exist to them...the person would be unknown to the one being memory manipulated.

* i need to check up on this law.....no one is to manipulate space other than the object of you...again like the one above. you can not just jump threw space such as long distances by oping a worm hole and dragging others with you. there is some places you can not travel or use this in. you can do it with others but have to have permission and you need to tell them where they are going.

again no death is to be in hanova . this means no killing . they can still die of old age. many still up hold that to plants and animals. we still eat as the dimensions of our bodies would almost be just energy to you humans. even energy has a form though. many became genetic masters in plants so no soul is attached to the item they produce to eat,, this goes for growing meat as well from animals. the dna is taken from umbilical cord of a new born baby animal to make what ever tissue is required. no soul is attached though eating it still gives memory feed back. the animals are loved and taken care of to ensure good positive memories and energy. judges for ding somehign wrong the persion you did wrong to can kill you or decied what to do with you for punishment....

genetic manipulation does exists however genetic manipulation of species in hanova is forbidden. hybrids are not uncommon but they must happen naturally! it can not be done to change dna of something only use it for live style.

very few species actually fight in hanova. things are generally very peaceful. the out side universes like this one helps to learn not only in experiments of soul good and bad. species do not evolve in hanova. they are continuously as they are when born. they do age and die. though death is not something many of us fear as we know where we are going. the life cycles of many species is vast..

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Wonderful. The universe is vast and very full of wonders!! Thanks for coming to Earth from Hanova! It’s quite an adventure at this time, peoples are coming from all over and sharing, I am so happy to see you! 

Interesting, how different laws can be in different realm, really big difference to this world. I guess that this Hanova is not place having guests from beyond then? How could they leave Hanova again without free will?

Still... can't wait to see the rest.

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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