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What would you like for the future?

what would tube the IDEAL timeline for Humanity?

for Earth? 

We have FREEWILL! 
Let’s use it to choose! 

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I would like my home in the mountains with great magic library, from where I could travel among humans, but rarely visited there by them...

Ha ha lol. 
maybe they would have to transform into a higher vibration before they could enter….

I see laughter, I hear joy

I see ashes turn to gold.

I see truth,

sprung from haunted mound,

Now no more ghosts can be found.

The wolves are singing and

The dawn is now.

All is now known, though

To embrace takes time.

For I see healing of soul,

heart and mind.

And spring brings the doves

Whose flight be unbound.


The shadows are bathed in liquid love

as lightning strikes from above.

And death meets life in oneness,


I see wonder,

Spheres of teaching

We in bliss are co-creating.

Within halls of crystal city

Harmonic chords merge

amongst nature's dwelling.

I see it pass yonder flower field,

Framing deep mountain hill and reeds,

it shines brightly with such ease,

Breaching thy veiling shield.

For soul is thriving far and vast,

Change though everlasting.

This light magic we hath cast,

Shining through thou

sacred tree's branches.


I hear music,

Playing tunes with eternal dreaming

Brother- sisters from beyond returning.

As hands join hands of plenty,

Of world and realm, meeting once more

Thou Kith sway beneath spirit sky

Upon this soaring ship on high,

Loving on forevermore.

Dancing round thee eternal flame

The en-souled fruit grows within.

As we share stories between Star-being,

Spirit, Deva and Fae,

Of all we are in universal name.

And on such eve I see the story now ended,

With a brighter turning born anew.

The wildish mother howls deeply,

Can you hear it too?


I see abundance, none shall lack

I see hearts connecting, no vocal track.

It flows like water and burns asunder

In violet wave

Through and through

It's a synchronistic rainbow hue.

We hath learnt our lesson,

We hath met the dawn

With love and peace,

All that had stood still,

Now flows on.


I see that world;

It shines like the sun, 

it sings like the stars,

Who's transcendent knowing 

heard my plea,

I see now we are all free,

And that is what I wish TO BE.

I Basically wish for the elevation of this world, nature and human alike and all truths to be revealed and known. No more lies, hate or oppression.  We have woken up to who we are, connecting back to source oneness and reunited with all beings as they are seen clearly, spirits, ETS, Elf, Fae, etc

The veil no longer separates and we live in Love and peace. In harmony with nature. We are here to teach, heal and create, this plane is like a library full of living knowledge. We are interconnected with all beings and with our nature/animal brothers and sisters, communicating through telepathy, through the heart.

All is balanced

The air, earth and oceans are clean, healed and our "homes" made of crystalline/light/natural vibrations, like a crystal shining clearly across meadows, there is magic again.

Rather then a government or elite, there are mentors, elders of light who walk with the people rather then above. There is no need for money as all is provided, supported and can be manifested.

I wanted to put this into a poem as saying it like this wasn't enough for me

so I hope it wasn't too long and that you enjoyed it nonetheless, I look forward to seeing others ideals on here if willing to share.


As for my home

I see myself in a simple cottage with evergreen covered roof wrapped in a living tree's boughs and roots by a big body of water. The walls are shaped stone, light or the very branches of the tree wrapping itself around into form.  It is there amongst a small neighbourhood with others who are similar in spirit.  No fences/barriers are needed [probably because we would be far enough not to need one, just kidding ;) ]. 

Like Morell mentioned "a great magic library", I have always wanted a space like that in my home. It is connected or a liken to the universal library/hall of records where I can read all knowledge/creations/experiences/etc. As well as a greenhouse and a space to practice an art. It is a home always changing like the dream world.

I can also be living in the water/oceans or become the water itself.

Perhaps shape shifting many times like the seasons for a change.

Learning in the halls of teaching or creating with others, practicing alchemy, growing plants, healing others or


I can also either go back home to source/spirit realm or explore the universe and all the creations/worlds, searching for the mysteries and experiences.

The possibilities are endless!

[ You might have noticed but I currently have writers and communications block,  it's all coming out choppy and not flowing well so I hope it is coming across if only by a little bit.]

This is extremely beautiful. I love everything about this world you envision and I know it is and will be … all that is dreamed is reality forming into motion… blessings and gratitude 

Agreed, it is beautiful dram and surely much of it can become reality. The rest might be even better.

Yes, beautiful!

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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