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My name is Autumn and I'm fairly new to this website. I have some concerns that I really need to address. And hopefully someone will be able to identify the issues that I'm dealing with. Firstly, I've been meditating and doing the technique where you breathe in white light, and letting out the black smoke from the body. I did that for over an hour, and a bit longer the next day. The problem is, my back is SORE and I keep getting sharp pains in my back which is also spreading into my chest. This sort of pain wasn't happening before I meditated. But also to note, I haven't really done that type of meditation in years. Is it because of how long it's been? Or clearing the energies out of myself is something my body isn't used to? I also have another issue. Well, I don't know if it's an issue but I've been needing answers about this.

While my eyes are closed, I see purple smoke moving around with figures walking around in them. It's not the figures being there all of the time, though. But every night while I'm laying there, there's some sort of purple energy or something there? I feel like there's something more to this than I thought.

Thank you for reading!!!! I would really appreciate any type of feedback.

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Hello, I'm Morell, elder member here.

Your issue with the back is from long sitting, you can be sure of that, especially since you are not sued to meditating for such long time. You can get pains even in 20 minutes, it is quite normal, but it also suggest that you push your limits, don't harm yourself, if you want to keep meditating that long, you might do better lying down, if you won't be falling asleep. It takes time for body and mind to adapt to long periods of stillness.

Feeling is important considering spirits. if you feel fine or good and it is coming from you, not filling surroundings, than they are fine and nothing to be worried about. Feeling nothing is completely fine too, it means that they are just curious and are just looking. If you don't feel in danger, then it's fine. We are not alone int he universe, not even in this world. What do you think happens when you die? You do not stop existing just because you loose a body.

The fact your seeing purple smoke & figures may not be spirits as such but higher beings when you did this,as it sounds to me like you could have shifted the seat of your consciousness without really trying very hard into another dimensional realm,the figures maybe soul or life guides watching over you. Eventually you will be able to do this pretty much at will,if you keep on trying... in fact eventually your consciousness will be mainly focused in this other place and not living in your emotions in this 3D realm,as you feel into it from a higher seat of consciousness which feels really good to your soul,literally on the edge of Kundalini in other words.
What you could have actually done right now is actually just shifted to the third eye chakra first without knowing which is indigo in colour,then suddenly up to your head centre or crown final chakra as its associated with shades of violet which will stimulate your 4th eye to envisage higher realms.. which will then inspire you to new ideas,dynamic thoughts in other words ..if that makes any sense,these colours have specific meanings in their vibrational frequencies.

This is such a beautiful question and the responses you’ve received also very beautiful. What a wonderful experience. I might add a couple of thoughts

- you can do moving meditations such as dance to music and yoga, yoga mudras, or any posture that syou like and simply focus on clearing chakras which may have been weakened and need clearing and restart. Yoga breath through nose lifting up and clearing energetic pathways   Which are called meridians by simply holding palm toward body start at root chakra and lift up bringing your hand up the body lifting with a smile. You can also focus on breathing from bottom chakra to top of head into pineal gland. For example. Experimenting with moving meditation or asMorell suggested lying down meditation will help; this is also called yoga nindra, 

You are doing great and I agree withVlada  no need to worry . You might try asking for message or asking a question and see what happens. You can try automatic writing or take notes or even use your pendulum for getting answers.

if you need more help or anything makes you nervous or would just like to discuss your journey please stay in touch. Overall the idea is to tune yourself like an instrument, xoxo Tara

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