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Song Of The New Earth By Shekina Rose ... And ... Gratitude Is The Key To Enlightenment ! ... And ... Divine Wisdom By Chris Comish

Song Of The New Earth DNA Frequency Awakening

Chant Meditation Transmission By Shekina Rose

Please Join me on Sedona Earth Walk (8 min) Awakening Activation Transmission Language of Light Healing Music ~ Music of the Spheres ~ We are Awakening a rebirth of the Holy Earth within Us the New Earth ~ Pure LOVE.

Please share and connect with your own Nature Gaia Earth Walk, the Gardens of a City, where the Flowers bloom, Trees Trees spirit, your own back yard feel the New Earth arising in Us. The devas, fairies, the color rays are returning.

The vast spiritual awakening of the New Earth is accelerating. It is unstoppable. There is a new sensory awareness and connection, where we can feel a palpable shift in the way we related to the Earth, Nature, our Universe, and Cosmic lineage.

Your bodies our going through a cellular shift vibration to increased higher frequencies. The Goddess energy is restoring our holy “wholeness the sacred divine feminine within.. Humanity.

Video - "Song Of The New Earth" - https://youtu.be/LLMYzrwb8KE


Gratitude Is The Key To Enlightenment ! By Blossom Goodchild - Federation of Light on May 8, 2022

Good morning! The harder one falls, the higher one climbs! So True. On coming out of my slumps, I am finding such sweetness in Gratitude. More so than ever. Has someone up there had a Gratitude bag explode right above my house?

Welcome Blossom, and Each one. You could say that! You see, Blossom, the Energies that are able to reach Each One in these ‘troubled times’, are far from troubled. They are Energies of such Light and those who are willing to receive them are finding Great DeLight and indeed, comfort, in these newfound Heights.

So, where is this Energy coming from? How does it work?

Well, believe it or not, it is initially coming from inside of you! Coupled with Energy of NEW STRENGTH coming from Heightened LOVE!

From whom?


So, I am trying to ascertain how it works?

Everything, as you know, is Energy … which fluctuates in every moment within anything and everything.

Energy is what everything is Vibrating at/on different levels, in order to become what it is to become.

Therefore, consider the FACT that your world is moving into Higher Frequencies because more and more souls are waking up to WHO THEY ARE … LOVE.

Therefore, through this KNOWING, the FEELING of LOVE is becoming more apparent in EACH ONE.

Therefore, the Energy of Love is receiving more of itself and expanding of itself.

In turn, there are WAVES OF LOVE ENERGY being sent to you from other realms. From Higher Vibrations. It is only as the Vibrations of Souls upon your Earth plane rise, that certain Higher Energy Vibration can filter through to mix and co-join … which in turn … offers you the opportunity to feel the way you do!

Yet, where do they tootle off to when one then hits the slump?

Nowhere. It is that the Energy of the soul-self due to thoughts of an irradical nature etc. lowers the frequency of the self. Leaving the Higher Vibrational pull, unable to enter in. It hasn’t gone missing. It lies in wait. Ready at your command to enter in, once again.

How does it work though, with the ebb and flow of these emotions?

Blossom, your world’s polarities are in conjunction with your soul’s service.

Eh, could we try that in Latin?

The Miracle of your Being understands WHO YOU ARE … and what you are here to achieve … and how you are to conduct the Soulself in order to become more of the Truth of Knowing.

It is understood by you on a deeper level that experiences of emotional pulls in one direction or another are ‘Manna from Heaven’, would we say. You are experiencing this now, Blossom, yet, to a Greater Height than you have before.

Yes. It’s interesting. The times when I am ‘good’, I am really good. Which I find quite bizarre, considering my husband popped off the Planet only six months ago.

And the times when you are not good?

The absolute pits!

And all this because you have chosen to experience more of yourself … in all depths of expression.

So, is there a particular ‘team’ assigned to sending these vastly charged Energies of Love?

No, Blossom. It is Love itself that is responding to Each One’s call … as and when they are ready.

It is not that one has more opportunity to do so than another … it is when one is ready.

Ready for what?

The Vibrational lift within the self.

Surely, we all want it. How does one become ready?





BY ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU ARE A CHILD OF LIGHT AND WITHIN YOU LIES THE PRESENCE OF THE I AM CONSCIOUSNESS … and the more one chooses to tap into that and work with it, instead of against it … the more one finds their life and livelihood to be fulfilled in a manner that lifts.

Video - "An Invocation. A Prayer" By Blossom Goodchild



Good answer chaps! It’s the feeling of Gratitude that is overwhelming me. I would use the word ‘Glorious’ to express it.

Gratitude, Blossom, is the key to Enlightenment. Gratitude is a river that runs so deep within the self that when fully tapped into it … from a place of Godliness … one’s Heart, as you are so rightly experiencing, overflows with Glory.

You see, you are using that word too. Glorious … Glory. How would you describe its meaning … compared with say, Google?

We would suggest that you take a few deep breaths and repeat to yourselves …



It is something that words can not express, so it was given this name yet, it is a FEELING.

What do you experience in doing this, Blossom?

Glorious! I can’t explain as you say. It is the same kind of feeling on the Gratitude level. No words. Just appreciation coming from deep within for … I don’t know … for … Being! It is not new to me … yet, so much more profound these days!



Everyone has something to be Grateful for. Everyone. Everyone has more than one thing to be Grateful for. Everyone.

If one was to devote time each day to offer up Gratitude for what they have, see, or experience … the ‘change’ in the self and one’s daily living would be profoundly noticeable.

Amongst all that is taking place in your world, it is for you to KNOW THIS.

Focus on Gratitude.

Focus on all that is a DeLight for you.

You may feel some have it easier than yourself. You may find it hard to come out of your slump yet, we say to you … the Heart … the Beingness of you … will rise when Gratitude becomes the forerunner to every breath you take. So that in essence, Gratitude lives in your every thought.

Is it not, Blossom, that even when you are in the deepest slump you are still Grateful for much?

I don’t know really. I’m usually too wrapped up in my slump to notice!

We do.

Oh! Ok. Then yes! I’ll take that! Thank you!

Allow Gratitude to be your priority … your order of the day.




You are understanding ‘The way it is’. By Being Grateful for all you are and all that is presented to you as an opportunity to BE Grateful … you are thriving within the potential of your Greatness.

If you focus on the Joy that you create by giving time and Love to that which excites you … you are serving The Whole a thousand-fold more efficiently than … with the greatest respect … ‘Wallowing in prayer to save the souls of those that suffer’.

Woah! Hold the phone a minute! Many may be deeply offended by what you just brought through.

Not so, Blossom. For many understand as you immediately did, what the meaning of it entailed.

For those who found it offensive or did not fully understand … may we elaborate a little?

I would if I was you!

If one were to hear of some atrocity and feel it deep within the Heart and ‘pray to God’ for that particular situation … it makes a vast difference to that circumstance or soul receiving the gift of your prayer offered, as to what Vibration you are coming from when you ask of it.

To be in the depths of despair about something does not assist … as one is almost ‘begging’ for it to be changed.

You’re pushing your luck here, sunshine!

Yet, we come to offer understanding, Blossom. We shall persevere.

Do you see? The ‘stress’ regarding a situation and the wanting for the relief of it … carries the Energy of ‘stress’ as it is offered up. Yet, if one was to give Gratitude for …

I’ve sort of lost the thread, as I can’t quite get to grips with giving Gratitude for an atrocity or a soul that may need healing … Ah! Wait a minute … the penny dropped … I jumped in too soon. ‘Pray’ continue.

Indeed, the penny dropped. It is far more beneficial to give Gratitude to/for the healing of that soul or situation. To come from a place of service … in/of … Love and Joy, that the LOVE THAT IS … has Healed all wounds and suffering, regarding that which one is ‘praying’ about/for.

Is it my strict catholic upbringing from my father and some very dodgy nuns in my boarding school convent that makes me feel ‘off’ about the word ‘praying’? I definitely have a ‘little niggle’ that doesn’t sit well with that word.

We would say, perhaps, that this particular word along with many others, has been distorted and abused throughout time.

I am trying to think what it is and I feel it is more as if one is asking for something should it be deserved, and that the ‘asking’ doesn’t feel right. And yet, there is the saying ‘Ask and thou shalt receive’.

It is the placement of the Heart within the asking, Blossom … and we would say it is indeed, the indoctrination of religions that can take one down a track that can lead to muddy waters as opposed to fields of flowers.

Much guilt is put upon a soul through such deceitful teachings … Therefore, we feel that perhaps you feel that being TOLD to pray was more for forgiveness of the soul, for something you may not have even done!

Oh indeed, I used to make up lies in the confessional box as a young kid because I hadn’t really sinned enough and didn’t want to waste the priest’s time! Then the punishment/penance. of what seemed like 90 Hail Marys, became another sin for next week, because I hadn’t said them all!

We smile and are amused by your humour yet, not the ridiculous circumstance.

We would suggest to ‘Offer Blessings upon’ … if the word ‘praying’ does not resonate.


So, to conclude for today …

Good Lord! The time has flown!

Make a concerted effort to give Gratitude. For then, once the Gratitude is felt deep within the Heart … compared to ‘looking for things’ to be Grateful for … you will find that the Universe just keeps flowing opportunities to your doorstep, to give you more and more to be Grateful for.




Do you see, Blossom? Can you feel how all that you are experiencing now at this Heightened level is making such a difference to you and The Whole?

Then take into account that this is happening to many souls across your Planet … and then consider, if you will … how this is affecting the Vibration of your Planet … and how it is changing your world and the souls residing within and upon it … and ALL Life that is Gifted in/as/through/of … LOVE.

Many thanks to Each One for choosing to be upon Mother Earth at this time. Look … FEEL … how Gloriously you are accomplishing that which you came to do. Is it not becoming more and more obvious to you?

Yep! What a Divine Plan! All we have to do is enjoy ourselves and before you know it … ALAKAZAM! … We will have shifted into the Higher Vibrational world that lies ahead, around, and within. Thank you so much chaps.

The Pleasure is all ours.

I’m not so sure about that! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM!


Video - "Empowering White Cloud Meditation" By Blossom Goodchild



Divine Wisdom By Chris Comish


Be universal Love. You are the river. You flow. Free will exists here and will always exist here as this is the nature of this density. Not everyone is ready to accept your love.

These are the barriers, the rocks. The water simply flows where it is accepted. The love flows where it is accepted. The water flows around the rocks, the barriers people create.

But what happens when rocks are near the river? They are carved slowly by the water. So just keep flowing your love. Being merged with the Creator's Love in your heart will break the barriers in due time. Continue to flow the Creator's Love in and through you like the water and you make a difference for the whole planet.

Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


Video - "White Flame of Isis / Gold Light from Sirius Transmission: Balancing the Masculine/Feminine" By Steve Nobel



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