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I watched a vid today and I got interesting thoughts about alines. Arcturians, pleiadians and others were mentioned in video as saviors of humanity, wise and ancient race helping humans. But latealy I learned some interesting things, which makes me laugh at such claims.

I think that the truth is bit more carnal. There was that great war, when Maldek was destroyed. I think that it shaked many and they left this warzone in fear, hoping to leave it all behind, but carma! Carma was there for them all and since it affected Earth and is ever since, it is affecting them too.

Atomic bombs used at second WW shaked many again as it reavealed worsening of situation here and it all was fault of these great civilisations. They realised their mistake in evading what they had done. So they returned here now, because of the fact that this is their chance.

Yes, a chance to help us, butwe are not much to them. No, no, no. It is fear that pushed them here as since if they will do nothing and let thi planet be destroyed, entire solar system wil be lost, one planet after another in stupid wars caused by them. It is the last chance to stop it. And if they do nothing, there will be very little left to do to ease their own misfortune. Now they have chance to change the odds, to change their own future to the better and ease their own carma. They are here to save themselves through us.

"They have their own reasons for helping us," yeah, I didn't get that when I've read it in Lord of the rings book, but now it makes sense.

They try to save us, true, in their own ways and often not the best at all, but at elast they try, because in us they see their own salvation, but admitting that, well, that is way too much for their pride. But let us forgive them that. They at least try and it is up to us too, Only we can save ourselves, but no shame for us either by accepting some help.

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First mistake you made in speaking is dont believe all you read nor what's said in the New Age videos online.. as you will watch a load of made up untruths & BS that have been released over the centuries in regards to the true Gaian-Orion Cosmic Galactic war..

The Religious folks take on this war is totally false also,man its filled with so many lies its not even funny anymore..

Also the Arcturian's were not even any part of the Gaian-Orion Cosmic Galactic war at all,so that's a load of BS right there. It was the Mintaken Draconians [Reptilian race] & the Lyran-Sirian Whites who were at battle to begin with as the Mintaken ships fired on Sirius first & it then traversed onwards towards Maldek and the planet was in the firing line with their nuclear lazer weapons in full battle zone.

So what are you on about that the Mintakens are here to save themselves via us??? Umm NOPE..many have  reincarnated a humans yes and half of them dont even know they are a reptilian even.

And what has the Gaian-Orion Cosmic Galactic War got to do with  the'Lord Of The Rings' book anyway????..unless you think John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was writing about the Orion wars but placing them into fantacy realm tales to hide it all..in which case its fiction tale and only based on truths.

So if you believe it all as factual from those books then I'd say your rather confused to be honest..can you back up any of your claims you mention here in this post..if Karma the Syrians would be holding much of it along with the Mintakens..

In my opinion, “Aliens” don’t exist.

just like we come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so do all creatures

on all wavelengths and “locations”

some are more spiritually or telepathically advanced 

Some are not.

stick with the good guys!! 

Slavery is a major issue. Is it slavery if it’s a robot/android?

if it’s an animal? If it’s a “human” or a plant/tree?

seems this has been going on everywhere.

How do we evolve to live without harming others? 

I don’t agree that Earth is the only planet of free will.

free will is everywhere. But free will also allows development or growth

So then maybe things are so different over the course of time 

if you’re even perceiving time! Omgoodness


Universe is so full of life just because we can only see such a tiny bit

doesnt mean they’re not there!! So what will happen when we “see” “them”

would probably depend on who we choose to see or hang around with

or if you believe in fate, our fate in that lifetime

it really reminds me of how the Telosians were saying “we are one” meaning we are 

your brothers and sisters. Doesn’t mean you need to give them your first born or blood 

although I’ve heard many a tale of giants and fairies taking both!! 


No, no, no and no, Vlada. I do not know anything for sure, I remember nothing. So I keep guessing. I have nothing else to relly on, so as many others I keep guessng and trying tu put the pieces together to see the image.

Dont keep guessing anything Morell..that's not finding your own inner truths at all guessing.,research historical material thats out there and yet then read between the lines of most of it,your intuition will guide you to the facts & truths,like it will resonate with you internally,then just throw out the rest...but also dont believe everything others say either as full truths,cos like its not opening anything to come forth from you either,when you follow someone else's notions & belief's fully aye...you know yourself your just gonna get even more confused that way..

Mind you I can honestly say I feel most of this New Age stuff these days is mostly false,& just a farce, just made up lies to gain fame online or from UFO seminars,take the likes of David Wilcocks & Corey Goode making up all that stuff about a race of beings called 'Blue Avians' & the 'Blue Sphere beings' then also add their supposed secret space programmes on Mars,there is no such race of beings,nor is there any secret space programmes on Mars,they have no proof of it ever happening..when they do this public-ally really they are creating a bad reputation for being just disinformation agents. And only the gullible will follow it all[hate o say that but it happens]

However many People are waking up to their continued fake charades.

The same went for the 'Galactic Federation Of Light' & 'Ashtar Command' too, in fact I read that one of the channelers of 'Galactic Federation Of Light' confessed in the end it was all made up & totally faked..and he couldnt keep this charade up any longer so let it all roll out..it caused a huge stir...where he is now I have no idea,but heres the link to that truth..


...I'm poor student.

Ahhh..no your not a poor student dont say that...your just learning new ways and how to do things..we all learn differently and at differing times & ages too..even I'm still learning things..

I do my best not to lie to myself and I can see how poorly I learn.

Hey now stop talking like that, that's self sabotage talk right there..we all learn differently remember, and we all learn and take on what is needed when its needed..you also have a dis-advantage due to your language barriers and comprehension & perspective of English etc.But it dosnt stop you, you have a gift to be able to talk more than one language better than I cos I only speak one...

We had English in school. So after seven years of boredom with stupid lessons and homeworks I've learned to think english and barrier broke. Now I can teach english. XD

I would get much getter if I could speak with native speaker daily, but I have only online series and these webpages.

I also understand a bit of latin too. But I don't train it so most of that faded already...

Just moving back on the alien topic here again and who is here and who isnt etc..real or unreal & so on...

My souls light sceptre Elder guardians Elou & Meityr & my Raven Life guide would be termed as aliens by many people,due to the fact that they are not incarnated & are etherical beings from higher plane of existence, Elou & Meityr actually are 13th dimensional ethereal Council Elder Root Race Guardians,with a cosmic connection to Humans who call them 'Light Beings',they are ancient & have been seen by many who believed them to be the Cosmic Creator Gods millenniums ago...they are originally from a invisible realm universe within the Menkalinan (Beta Aurigae) star constellation. The star’s traditional name, Menkalinan, comes from the Arabic phrase mankib ðī-l-‘inān which means “shoulder of the rein-holder.” they look similar to this photo below.

My Cosmic Elders

Its amazing how human ancient races actually knew of each other millenniums ago, lets take even the Native Indians they talk of ancient gods,called the 'Ant People' and there are the Mayans also with 'Feathered Serpents Gods',  then you have Greeks with their myths of gods & goddesses for examples,so there are heaps more,but humans dont want a bar of it and term them all as just myths & tales thats it.. ..

Anyway they also have spoken to me about the Grey's from Zeta Reticuli cos I asked them how come children talk of these Greys,we all know they are from a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. Although, there is the possibility that several species of Greys exist elsewhere, originating from different points in the galaxy such as the Orion system and how not all of them are bad [so its kinda like humans I spose not all humans are bad either]

However they said we are seen by them as like children in a kindergarten,and so are just simply being watched & observed..moreso than them actually visiting us to harvest things from us..but I dont know about that,as I have far too many questions about other peoples bad experiences & trauma's from them over pleasant experiences.. [but then are they from the bad Greys? or are they actually lower level demons kinda like say succubus or incubus beings & they leave them confused thinking they are aliens doing these things to them?] So many tales however I'm sure half of them are made up only to gain attention from media & make money from in books..



Do you see the small colorful orb in the photo? 

It’s ok not to have any idea what it is, and also to go with your gut on what you think it is! 

I obtain such images often, multiple images of them moving about to 


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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