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A Star child - Notice her orb soul guardian attached to her third eye?

As part of my line of work I'm in I was asked to supervise a community Youth & Primary School 'Blue Light' Disco".. [its the name of a 'Police Sponsored Youth Event' here in New Zealand] .. which I'd never done before,so naturally I said I would,..the disco had a theme to come dressed up as your most loved super hero or fantasy realm movie character..so off I went to the local second hand shop to find myself a super hero outfit....LOL..

I managed to find a Spider-man costume despite the legs being far too short for me...I just wore blue socks over it anyway with my sneakers.. and come the Friday Night of this event off I went to this kids 'Blue Light Disco' expecting to act like a looney tune and have a ball entertaining kids & youth..which I did it was totally hilarious, but while I was there I attracted a few cling on's,or leg hugger's as I often like to call them,young kids who love a adult being a child getting down at their level and they end up following me around like I was a bad smell..

One little girl in particular dressed as a mascaraed princess in a Lilac coloured lace dress couldn't help sitting next to me every time I stopped dancing or playing the fool and sitting down, she was all the time constantly staring at me,she was a little chatter box to,all those usual kids questions like... "Whats your name?",... "Where do you live?" ...."You look cool in your outfit"..."Your Spiderman aye" etc, and then came the smacker to the head question that snow balled into a wonderful conversation that lasted a hour later on with her mother... "Why are you glowing blue,I can see you glowing...and why do your eyes have lights behind them like stars,& your not a full human are you"?..her head slightly moving on a sidewards angle as if she was scanning me & taking all my facial features in...

I didn't answer these questions, instead I waited to see where her mother was first and then asked the girl to take me to her..

When she took my hand though I felt this spark of electricity shoot up my arm and flow right up to my temple where I heard my heart beating in my head like a shaman's drum..anyway when I met her mother,and after having a pleasant chat of introduction, I asked if I could speak to her & her daughter more on a deeper level in a quieter area..to which she agreed..I think I got her curiosity asking that type of question..

Anyway we went out into the cafeteria at this hall, and sat at a table with a drink and some popcorn..

Now let me get to the real interesting conversation I had with this wee girl that follows below..

I told her mother first that she had asked me these interesting questions those being the ones above, and I'd like to address them,then I told her that when her daughter took my hand that I felt a electrical pulse shoot up my arm to my temple and had she ever felt this or done this with her before?

Her mother replied,"Well to be honest,yes she shocked her often,and once she saw pink stars in her head and felt like she was going to faint...and she also does some really weird things at home that my husband and I couldn't make any sense of,like she has a habit of taking words out of both our mouths before we've even said them,she said...

and when we asked her how she does it, she says I hear you saying the words before you open your mouth so I say them as you say them in your heads,also that she can switch the lights on and off at will when she enters rooms,that she can also see ghosts or spirits when she's up the street,and has often said  "I see one mom look there" and points,but I see nothing...plus she says some very grown up things for a 6yr old,things that some people would think that she was nuts as they wouldn't believe these things she mentions...

I asked what these things were..

[Image above is a artwork depiction only]

One was that she had told her mother that when she went to bed at night, she could become invisible and just walk through the walls,and when outside, that then she'd just fly in the sky in a light beam and travel to other planets,with these little people,these little people were as small as her [she's about 3ft tall]...

they had huge heads,they were bald,and had no hair at all on them,plus no nose like ours,but just holes with small skin flaps either side and holes as ears,and they had bulging type blueish eyes with no pupils at all like us humans have.. also that these little people had only 3 fingers and a thumb all the same length,and the same on their feet...

that their skin is a blueish grey in colour & also their arms & necks were longer and real skinny,but they were nice beings and that she had heaps of fun with them'..

what got me was she said about the little people..,the females are smarter than the boys, cos the boys came from a totally different planet to the females, and even though she dosn't know what the names of these world planets are, she knows the boys planet is so far away no human will ever get to go to it nor see it..

she also said the space ships are made from material that's found here on earth,made from minerals or metals,and they don't make the ships but robots do it,they are like androids she said..and the males skin is like human skin,as they came from a planet that is like earth and has a sun so they wrinkle, but the girls skin isn't,the girls come from a dark planet so they are translucent. or pale..

she went on to say there is one intelligent force or higher being entity, that made them all, and its not a GOD, there is no GOD..

LOL I almost spat my coffee when she said that..her mother was just smiling the whole time and in wonderment, as she rattled off all this in a matter of mins..

I have to go see her again to get more aye..anyway she continued...

I just let her talk, I didn't ask her many questions, even on what she was saying, all I asked was could I write down and record what she was saying to share with others, she said sure no problem..

her mom said she's had no input on her thoughts either, so she's raw,like it's all from her own mind,not her mothers or fathers..they actually are amazed at times what she comes out with..it scares them..

she said... "the boy little people are mean and always fighting with each other,plus they are slower than the females, and this is why they get caught by humans,caught meaning they get seen by humans, the females are real fast,so fast that you think you see them but arn't sure you just see something move..the boys eyes are different to the girls eyes, the boys are black, the girls eyes are kinda bluish and look like plastic or a balloon rubber, but both have no pupils at all,no white parts or colours..the taller ones are on the ships,they are real nice,they don't come onto the earth much,they are like old teachers..to the smaller ones..they manage the ships and fly them not the little ones & they fly them with their thoughts only not like a plane..this is all the things she mentioned in a 1 hour convo..

she said: she can see them the instant she closes her eyes,but the more you see them through your third eye, the less you have to meditate to enter the portal they created for her..it becomes translucent and she can just go there in a flash instant..

so many star children talk about them,people talk about them,being abducted etc..but I've never had a child just openly talk like its her reality and nothing out of the norm..

I did ask her one question then,I couldn't help it.. "Are these little people from our future time or this time?"...

she said  "no,they are old, but they are here in this now time,not our future but they just don't reside on this planet they are in another dimension above this world were humans cannot go nor find even on their own,it's invisible to all humans eyes"...that's all she said on my question..

I intend to get more from her though at another time,....

I notice when she talked she often closed her eyes, and I could see her eye balls moving behind her lids flickering and moving from side to side like shes in some kind of trance state or just thinking behind her eyelids as she seems lucid when I speak to her..it was weird to watch..its like she's just stepped into that portal they created,and is standing there viewing everything and then talking what she's seeing or sensing or what ever from in that portal behind her eye lids..its clear though she's seeing it herself, she dosn't hesitate,linger or act like shes thinking to make something up as a story, its like a general convo or her own reality right there in frount of her...

she's completely normal mentally speaking, has not been diagnosed with any neurological disorders & I asked her mother how she's doing at school and she said fine for her age & loved by all her teachers & friends, but get's bored easily..

The other comment she said that was like woah!... as I'd heard this before online from others... was that 'she once had another mother [not her mother now right here,pointing to her mother] and that these skinny little people & much taller real skinny ones on the space ships that were white/brownish in colour and yet they would change & they often glowed blue & purple & looked see through,[image above is a depiction only of what she's meaning]..

But they just glowed from inside,[transparent iridescent?] these beings took her away from her earth mother,up into these space ships as a baby and took her to another place or world planet,she joined others & there were the little ones who all dressed up in bamboo skirts and played games chasing each other,but also they made crazy symbols with magic in the tall grass that was way over their heads,the boy little people just had skirts on and the girls had flax wrapped around their top halve also,the girl ones had skinny like cone shaped heads and the boys had round bulging heads..

That they didn't speak with their mouths either,the mouth was too small,so they spoke to her in her head,and they spoke in English in her head, yet on the ships in the sky they spoke in weird sounds like peeping & gurgling tones like frogs bleeping to each other back n forth..,also that she knew how to talk to them in her head while they were up in their space ships in the sky and when she was at home any time she wanted, that she'd just sit on the floor in silence and cross her legs and close her eyes and she'd call to them and then see them when she passed through the portal that they created for her to enter to connect to them..also that she saw other earth kids on these ships that also played these games on these planets with her...

I asked her mother when was it that she first mentioned these things to her, she said it started when she was only 4yrs old,she was ahead of her age and was speaking at 2yrs old full English ahead of her age,she also would speak another language but that she thought it was babble baby type talk but it sounded fluent all the same..

I then spoke a small amount of Maldekean to her,and instantly the mother smiled & said yes very similar to that,..but different sounds that were more repetitive over & over kinda sounded like Chinese..but what language is it your talking?..

I told her it was a lost language I'd known from a child also as I wasn't from Earth originally either...well I didn't know what else to say.. that's truths it is a lost language....she just smiled and said..

"Well I actually believe you"..that's cool..I like your language very flowing & peaceful sounding"..

Anyway I then asked this woman if she herself as a child had anything similar in experiences happen to her when she was a child, or was her daughters experiences & tales the first she'd heard of this type of thing before..she was very open minded and said no not herself personally,but a few of her friends kids had also spoken about aliens to her before,so she wasn't that freaked..but then what can a human do with this information anyway..she had a very good point, "what can a person do with this info,like how is it going to effect their lives"....

 I got this woman's address & phone number and said I'd see her again and we'd talk more,a kids disco  just wasn't the place,and thanked her for letting me talk so openly to her daughter & herself, handed out a few chocolate bars I'd been given to give to the kids as prizes,for best dancing & costumes...

 I thought I'd share this conversation with you, to get some opinions about it...what can be done,when you hear peoples experiences like this??..take into account that this all came out of nowhere, from this 6yr old's mouth,she had no reason to be telling me any made up lies,as I was a stranger to her after all... who would have put this info in her head at this young age anyway,if she wasn't telling the truth,I know she was speaking truths but you understand what I'm saying....how can this type of info get to these young kids..if its not a reality situation..


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Thank you so much. So many children are Star Travelers who I’ve seen private tutoring and sometimes schools but usually in special education even if gifted. So because of them I wrote StarTravelers (ElvenWorld Book II). Welcome to Earth !

Yeah there is some real special Starseeds that have come here and are now adults like myself being Eckatic INdigo and then the newer ones still coming to Terra that actually out-skill & out think even us adults,lol..they are said to be cosmic elder souls incarnate & some are the Crystalline kids & some are termed as the Octrine's then comes the Rainbow kids,all are hybrids.

I've not met a Rainbow as yet so I cant speak on what they are like, but I have met a Crystalline & an Octrine... the Octrine's are so fast in the mind,gees their brain is ticking 20 times faster than any normal kids,they are like a computer wanting input ..often diagnosed with ADHD & some with ODD like the Indigo's too .. and they are so confident & supper strong willed as well and have real warrior spirits,they can often even be a danger to themselves & others as they are thinking so fast they make some pretty silly mistakes... they dont mean to be a problem they are loving souls,however they have little conscious control of their thought processes,they are working on impulsive all the time as they have neurological disfuctioning,they can suffer insomnia & often need meletonin to be able to sleep properly.. but this makes them a recipe for chaos,poor souls sometimes they have bad organisational skills,short attention spans,inefficient short-term memory,impulsive or aggressive behaviours,and even delayed development. They are better being outside in nature,they love exploring and seeking out answers to so many things..as unless guided properly they can go on to be sad adults with alcohol & drug addiction & at the extreme even psychotic behaviour issues or they can go on to be amazing businessmen/women,model citizens & make fantastic leaders ...

Yet you then have the Crystalline's who are the opposite they are cleaver in the mind too but they just flow like water..are so cool calm and collected,they flitter in amoungst the other kids like tinkerbell fairies...school appears like no effort as they show they love to take it all in...they are so sure of themselves and have amazing stories to tell to people of their dimensional journeys etc..they can act so well they often slip through the education system as teachers think they are absorbing but they are often bluffing their way through it..some of them have been known to have mild dyslexia even..

Let the Celtic indigenous  culture reign!  Spirit of life everywhere


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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