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I Am a Soul in a Human Space Suit..

I am a soul in a human space suit. We all are.

I will not die when my body is no more, my soul will continue, as will everyone else’s. We came from other planets & realities and are here to experience this density, this reality; we are all on a journey an adventure upon this planet.

We all have our own destinies.

Some of us will wake up to reality, some of us will not.

I am awake; my soul is here to help, along with many other souls.

We are here to help save humanity from the darkness that has descended on us all.

We are here to help those that want to wake up.

We are here to help those who do not want to wake up.

We are all similar. If we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.

If we observe others we are observing ourselves.

We see in others what is in our own hearts not what is in theirs.

If we come from a place of love and understanding that is what we will receive back.

I see hatred and realise people are really hating themselves.

This life is hard and tough; this life drains us and takes away our humanity and empathy.

We are all conditioned from birth, conditioned to be afraid, to be afraid of being ourselves, we are crushed and lose sight of what we are. Our self-esteem diminishes; our decisions start to come from a miserable place.

We are manipulated,religiously indoctrinated to and controlled from birth.

Our true power is hidden and taken away from us.

We can never be our true selves, we keep our true selves and feelings hidden, locked away, we go along with everyone else, afraid to stand out, afraid to be different, afraid of being outcast, afraid to speak out, to say what we are feeling, afraid of listening to our hearts.

We are fed contaminated food, we are given contaminated water, we are injected with poisonous substances, we are sprayed with chemicals, we are given dangerous medicines, all to keep us enslaved and under control, ill people are easier to control than healthy people and if many die on the way even better, less people to deal with...

And yet we still survive, we can still find love in our hearts. The darkness must be afraid, they must be very afraid, to use all these methods to subdue us to keep us down and under their control.

They brainwash us with TV shows, movies, news programs, magazines, newspapers, books and yet we still find the truth regardless.

They are afraid we will find out the truth, the truth of what they have done, they are frightened and cowering in the corners.

They have been very clever for so long, their time has now come, their day is now over, our lights are shining, shining through the darkness, lighting up our souls, the earth and the universe for all to see.

The truth is the truth, nothing can change that, nothing can get in the way of the truth; nothing can hide from the truth. The truth will shine brighter than any lie or untruth; the truth will always win in the end. It’s just the way it is.

The darkness knows this, they have always known this and yet they still tried to hide it from us all.

They still tried to destroy us.

The day has come, I can feel it.

The light is shining, I can see it.

The energy is changing, the tide is turning.

This is our time. Our time to shine.

We are the Real Starseeds & Indigo Children...

Eksatu tah luktu etra kultra em et se te moi..


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Yes,so very true, everything you said!

Beautiful message.

Everything you said is true.  This message actually gives me hope.  I need to be a shining light instead of being sucked into the shadows.  I'm finally in a good place where I can be positive.  My aura is no longer the scarlet of anger.  Instead it's becoming a much lighter pink. This is a good sign.

Strange how you say you feel your aura is seen as pink,where as your soul signature auric energy colour on this page right here now that I can see covering your writing shows it as more a light pale mustard colour,which is far away from red or pink as you can get,as its on the scale similar to the image below,it is still not a bad sign as its earth toned,so you must be grounded.. yet still guarded,still awakening,yet with inspiration & optimistic..just saying...

Arthouse Mustard Yellow Textured Linen Wallpaper - Subtle Sheen Bounces Light Back Into The Room - Designed to

I've read somewhere that some people tend to read their own aura wrong even if they read aura of others correct.

Yes that's true and it can happen quite often in fact as really its hard for a person to see their own Auric field properly as the aura changes quite often depending on whats going on in ones lives which can effect it to change often..a trace element of a standard inner glow colour will still be there initially, but many other colours will intertwine within it, its kinda like a snowflake with branches reaching out each branch has a infusion of colour in it,e.g so if someone has been in pain recently or emotional turmoil then this is where the infusions of different colours will seep in around it....also there will be a different intensity of the colours from strong vibrant to pale & weak...and people can read into these colours differently too.

Pale mustard is a good sign.  I'm still a little guarded and unfortunately I need to be for a while because I have freedom and my sister resents having given me freedom.  Just because I won't buy into her reality.

Even though she backed off, she still tries to find ways to undermine me and cause strife.  But at least I'm finally grounded and she doesn't like that. In other words, I'm being cautiously optimistic.

There you go then that's why I see your a soft mustard... but these auric colours will change many times in your life moreso when your finally moving forward and not deterred by anything your sister does..

I am a soul in a human space suit, perfectly fashioned for experience in this magical world of darkness and light, animals, plants, music, love, color and creation, death and violence and the ability to hold space between heaven and earth 

I just got reamed by my sister again.  How is my aura?

What does a deep scarlet aura mean.  What was the color of my aura before/

The auric energy field is not like a cars temperature gauge that changes with every emotional life situation. If you have a deep scarlet aura it can signify your a intense and passionate person or if its slightly murky, or blood-like, this could indicate rage or a fiery person,its not bad cos its instinctual and creates courage,but if its muddy brown it can mean your not very well or your have inner issues and or that your un-awakened auras can be read differently by other people too.. but red radiates from the root chakra which is all about the physical plane, grounding, security, and instincts.


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


October 25 Kissing of Venus and the Sun

Please —  those better suited to provide wisdom on this take the reins to tell us more— 

October 25th is the kissing of the Sun and planet Venus in the heavens which will bring 

a revitalization  and joyous celebration portal to enjoy her music! 

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