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Ley lines: Part of the matrix of geomagnetic lines that criss-cross the surface of the earth. These are naturally occurring channels on the earth which appear to be aligned to contours of the land, underground rivers, places of power, as well as in some cases an orientation to stars, solstices and equinoxes. They are the earth’s meridians through which electromagnetic energy travels. When ley lines are disrupted by the construction of a large building or structure, an unbalanced buildup of energy will develop. This may manifest in the form of an element imbalance, such as an abundance of electrical grounding problems in a building (fire). - The Hollow Bone

Essences to Help with Ley Line Work

Mangrove Skipper: Balances the meridians, attunes them to the frequency of the reawakening ley lines. This eliminates crises affects as the energy system of the individual reorients itself. If really strange things are happening in your life, test for this essence. - Morningstar Essences

Pathfinder (Adenocaulon bicolor) flower: Use Pathfinder Flower Essence when you feel disconnected, discombobulated, ungrounded, like your circuits are jumbled and/or you are having disruptions in higher dimensional awareness and communication. Supportive when dis-eases occur that, seemingly, have no cause. - Tree Frog Farm

Vanda Rothschildiana- Ancient Mother wisdom. There ‘s something of the spider woman in this Essence. Her energies are present during large shifts of the electronic grid of earth, She has an energy which both holds & directs during these transitions. A formidable ally if you find yourself called to this work. - Green Hope Farm

"Anasazi" - BlutenKraft

Helps with :

lack of grounding when the vibration rises in the body
slightly vibrating body and weak knees, threatening to cut off the Earth connection

Currently, the vibration of the earth increases continuously because it is in a process of transformation. It rises to a higher frequency. The same happens with the human body . An unusual process : the body starts to vibrate slightly . If the entering energy is not anchored in the body , that is grounded, the person loses the connection to the earth .

The essence of the Anasazi conducts the entering high energies through the human body into the earth. It grounds the person and maintains the connection to the earth , when it adapts to the higher vibration . It strengthens the basic trust .

Red Yucca: Activates the Kundalini energy, attuning the body to the reawakening of the ley lines. Helps to balance nervous energy created by Uranus transits, excellent for mid life crises. - Morningstar Essences

Aquarius Remedies - Cup and Ring stone formation:

This essence is not a flower but an environmental essence. It captures the energy of ancient cup and ring carvings on a stoney outcrop in Glen Lockey, Perthshire, Scotland. The Cup and Ring markings are considered to be ancient symbols of protection. For this reason Cup and Ring essence can be used for protection against negative or disruptive earth energies, sometimes referred to as 'black streams'.

Alaskan Essences: Stone Circle

This essence was prepared within a naturally occurring circle of stones located high in the Talkeetna Mountains of central Alaska. The formation of energy create by this circle of stones has immense healing power. It provides a protected space, a place to come back to after journeys and adventures for rest and nurturing. The energy of this circle can replace or replenish what has been lost through stress, misuse, and the trials and tribulations living in the world. The energy in this circle is what a balance of elemental energies feels like in the natural, harmonious state. The Stone Circle essence is particularly useful for those who are working with balancing energy—especially those who are doing energy release processes with people (cord work, past-life work), buildings and offices (space clearing), and landforms (battle energy release). This essence creates an aura of solid protection in the energy field so that one does not take on any of the stagnant or unbalanced energies that one is called to assist in transmuting.

Australian Bush Flower - Space Clearing Mist: ausflowers.com.au/Space_Clearing_Mist_50ml
Creates sacred and harmonious environments. Purifies and releases environments with built-up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies. Great for clearing tense situations and environments and restoring balance.

Easy to use:
Just mist or spray into the air as required.
Negative Condition

Negative mental, emotional & psychic energies
Disharmonious or unpleasant environments

Positive Outcome

Enhances sacred space
Clears negative and psychic energies
Creates harmonious environments
allows one to feel still and reflective

Bush Flower Essences:

Angelsword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Lichen and Red Lily.

Anchoring Light Sobralia dichotoma Orchid
Grounding ♥ Planetary Light Work
This essence is useful when consciously serving as a divine instrument for anchoring light, connecting ley lines and healing the planetary grids. We are transducers of energy, and this essence helps us remain stable, grounded and loving, adhering to the concept of peace, while doing this very powerful work. Also good to use during Yoga, T’ai Chi, Planetary Acupuncture and all forms of sacred movement. This essence lubricates the pathways so that energy can flow- enabling us to be more effective conductors of the new frequencies entering the planet. Also good when you feel over-energized, for grounding the energy. Use in eye drops - 4 drops of concentrate added to regular bottle of eye drops. - Star Essences

Combo 116 - Earth Healing - Pegasus Products

A greater connection to the Earth is likely through the use of this remedy. This facilitates not only a greater ability to offer healing to the Earth but also to receive impressions or information from the Earth. Useful for those who dance or do rituals celebrating living on the planet. Can also be used by citydwellers to stay in contact with Earth energy. A joyous feeling of praise or celebration may arise from just being in a physical vehicle. Enhanced communication across great distances e.g. World Peace Meditation. A greater ability to tap into databases of higher dimensional reality located at or near major planetary grid points. A chance to be in harmony with the majestic Earth entity. Shasta Lily, Motherwort, Okenite, Larimar, Anapoite, Arthurite, Gyrolite, Jarocite, Berthierite, Rosacite, Augite, Hankockite, M67, Schedar.

Anapoite - Pegasus Products

This elixir provides a greater understanding for people to tune into the Earth and her processes. This can be used for dowsers and geomancers to receive information in a gentle way. This stone balances, calms, and soothes the astral body.

Wurtzite - Pegasus Products

This elixir has the ability to create links across space relating to the Earth's sacred geometries, paricularly those across the Earth's diameter. It is especially helpful for those engaged in telepathy, correspondence or attunement to those on the direct opposite part of the planet. It tends to create a radiating energy in people that can broadcast thoughts and improve telepathy when one is the sender.

Black Pietersite - ref. Diane Stein 'Gemstones A to Z' - Aids one's connection to the planet, promotes grounding and protection; filters Earth toxins and energies so they don't enter the body, cleanses Earth toxins from the body, protects from the negative mass consciousness, brings the spirit into the body, cleanses both spirit and body, repairs spirit connection with the body and the Earth, repels negative forces and entities. - Diane Stein

General Kleber Rose Flower Essence - NM Essences:

A flower essence that acts as an antidote to “earth energy attacks”, ie to psychic type attacks that somehow utilize the energy of the earth in a negative, distorted manner, as a weapon of attack.

This essence acts as an antidote to this kind of attack.

Ascended Earth 144 Crystalline Ray Grid

The 144 Crystalline Grid encircles our planet and filters through to Humanity certain energetic frequencies to support evolution. It carries the template of Christ Consciousness, enabling those who are ready and receptive to integrate these energies and in turn, be upgraded to a higher level of Being and Consciousness. The grid, of course, also carries and filters the frequencies of the 144 Galactic vibration, which imprints certain DNA encodements, as mentioned in the 144 section above.


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Ley Lines

From - www.energy-shifter.com/ley-lines.html

Ley Lines Along with water lines, are found at most ancient monuments and sacred places. The honor of the rediscovery of the ley-line system belongs to Alfred Watkins. His basic postulate is that ancient monument sites align in straight lines. Many ancient sites found on British ordinance maps can actually be connected to form an incredible coincidence of interconnecting lines. A shortcoming of this particular definition of ley lines is that many "ley hunters" have assumed that just because three or more sites are aligned, they are therefore automatically on a ley line. This simply is not true. Alignment does not determine the presence of a ley line, although it can act as supporting evidence for one.

The ley-line system exists as an independent circuitry with the capacity to affect consciousness. Ley lines are part of the Earth's energy system. Monuments serve to reveal or mark the network, making the sites more special by connecting and networking them together.

Ley, as a word, is akin to leoht (light illumination) and Middle English lea meaning "pasture land, a meadow which is open to the sun and therefore, at times, drenched with light." This connection of the word ley with light is significant on several levels. Physically, the clearing of tracks through the forest lights the way and marks the "ley of the land."

The word ley is related to ley, lee and lay. This etymological sequence describes a sort of cosmic roadway system upon which people traveled in pre-Renaissance times. First, lines were delineated by cleared hilltop notches (ley), then woodland through which the ley line passed was cleared (lay), and then the fields which domesticated the landscape were cleared (lee) with the names ley, lay, and lee applying to each stage of ley landscape development.

Visualize mounded tree groves on ley lines and a grove of trees on the ley lightway, filled with sacred cosmic light. Imagine standing on a hilltop at dusk, seeing an aura of lighted lines passing through earthworks and stone circles, with darkened groves of trees glowing with soft light. A magical mystery tour!

Ley lines and light are very closely related. Ley lines are cosmic forces originating outside of the Earth. They penetrate and leave the Earth vertically at nodes. The penetrating nodes are called power centers. As illustrated above, when entering, ley lines continue to a point 265 feet below the surface of the Earth. At this point, it makes a 90 degree right-angle turn and travels in a perfectly straight line as seen from a "birds-eye view" and in an undulating motion as seen from the side, but always maintaining a depth of 265 feet, relative to the surface of the Earth.

The average length of a ley line is twenty to thirty miles, although the length can vary from only a few feet to thousands of miles. The width of the line varies, but the average is 5-1/2 feet, the width of the Roman road. The horizontally traveling ley line exits the Earth by again turning 90 degrees and passing straight through the center of the Earth and coming out the other side.

What Do Ley Lines Feel Like? Like water lines, a vertical field extends up from the ley line through homes and buildings. The nature of this field is yang or energetic. A person who sits or lies over a ley line for an extended time will tend to be hyperactive. This can work to advantage in healing or in situations where extra energy is useful, but if someone is already very energetic, the ley line may cause an unhealthy situation. And if the ley line is negative, the negative aspects of extra energy will be manifest in tension, anxiety, and neurosis. Here are some comments from people talking about what standing over a ley line feels like to them:

"Energizing, white/fuzziness."
"Light, see a glowing line that goes with the direction of flow."
"Began to feel like I was weaving."
"Faint smooth energy."

Elements of geobiology: Earth Grids

Ley lines are the main meridians of earth and the most ancient geobiology elements, their width variates according to their importance. The E-line is the main ley line and is a few hundreds meters wide. Then we have two main dragons, male and female that surround earth following a sinusoidal shape, crossing each other and the E-line twice. Other secondary well known male and female dragons are the Michael and Mary dragons and the Apollo and Athena dragons. There are many other ley lines covering the globe, ancient builders knew them and built sacred sites above them to practice their rituals there using the energy to enhance awareness. Standing stones were placed above ley lines to disperse the extremely strong energy to the land around to enhance fertility.

Geobiology was born in 1930 when new earth meridians were discovered. Ernst Hartman, was a doctor working at the Heidelberg university. He discovered the Hartman grid. He studied the relation between chronical diseases of his patients and the location of their beds. The results showed that most of his patients with chronical disease were sleeping above geopathy (=disease resulting from earth radiation).

The Solar grid is the natural electromagnetic grid that radiates up from the core of the Earth. Its lines are oriented noth-south and east-west and the width varies depending on the latitude and longitude of the place. The distance between the north-south lines is more or less 2.00 meters, and the east-west lines 2.50 meters. In areas with electromagnetic pollution the lines are distorted and get closer to each other.The hartman grid is a man-made grid of electromagnetic energy that fits within the Solar Grid Studies found distortions of the hartman grid in sky scrapers, the higher the level the more distortions. Sleeping above a hartman crossing is not recommended

The intensity of the lines vary during the day, it goes up between twelve and two o'clock and becomes weaker between five and seven A.M, again they are stronger between twelve and two and weaker between five and seven P.M. Their impact has been measured at a height of five kilometers, what makes us think birds might use them to orient themselves during migration. Their height means that they are more like energetic walls and not just lines.

Ancient builders knew the global grid and they had the knowledge on how to move lines and place them in a way that suited their planning.

Geobiologists who dowsed the pyramid of Giza discovered that the inside of the pyramid was totally clean of hartman lines, around the pyramid 14 lines one next two the other create a thick energetic wall that stops the visitor before his entrance to the building. We are not sure about how the ancient architects pushed the lines outside the building, but we think their tools were intent and sacred geometry.

The second grid was discovered by Curry, he was a meteorologist and his research showed that the lines become three to five times wider before earthquakes. This is probably what warn animals before natural catastrophes, so they can run away in time.

The curry grid flows diagonally, northwest-southeast and southwest-northeast. The distance between two main lines is between 14 and 22 meters, an their width is between 30 and 60 cm. The measured height goes up to 50 kilometers. The lines have a polarity and the crossings between two lines of the same polarity are harmful for living beings. The crossing of two hartman lines and one curry or two curry lines of same polarity and one hartman, is called star crossing and is harmful as well.

Another important grid is the sacred grid, it is a good grid for living beings because it radiates nourishing earth energy. Its lines flow north-south and east-west. The distance between two main lines is 40 meters and there are 7 sub lines between two main lines. This grid was known and used by ancient builders, it enhances the level of energy of people and space, measured with the bovis scale. Its crossings are ideal spots for meditation.

If you have such a crossing in your house it is a blessing, putting a plant or crystal on such a crossing radiates its nourishing energy around to fill the house and enhance its energy.

In the cathedral of Chartres in France, the spot were the priest was standing while addressing his message to the crowd is a sacred crossing, he received the energy through his body and transmitted it to the people. Dowsing the plan of the Temple of Salomon in Jerusalem we discovered the same kind of crossing in the center of the holy of holiness room, where the arch of the covenant was located.

The fourth grid is the mummification grid, it has the opposite energy of the sacred grid, a drying and emptying energy. The lines flow diagonally along the globe and the distances between the lines are similar to those of the sacred grid. Dowsing the pyramids of Giza and Sakara in Egypt, we found a mummification crossing right in the center of each pyramid. These crossings are ideal to dry plants. It's better not to have one in your house, certainly not in sleeping rooms. It lowers the level of energy of the space, measured on the bovis scale.

Many other kind of grids has been discovered by geobologists these last years, we won't analyze them all here. When dowsing a site, after the four grids described above are known and located, I ask if there is another crossing in the place that might harm the people living there. This is a simple way to cover all possibilities without going lost with an endless amount of earth grids.

Power Centers

From - earthsanctuary.org/ley_lines.php

At every point where ley lines enter the Earth (inshoots) and at approximately 70% of the nodes where ley lines leave the Earth (outshoots), there is a water spring. The ley-line inshoot or outshoot and accompanying water spring are the universal prerequisites for power centers. It is not just the water spring as suggested by Underwood or the ley line as suggested by Watkins, but the union of the two that determines the site selection of monuments.

Ley lines and water lines have fundamental similarities and differences. They both form a network of force fields over our planet and seem to affect human behavior, although in different ways. Ley lines originate from outside the Earth, while water springs originate from inside the Earth. Ley lines travel in straight tracks with 90-degree turns, while water lines are non-linear and circuitous.

The power of ancient monument sites lies in the interaction of the telluric Earth field of water lines with the cosmic solar field of ley lines. Their combination creates a synergetic, holistic field which is greater than either of the two energies taken separately. This fusion of the fundamental components of the Universe, yang and yin, is the source of all matter, energy and consciousness.

The power center radiates a universal energy that affects consciousness and can also be influenced and changed by consciousness. In fact, as silt becomes sedimentary rock over time, strong human emotions experienced over time at a power center create layers of consciousness that future visitors can feel and experience. For example, here is a short story about my visit to an underground chamber, located in central Vermont.

In the late seventies, I belonged to a group called the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA), which studies the historic and prehistoric past of New England. There are many interesting stone and earth monuments all over New England that NEARA helps locate, preserve and study.

One summer day, I drove to the top of a mountain in central Vermont. At the top, I parked and started walking around. I get a certain feeling at power centers and I was picking up on this feeling as I found a standing stone and a recumbent stone with Iberian Ogam inscriptions believed to have been written by European Celts 3000 years ago. So much for Columbus "discovering" America. At the center of this cosmic place is a beautifully preserved underground chamber called Calendar II because it is oriented to the midwinter sunrise. If you sit inside the chamber and look out the entranceway on the morning of the winter solstice, December 21, the sun will rise in the center of the entrance. Analysis by archeoastronomer Byron Dix shows that the chamber was also used in lunar observations and eclipse prediction. This is only one of many such sites found all over New England.

This chamber, like most other such chambers, is located over an underground water spring and a ley-line power center. As I entered the chamber, I felt a palatable presence in the air, an increase in energy density, an intensity of experience. It came to me that this chamber was specially designed to evoke these kinds of feelings and experiences. The overhead lintel stones weigh approximately three tons each. I couldn't stay in the chamber for more than five minutes. The "volume" of the energy in this place was too high for my tastes and sensitivity.

Monuments harbor the potential for universal creative power that can be directed for the progress of humanity. In India, such spots are called tantrapieds, places for liberation and enlightenment. These sacred places have a very spiritual vibration, facilitating deep meditation and contemplation.

When a person stands on a water line, ley line or power center, the field of the water line affects the person and their own field, or aura. Just like the heat waves we can see rising off a highway on a hot summer day, there is a similar, semi-visible emanation all around our body which, under special conditions, can be seen as a field of light three to twenty-four inches or more silhouetted around our body. You may have seen someone's aura as a faint light or glow around their head, especially when they are next to a light-colored wall.

So far we have discussed three kinds of Earth energies: water lines; ley lines; and ley-line power centers, with yin, yang and balanced (yang-yin) fields. There are other kinds of Earth energies that also affect us. One example of such a power center is at kivas in the Southwest United States. When visiting Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, I stood in the area where a kiva, now ruined, had been. I could feel power and a yin, telluric force field. The kiva was a sort of magnetic center into which energies were drawn from the surrounding countryside, and then drawn upward into a concentrated vortex.

This feeling of power as sensed by our consciousness and body is the key thing to seek at any sacred place -- it is the effect of the field on our consciousness that really counts, not the name, technicalities or details.

When you visit ancient monuments or sacred places of any kind, be aware of and experience your level of consciousness. Feel how you change in mood, what kinds of thoughts you have and what "comes to mind." If you have negative feelings or don't feel a place is safe or "right," avoid it.

Ancient monuments are a blessing because they elegantly mark power centers. In many parts of the world, all you have to do is find a megalithic monument, mound or ceremonial place and you've found an important power center.

But what if you want to find a power center and there isn't a monument or ancient place near you? Or what if you are interested in analyzing power centers to find out how they work or how the patterns of Earth energy are manifested? Well, unfortunately there are no commercial Earth energy meters (yet) on the market. Currently, there are two ways to find power centers. One is just to be able to feel them, naturally. I have one friend who can just walk to a power center and say "here it is." People like this, though, are quite rare. The other way to find power centers and Earth energies is through the technique of dowsing.



Water Lines This primary water system exists deep inside the Earth as hydrated minerals. At shallower depths, this diffuse "steam-like" field of water gradually coalesces into pockets of liquid water which eventually connect into underground streams. As shown in the illustration below, the water travels upward in a vertical shaft called a "pipe" until its flow is stopped by an obstruction. This point is called a dome of water because the water is, in effect, domed up. If fissures or cracks in the Earth are connected to the pipe, the pressure of the water pushes the water into the cracks, which then become what we call underground streams, or water lines, which can then travel for great distances under the Earth's surface. Their course through the ground is generally winding and non-linear.

An artesian well or water spring is formed when a water line flows on its own power out from the surface of the Earth. It is common practice to dig or drill a hole down to the water line to find a water source. Thousands of well drillers are in this business.

Many animals are not only affected by water lines, but can instinctively perceive and use them. We, as humans, are also affected, but less naturally and need artificial assistance to perceive them. Using a forked stick or dowsing rod, when we are over a water line our muscles tense slightly, causing an almost imperceptible reflex movement in the arms and hands, which cause the stick to move and indicate the presence of water.

What Do Water Lines Feel Like? As water flows through underground streams, it creates a subtle electromagnetic field, several feet wide, that rises vertically above the water line, even through multiple floors and stories. This vertical planar field of electromagnetic energy affects people physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are some comments from people talking about what standing over a water line feels like to them:

"Slow and warm and fuzzy."
"Heavy in my arms."
"Faint undulating energy."
"Surprise. Electric. Pleasing."
"A flowing directional pull, like ripples."
"Chocolate syrup."
"Calming energy."

It's one thing to experience the effect of a water line by standing over it for a short time. It's another thing to work or sleep over a water line. A water line has a yin, or passive field, associated with it. Being on a water line will tend to slow you down and make you feel lazy or apathetic. People who work at desks over water lines often have problems getting enough energy to get work done or even to get started.

Water lines can have serious negative effects when the water line is polluted physically or psychically. Negative water lines not only create a place of passivity, but can be detrimental to one's physical and mental health. TUNING WATER WITH BAMBOO

1. Ground the house (or make sure it is ground)

2. With water you can use bamboo sticks

3. Find the subterraneous water coming in

4. For Subterraneous Rivers we have a depression so we have to increase the cosmic energy.

5. You will put 1-5 3 foot bamboo rods in to the ground.

6. Because walls have auric fields emanating from them you have to go outside the walls of the house

7. Put the rods at the source of the big water

8. Place them reverse of the growth direction (Cosmic side in ground and root or telluric side up)

9. This is good for wet faults and water.

10. For dry faults put the bamboo with the telluric (root) side down into the ground

11. As you place the bamboo spin it in at a clockwise direction and check every 3 inches to see how the energy is.

12. You should wait 15 minuets to measure.

13. If you are pounding the bamboo into the ground you should wait 20 minuets every 3 inches.

Elements of geobiology: Water veins and geological cracks

The two important geobiology elements left are underground water veins or lakes and geological cracks.

There are two kinds of underground water veins, primary water and aquifer water. The first one is water that comes up from the deepest parts of the earth for the first time, It is known as healing water and is the water that flows out of earth in well known hot thermal stations around the planet as for example in Yellowstone.

Most of the power places on earth have at least one vein of primary water, usually more, crossing one or two ley lines. in geobiology it is not suggested to build a home above primary water because its energy is too strong.

The second kind of underground water veins is aquifer water. The natural radioactivity above these veins is higher than usual, and the magnetic field is very low. Its influence affects a height of 100 meters. The friction of the underground water on the rocks creates a very strong vibration on the surface. This vibration becomes more noxious if the water is polluted. Its presence can be noticed above surface on the vegetation, trees grow diagonally trying to avoid the vibration, wholes in planted hedges. Lightnings often touch earth where two underground water veins cross each other. When an underground water vein comes together with a hartman or star or mummification crossing it creates a noxious spot which is called geopathy. This is a situation that requires to move your bed or to move to another room or another house, if the underground water is everywhere.

It is possible to diminish the harm of underground water by planting genus buxus above the place the vein enters to your land.

Underground lakes are closed cavities with stagnant water emitting a mummifying stagnant energy above surface.

Geological cracks have the same effect as water veins above surface, but more intense. It is impossible to live in a house built above underground cracks or water.

Dowsing ancient villages in France made us discover that in the past people knew that. We did not find a house located above a crack or water. People knew where the underground water flows, they were using dowsing sticks made of cherry tree wood to locate the veins and to build their wells.

Energy creates a depression in the electromagnetic field of the earth where the water line or vein is.

If you sit on this energy it will have an effect on your body. Especially Endocrine Glands.

When you sit on a subterranean river it effects the adrenal glands and thyroid. This happens to compensate for the stress affected by the water.

The other glands are functioning at lesser energy.

This is why we want to look for water underground.

When the water circulates in rock they rub against each the stone and create electrical micro currents and this causes depression.

How do you feel them? The edge of the water is very disturbed.

In the middle where the spirals meet we have a cold area.

You will feel water in your kidneys, bladder, thyroid or throat. This is your confirmation.

You might also have an itchy feeling in your eyes.

An intense cold in the kidneys or the feeling you want to urinate.

Water charges people very easily. Make sure you take a bath in 2 handfuls of sea salt for at least 15 min. (The kind of energy we are working with is very contaminating. We open ourselves to pathogenic energy so we can feel them)

Trees absorb pathogenic energy.



11. Elementals

Again, in our experience, we have encountered a range of elementals that live in a parallel world but we are unable to ‘see’ possibly because they are vibrating at such a different rate to us.
The elementals we tend to encounter in spirit release are ones upset by the client because work has been done to ‘their’ garden and they have been uprooted and had their homes destroyed. These same elementals become angry and will attach to us to get revenge and become stuck in our dense energy.

Other elementals attach to us because they like us want to know us better and wonder what we are about. Our energetic density ensures that they stick and their distress can be discomforting for us.
We are asked at times to work for people who want our help in learning about the elementals in their gardens, farms, and homes so that to co-operate with these elementals in our gardens is to live in harmony. There is one corner of our garden that we simply are not permitted to mow the lawn in to cite such a case.

With the amount of building work, road works and decimation of woodlands and countryside, the elemental population are suffering acutely and we do recommend that if you are doing work in your own house and garden, that you consider the other world folk living there and perhaps consult workers like us to mediate! It may be that a small water feature is the answer to harmonious living following disturbance but it is worth finding out.

We do not claim to be experts in this field and only a small proportion of attachments seem to be from this dimension but we have had 100% success when working with these energies. It is enriching to be in touch with this magical and enchanting realm.

12. Earth Energies

In much the same way as elementals are affected by our activities and can become angry if disrupted, earth energies react in the same way. We have done much work in homes above or crossing ley lines, where there is a tear in the fabric of the earth and where earth creatures are disturbed. Again, this work has been 100% successful and places where people have been ill, feeling uncomfortable and experience dis-ease – areas become settled and happy again.

We also come across the effects of earth energies that have, in past times, merged with the darker side of human nature. We have worked with areas in which a piece of ground has been infested with pestilence, disease that this has caused a merging of hate between man and earth which has carried on through the generations, more or less forming an illness or sickness through a family and community resulting in early deaths and dis-ease.

This at first appears to be an ancestral pattern but when investigated is more complex and deadly. It has been possible to effect change and still work remotely as the geography is not always clear for local visits since this can take place in other countries but still operate in this space and time.


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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Solar Rays Of The Beginning By Natalie Glasson & Helios & Vesta

Solar Rays Of The Beginning By Natalie Glasson &Helios & VestaGreetings, we are Helios and Vesta. We are one soul and yet we express ourselves as a masculine energy and a feminine energy. We are the overseers of the Solar Level of the…See More
17 hours ago
Ametrine -(MHZ) commented on Carl Gustaf Prien's group The Crystal Cave
"Haha! 2020 : Earth Odyssey "
Morell Sunweaver commented on Carl Gustaf Prien's group The Crystal Cave
"https://twitter.com/i/status/1330191662518312962 Mysterious monolith found in the desert. What is the secret of this stone, if it is stone? :D"
Morell Sunweaver commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"Then it is good news, you are learning."
Kaldara commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"I had to stop myself from unintentionally choking someone with telekinesis that was in the building next to me.  When I sensed what I was actually doing, I made myself stop in time.  All this from imagining I was choking someone else and…"
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Nov 18
Morell Sunweaver commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"Good to see that you have honor and work on having it. Always good to see such people. Especially today, when all I can read in the news are idiotic ideas of our government, often copied from other countries without giving it a thought."
Nov 17
Tara Pelton posted a status
"Scorpio New Moon the veil between the worlds is thinning...."
Nov 16
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Soul Resonance (and the Law of Attraction)

Source: https://montalk.net/audio/302/soul-resonance-and-the-law-of-attractionIf you’ve ever synchronistically manifested something you wanted in life, you know that consciousness can influence reality.Many have tried putting this principle to use by using focused visualization methods per the Law of Attraction to try and manifest their desires. But that’s a rather limited application.What many don’t realize is…See More
Nov 16
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34th Annual World Congress of Illumination By Patricia Cota-Robles

34th Annual World Congress of Illumination - Planetary Reboot - By Patricia Cota-RoblesThis is the first time Patricia Cota-Robles has made this major annual event available  to everyone for free in the format of the 6 YouTube videos below...and below each video I will share a few important exercises and notes that Patricia gave us in the videos, (but the notes are not…See More
Nov 15
Arethinn aTinderel commented on Arethinn aTinderel's blog post San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup has been having online events
"November Meetup - Saturday, November 14 - 2:00-5:00 PM PST RSVP by commenting on this post or sending me a PM and I will send you the room details and password."
Nov 14

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