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I wanted to share this blend that I had put together not too long ago.  The post is going to be broken down into parts because I have decided to put the descriptions in for each and every essence in the blend (some of the essences are combinations).

Here is the first section - listing Pegasus Products essences:

Multi-Dimensional Earth Connection Blend - 14 October 2016

This was a blend I made around the #116 Combination.  Below the description for the #116 Combo. I put each of the 116's combination parts descriptions - same with the other blends.  For me, this blend helps me more consciously help the body connect to my multi-dimensional Earth aspects for the purposes of integration, while keeping the collective energies of what has happened on land away from me, since I pick them up through my feet.  It does this while at the same time, with Wurtzite, allows my energy to traverse the Earth Grid/Ley Lines.

Pegasus Products: *#116 -- Earth Healing: Shasta Lily, Motherwort, Okenite, Larimar, Anapoite,
Arthurite, Gyrolite, Jarosite, Berthierite, Rosacite, Augite, Hancockite, M67,

A greater connection to the Earth is likely through the use of this remedy. This
facilitates not only a greater ability to offer healing to the Earth but also to
receive impressions or information from the Earth. Useful for those who dance
or do rituals that celebrate living on the planet. Can also be used by city
dwellers, to help them stay in contact with Earth energy. A joyous feeling of
praise or celebration may arise from just being in a physical vehicle. Enhanced
communication across great distances, e.g., World Peace Meditation. A greater
ability to tap into databases of higher dimensional reality located at or near
major planetary grid points. A chance to be in harmony with the majestic Earth

Shasta Lily (Lilium Washingtonianum) - Revelation
Helps attune people to Mt. Shasta and its magic. Significantly
speeds up etheric bodies in people. One can better understand and
utilize energies available in different power spots, such as Joshua
Tree and Sedona. These energies can provide revelation from many
Masters. Promotes a greater awareness in people of their role in
serving to heal the Earth.

Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca) - Geomancy
Improves the communication with all devic spirits, particularly of the
water. Greater understanding of relationships to plants, animals, and
the land are enhanced. Finer attunement to geopathic zones are
noticed. Improves abilities in landscaping. For those who work too
much with numbers, this will be balancing. An essence for

Okenite - Change
This elixir can offer one a better affinity for working with change.
It can also assist in the understanding of the Earth’s etheric
body. Okenite works with movement, wind, and air travel.
It is useful for meditation with clouds (cloud gazing), astral
projection into the clouds. This stone helps to balance and
strengthen the astral body.

Larimar - Earth Harmony
Creates a sense of relation and understanding of what is
occurring on planet Earth, politically, geologically and
emotionally. Greater recognition of the Earth as a living being.
Can help to attune one to the energies of dolphins and whales.

Anapoite - Earth Healing
This elixir provides a greater understanding for people to tune
into the Earth and her processes. This can be used for dowsers
and geomancers to receive information in a gentle way. This
stone balances, calms and soothes the astral body.

Arthurite - Earth Attunement
Arthurite will help people to have a deeper love of the Earth or
animal or plant forms that dwell on Earth. This elixir can benefit
plant growth. IT can create a deeper awareness of the natural

Gyrolite - Earth Healing
This elixir is helpful to use in groups of people, coordinating
energies for the purpose of healing, especially for emotional
healing of an individual or group, even for the grid or chakra
points of the Earth.

Jarosite - Earth Attunement
Jarosite strengthens a deeper contact with Mother Earth. It also
brings into consciousness the relationship of Earth to other
planets outside the Solar System. One can tune into solutions of
some difficulties on Earth through the experiences of other
lifeforms. Some of these difficulties may be those of pollution,
waste removal, interplanetary travel or difficult extraterrestrial
contact. A deeper attunement to Earth changes, earthquakes,
shifting weather patterns and volcanic action can be felt and
impacted through people using Jarosite.

Berthierite - Circulation
This elixir can energize the legs, feet, knees and establish a
deeper connection to Earth energy. Emotional energy can be
transferred from the Earth directly into the blood to purify it. This
combines nicely with herbal blood cleansers such as chapparal,
red clover, burdock, etc. This can also facilitate the transfer of
one’s loving energy into the Earth. Visualize this energy transfer from one’s circulatory system into the Earth’s circulatory system or waterways.

Rosasite - Conscious Choice
This elixir will promote self-healing, allowing one to make a more
conscious choice about how much healing energy one can
accept. This elixir assists in the process of decision-making by
seeing things more clearly. A greater sense of the sky, of the
atmosphere, and of the Earth’s beauty is created through the use
of this remedy.

Augite - Inner Awareness
Augite is present in large masses very deep within the Earth.
The higher pressures available there and the energy of the stone
establish a powerful link to the Augite crystals found upon the
Earth’s surface. Thus there is a connection through this stone to
inner regions. This can increase one’s awareness of an
environment of alternating hot and cold, with many unusual
lifeforms and structures. Augite can help you become more
aware of inner aspects of yourself for a deeper understanding of
your own motivations, inner awareness, and reason for being on
the Earth. This is a way of being where you can see yourself
from the inside out.

Hancockite - Earth Attunement
This stone is quite valuable in strengthening physical processes,
including deeper attunement to Earth energy. It can be helpful in
agriculture for understanding and working with plants and
animals. Individuals can perceive ecological systems on a larger
level and see their relationship to them. This stone can be
somewhat grounding for individuals, as it tends to open the root,
second, and third chakras. It is also quite useful for individuals
who are seeking to understand their own connection to nature on
any level. This stone can be valuable for tuning into some of the
earliest aspects of the Lemurian civilization, the bringing into
form of humanity. Hancockite helps one attune to past lives and
deeper awareness in a relaxed and easygoing manner, allowing
visions and images from the past to easily come into form.
Hancockite can also bring greater expression and ease to simple
music performed with a single instrument.

M67 (Open Cluster in Cancer ) - Geomancy
Contains some of the remnants of the essential formation energies
of the universe. It is in the universe’s essential nature to continuously
surpass each moment of previous beauty. An increased awareness
of the consciousness of one’s roots is engendered through the use of this star elixir. A greater awareness of earth and her inherent
energies is realized. A deeper attunement to the purpose of all
life is also enhanced through its use. Can also assist people who
make flower remedies, gem elixirs, or homeopathic remedies to
understand the very nature of the vibratory principle.

Schedar (Alpha Cassiopei) - Praise
Enhancement of the spiritual principle of praise can be felt within
most individuals that use this elixir. This can draw angelic beings and
powerful beings of the devic order to people when they are either
meditating on the star or after taking the elixir. Here is a way in which
the sense of praise, a deeper awareness of the interrelationship (at
the spiritual level) between life-sustaining properties as provided
by the nature kingdoms (the plants and animals that surround you
and the Earth herself) can be more deeply felt by most people.
This feeling of praise can radiate from an individual in a powerfully magnetic way.

Dioptase - Loving Change
This elixir can dramatically transform one’s personal life through
a reconsideration of the role of love. It can bring about change
from the inside out. Dioptase can relieve stress and tension
caused from sudden change.

Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea) - Multi-Dimensional Blending
May assist one in becoming more conscious of one's multidimensional
aspects. This is the way that one can exist in many
times or many places at once. There can be a blending of one's
physical nature and many aspects of psychic development. There
can be a greater rootedness or connectedness to the Earth. This
can give one a greater psychic window into many geophysical
realities of the planet. Can combine well with potato flower for multiawareness
on many planes.

Myrtlewood Tree (Umbellularia californica) - Remote Healing
This elixir offers properties to improve the energies felt in the throat,
the third eye and in the hands. It can be quite helpful to those who
wish to project healing abilities. This can extend over quite long
distances, even across stellar distances. This flower essence can
provide a sense of deeper connection through the Earth, and thus
the Earth herself can be contacted by some individuals who are
particularly interested in remote healing of the Earth. There can be
benefit transferred to individuals who have great compassion or love
for certain aspects of nature, not so much for the devas or the
natural kingdoms themselves as for the subtler levels from which
energy is transferred, and can have real healing capacity. This can
be more easily expressed or shared, and teachers in particular, who
wish to share healing capacities or ideas may find this useful in
transferring information, be it writing it or sharing it through their

Lodestone (Negative/Positive) – Yin/Yang Balance
This elixir can increase the bio-magnetic forces in the body. It
aligns them with the Earth’s. It will make the aura become more
sensitive, and thus receptive to broadcasting instruments such as radionics. May pull out of the aura such things as coffee, drugs, and alcohol, which weaken it. Lodestone balances the
male and female polarities that helps develop an altruistic
nature.It can combine well with the Magnetite elixirs.

Wurtzite - Telepathy
This elixir has the ability to create links across space relating to
Earth’s sacred geometries, particularly those across Earth’s
diameter. It is especially helpful for those engaged in telepathy, correspondence or attunement to those on the direct opposite part of the planet. It tends to create a radiating energy in people
that can broadcast thoughts and improve telepathy when one is
the sender.

Kochab (Beta Ursae Minoris) - Destiny
Can assist people in grounding information from their past lives. This
is a way in which one becomes more comfortable with one’s past
lives, as if these lives are running co-currently or parallel to one’s
present life and can affect the person in positive ways. This can
generate a deep sense of power within the individual. Those who
wish to understand their development into the next life and the one
after can benefit by using this elixir.

Lodestone - positive/negative - This elixir can increase the bio-magnetic forces in the body. It
aligns them with the Earth’s. It will make the aura become more sensitive, and thus receptive to broadcasting instruments such as radionics. May pull out of the aura such things as coffee, drugs, and alcohol, which weaken it. Lodestone balances the male and female polarities that helps develop an altruistic nature. It can combine well with the Magnetite elixirs.

Celandine (Chelidonium majus) - Communication/Clarification
The ability to transfer information is enhanced. It can be especially
useful for singers and lecturers. It will help clarify information from
one's spirit guides.

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Pt. II - Various Essence Vendors and Personal Research Essences:

Tree Frog Farm - Saskatoon
Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia) - Assists whole brain functioning at the new higher frequencies by supporting wiring of new brain pathways. Stabilizes ability to think clearly, orient in space, unsettled emotions and body metabolism. Facilitates being peacefully grounded in your body.

Use Saskatoon flower essence when you are having challenges with cognitive functions such as thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, or learning words. It is helpful when you are learning a lot of new information in a short time or are synthesizing information from a variety of sources. It is also helpful when one part of the brain is more dominant than another part. For example, if you tend to respond from logic to the exclusion of imaginative thinking or if you react instinctively from fear in situations where altruistic reasoning would be more effective. It is helpful for people who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or sensory integration difficulties.

The parts of our human brain have been developing for hundreds of thousands of years. The most recent part of the brain to develop is the forebrain, sometimes called the God brain. It is where we understand that reality is 99% energy and 1% matter and we interact with the world from a higher consciousness. As our brains are rewired by the new higher frequencies, we are learning to communicate between and create harmony among all of the lobes, parts and functions of our brain. For most of us, some neural pathways are still in progress. Saskatoon flower essence helps to connect missing links in energy pathways that inform the neural pathways during this development stage as we learn to live in a whole brain way. This affects your ability to orient in space and your mental, emotional and metabolic processes. It also helps to integrate the new brain pathways that develop while learning new information and tasks or synthesizing fragments of existing information. Saskatoon Flower Essence enhances communication between the brain and heart, which facilitates being more present, emotionally balanced and peacefully grounded in your body.

Korte Phi: Common Puffball - It helps us be aware of the relative importance of different circumstances during difficult times so that we stay focused and centered.

White Jade - Promotes healing and positively programming the mind and brain, stimulates brain function and using more of one's brain power; reduces overwhelm in those awakening spiritually, supports adaptation to new abilities; aids dream work and prophetic dreams, raises consciousness gently and safely; awakens spirituality; calms, relaxes, eases insomnia.  Recommended for people opening psychically, as it stabilizes, calms, and helps to open slowly. - Diane Stein, Gemstones A to Z

White Sapphire - Its energies are pure and refreshing, assisting one in clearing one's thoughts and coming to new tasks with a 'clean slate'.  Its balanced energies can enhance one's objectivity, facilitating successful discrimination between alternative paths.
It is a stone which helps one combine spiritual insight with earthly tasks or dilemmas, helping one to bring a higher perspective to bear when faced with difficult decisions.
It assists one in developing the qualities of fairness, discernment, and objectivity and in maintaining a spiritual perspective in all situations.
White Sapphire is the stone of 'strength of spirit'.  It brings clarity of thought and mind, and helps one find the inner resolve needed to overcome obstacles to one's spiritual path.  It assists in connecting with the Higher Self level of consciousness in order to receive visions or information to guide one on one's highest path.
White Sapphire activates the pineal and pituitary glands and stimulates one's psychic gifts and awareness - particularly the skill of channeling high-frequency energy or information.
White Sapphire assists one in living with integrity and remaining aligned with one's ideals when faced with difficult choices or circumstances. - The Book of Stones

Alaskan Essences: Cattail Pollen -
Indications: weakened by connections and involvements that no longer serve one's highest truth; difficulty standing up for oneself; feeling unsupported by others.
Healing Qualities: helps us connect with the personal truth that illuminates our chosen life path, and with the inner strength to act in alignment with this truth.

Green Hope Farm: Black Moss Rose -
Being true to our core self and values even when others oppose our choices
Black Moss Rose helps us hold true to our core identity as a divine being when surface circumstances or other people press us to change. It is particularly helpful when our heartfelt choices don't make sense to others. Black Moss Rose helps us make peace with our purpose so we can stay true to self regardless of external pressures to change course. Our destiny is between us and God and no one else. This Rose helps us know this!
-When we are in a place of uncertainty and others behave as if they have the inside track on our lives, Black Moss Rose helps us be comfortable in our uncertainty until our own heartfelt guidance about the way forward grows clear.
-Helps us reframe what others might see as liabilities or challenges in our situation so we experience them as strengths that help us stay the course.

Green Hope Farm: Locust and Wild Honey -
Spiritual connection
Locust and Wild Honey tells us, 'My truth fires the circuitry within each of your energy systems, helping you to reconnect to your source, to your mission and to the fellow light workers with whom your work will unfold.'
-Helps us find the people we are meant to work with and kindred spirits in general
-Helps us feel more certain of our essential place in the scheme of things and released from our spiritual thirst.

Smokey Faden Quartz - to disconnect energetic cords within the lower astral/3D regions from my feet to the energies of others.

White Moonstone - for clearing the vision chakras and mental clarity

Part III - Morningstar Essences:

Chiastolite - Wonderful essence for flowing with changes in life, following through on projects and ideas instead of allowing one's self to be sabotaged by fears. Helps to avoid procrastination and instead to delve into what needs to be done with great enthusiasm and delight! Helps those who are undergoing a seemingly "enforced change" to feel much more comfortable and stable with what is happening in their lives. Excellent for those who find themselves needing or wanting to move to a new home. Helps the person to take root and ground in the new environment more quickly. - Morningstar Essences

These are ancient stones, and they carry in their crystalline structure the very heartbeat of the Earth.
The memory of these stones is exceedingly long.  

It is especially stimulating for the lowest and highest chakras, activating the doorway of the crown, enabling one to access high-frequency energy, and the grounding cord at the first chakra, assisting one in manifesting high-frequency energies on the Earth plane.  It can help to stimulate the Soul Star chakra above the head and the Earthstar chakra below the feet.  The activation of these two chakras is critical for manifestation of the Higher Self in the physical body. - The Book of Stones

Neptunite - Stability. This essence helps to stabilise situations and structures that feel like they are on "shaky ground". It helps to increase a sense of courage and strength within. This essence can also be very helpful for gaining a better understanding of Neptune in the chart both by natal position and transits.

Turquoise Throated Puffleg - Connecting with Mative North American wisdom, healing techniques and knowledge. Feeling a stronger sense of connection with Mother Earth and seeing all of life as sacred. This is a wonderful essence to use in a mist or bowl of water to raise the vibration of any environment and to bring healing to areas that have witnessed much pain and trauma.

Bog Rosemary - Affirmation - I Am Now Releasing Resistance To My Good & My Healing.

 This essence supports the process of releasing resistance to healing on all levels. If one has been working diligently to heal or improve something in any area of life and nothing is happening, there may be a subconscious desire to hold the dis-ease or dis-function in place because of fear of the changes the healing may bring. This essence helps one to get to the root of the resistance and then to release it.

Raven Essences - On Tara's Hill -  On Tara's Hill invites us to remember and address sins committed through the abuse of power. It helps us to align with nature's healing energies so ancient memories, held primarily in stone, can release the sadness and regret from the past. Let the essence assist you to face darkness of cruelty, excess, and loss of possibility that is our shared legacy from the past. The essence can be used to address personal issues, but its main function is to heal traumas held deep in the cellular matrix of the earth, memories that still resonate at subconscious levels within our bodies now.

Created with: Maple, Pine, Gorse, Cottonwood.

Raven Essences - Earth Keeper - Gently tuning his ear to nature's slow heartbeat, the Earthkeeper draws ancient wisdom deep into his body. He is completely at home with the natural world: stones are his storytellers, trees his teachers, wild animals his playful companions. Mindfully, he recreates the earth's natural order and beauty through the simple rituals of his daily life. His passion is to speak for those without human voice: the waters, animals, trees and plants. With a dedicated perseverance, the Earthkeeper moves into the public domain as a powerful advocate for the living landscape. Satisfied he has spoken for and defended mother earth, he returns to his sanctuary for peace and renewal.*
*Edited to correct gender pronoun.

Black Walnut, Clivia, Honeysuckle, Hosta, Lupin, Mock Orange, Pink Yarrow, Salpiglossis, Perennial Mix, Raven White, Nervous System, Evolution, Cedar. - separate descriptions for each, below:

    Black Walnut - By keeping external pressures at bay, Black Walnut creates the space in which we can nurture our blossoming radiance. If judgments, expectations, or criticisms are externally imposed or internalized from the past, Black Walnut helps us reestablish dominion in our lives so we can manifest our unique expression. Useful for teenagers dominated by peer pressure, it helps release their attraction to dangerous or psychically toxic environments. Black Walnut can sometimes signal the end of one phase, a quiet restful period, and the groundswell of new potency.

    Clivia - Clivia reinforces the necessary patience required at different phases of a cycle. It helps us to sustain a vision over time and to surrender gracefully when the process moves beyond our control. Even if we feel 'in the dark,' Clivia helps us retain an active role in the outworking, helping us coordinate with life rather than force a desired outcome.

    Honeysuckle Tree - Honeysuckle strengthens the magnetism of our true core so we invite healthy relationships rather than those based upon unconscious needs. It encourages reciprocal integrity within relationship helping us take responsibility for ourselves while releasing inappropriate expectations or projections on others. In this way, Honeysuckle curbs manipulation, co-dependence, and over-caring. Like Da Vinci's man at the axis of a circle, the essence helps us develop a stance of firm and balanced sensitivity within all our relationships.

    Hosta - Hosta re-wires the neurological circuitry between our brain and body. This is useful during times of expansion in consciousness when these circuits short-circuit due to information over-load. Hosta assists with the mechanics of change, anchoring the new frequencies and easing discomfort during a growth cycle. Energy follows intention. Through the focused power of the masculine principle, Hosta establishes a firm certainty around the choices we make, nullifying our tendencies to doubt or sabotage ourselves.

    Lupine - Lupine stimulates the movement of kundalini life-energy within our bodies. It claws through physical barriers or mental conditioning without causing undue discomfort. Useful with sound-healing, Lupine participates with many forms for energy-work, opening blockages and energizing areas of the body with a low, sluggish frequency. Lupine also activates the radiant aspects of our vision, helping us offer a blessing to everything we see.

    Mock Orange - A fragrant night flower, Mock Orange gently loosens our fixed 'day-time' perceptions. Encouraging expansiveness during rest cycles, it liberates our latent potential through vivid dreaming. As we sleep, the essence helps to tune and calibrate our bodies with the healing energies of nature and spirit. Useful for those desiring to sing or speak with greater ease and confidence, Mock Orange also expands the full range of our voices.

    Pink Yarrow - As nature's blanket, Pink Yarrow supports us when we are vulnerable and need unconditional love. Gently holding us, the essence allows us to relax while things in and around us manifest at a concrete level. Feeling supported, we can let go our worried fussing as the tender buds of new ideas, relationships, and projects gradually appear.

    Salpiglossis - Salpiglossis encourages us to articulate our feelings and convictions, particularly when we find it difficult to speak. Through appropriate aggression, Sapligossis liberates self-bondage by releasing awkwardness and trepidation. With greater freedom, we can manifest our creative vision with ease and artistry.

(Perennial Mix, Raven White, Nervous System, Evolution, Cedar - will be in their own posts)

(Component of Earthkeeper)

Perennial Mix -  Created with: Shasta Daisy, Artemesia, Golden Glow, Honeysuckle Vine, Maltese Cross. - separate descriptions for each, below:

Perennial Mix helps people develop a grounded sense of stability and permanence fundamental to achieving good focus and a powerful center. Made with a combination of perennial flowers, the essence mines the gold in our heredity and roots our imagination in practical, creative applications. Offering an expanded sense of presence without the need to do or achieve anything, Perennial Mix helps us land when we are flying too high and pause when we are over-striving.

    Shasta Daisy - n/a

    Artemesia - n/a

    Golden Glow: Rudbeckia hortensia - Golden Glow offers stamina near the end of a cycle. It gives us the final burst of energy to finish the process at hand while helping us retain a reserve for the next cycle. Golden Glow assists with vision and discernment, offering us the wisdom to judge each life-circumstance with a compassionate heart.

    Honeysuckle Vine - n/a

    Maltese Cross - A fiery essence, Maltese Cross links our root chakra with our crown, burning away the false perceptions of lack or limitation separating us from larger universal energies. Supporting our full radiance, Maltese Cross helps us exclaim to the heavens, 'Here am I!' From this vibrant platform, we can open to receive abundant generosity from unexpected sources.

Raven White - Seventh chakra, top of head: self-knowledge; universal wisdom. Issues of spiritual connection, ability to receive from Source, personal wisdom, expanded awareness, meditative experiences.

Raven White opens us to an experience of total love and peace. Filled with this energy through the crown chakra, we can find compassion for every situation. The seventh chakra opens the primary connection with Spirit. Raven White supports us feeling this light-filled energy while remaining fully present in our bodies. The essence opens us to the transcendent aspects of life and helps us face our fear of death. It offers us a greater sense of Life's wholeness, enhancing our oneness with all that is, both in form and beyond. It can be used to open the pathway for the soul to exit during the dying process.

Combination includes: Aubrieta, Campanula, Centurea, Clivia, Cyclamen, Forsythia, Helenium, Iris, Lobelia, Purple Loosestrife, Raven's Retreat, Creativity, Living Cross, Diamond & Gold. - separate descriptions for each, below:

Aubrieta - As a protector of our manifesting destiny, Aubrieta adorns our vulnerability and emerging sense of sacredness. When all the elements of our intellect, feeling, imagination, and physicality are assembled (usually in our mature years) Aubrieta provides a nurturing surround for our continued growth. If our destiny dreams make us freeze with fear, Aubrieta eases our paralysis so we can move forward again. Aubrieta also helps with animal communication by opening our hearts to receive their loving messages.

Campanula - Independent and tenacious, Campanula erodes rigid brittleness by balancing our masculine and feminine energies. With a steady persistence, it moderates all extremes of consciousness and helps us build a reserve of resilient strength. Campanula's intense clarity and spacious receptivity helps us access our androgynous inner teacher.

Centurea - Centurea acts like a wild thistle, reaching out to the world with enthusiasm and assurance. It animates our ability to connect with others and entertain new possibilities beyond our present experience. Centurea helps us access the parts of ourselves we need to greet each new situation. It reassures us our attempts to reach out will be warmly received.

Clivia - Clivia reinforces the necessary patience required at different phases of a cycle. It helps us to sustain a vision over time and to surrender gracefully when the process moves beyond our control. Even if we feel 'in the dark,' Clivia helps us retain an active role in the outworking, helping us coordinate with life rather than force a desired outcome.

Cyclamen - Cyclamen stimulates the timely, creative rebellion from a nearly-completed phase. Responding to this vital life energy prevents frustration and resentment. Cyclamen stimulates a buoyant confidence of a young adult leaving home with many possibilities ahead. When we tend to nibble at life, Cyclamen opens our minds and hearts and encourages us to take risks and view life as a wonderful adventure. At the physical level, Cyclamen supports the cleansing work of the lymphatic system.

Forsythia - With tremendous vitality and winged assurance, Forsythia ignites the feeling that 'anything is possible.' Its fiery energy pushes tender buds to open as it inspires dreamers to move into action. Forsythia is a motivating, Dionysian force propelling us forward on our journey through life.

Helenium - Helenium acts as a super-highway for the flow of information-energy throughout our entire system. Dissolving the cobwebs of shame, it increases circulation between the upper and lower chakras as it ripples through the etheric bodies. A great assistant to energy healers, Helenium releases blockages and opens pathways allowing a more fluid and dynamic experience of life.

Iris - Spring's flower-queen, Iris inspires a regal stature, reminding us that we bear an invisible crown regardless of outer circumstances. Iris reinforces a separate sense of self, essential when we are receiving a flood of new energy-information. Containing our energy in vertical alignment, our thoughts, words, and actions carry gentle authority. Iris also supports a strong, supple spine and encourages the rhythms of deep breathing.

Lobelia - Lobelia encourages bursts of insight, intuition, and revelatory thought. These enlivening sparks occur in a moment, transforming everything in and around us. Helping to re-unite the influence of stars more directly within our bodies, Lobelia supports our mystic, seer abilities. By expanding the dynamic framework of our mental/intuitive capacities, Lobelia helps us to both receive and integrate transformational inspiration.

Purple Loosestrife - Purple Loosestrife supports the compassionate, visionary heart that allows us to truly love our enemies. Whether our enemies are other people, challenging circumstances, or evolving parts of ourselves, the essence shifts our world-view from narrow judgments to larger heart understandings. Helping us hold contradiction and paradox, Purple Loosestrife supports us in allowing a third way to emerge. The essence gives us courage to face enormous shifts at the personal, societal, and ecological levels. Within love's embrace, we find the compassion to address violence, evil, and adversity in our personal lives and the larger world.

(I will finish this list when I get the last bit of information compiled.)


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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"Haha! 2020 : Earth Odyssey "
Morell Sunweaver commented on Carl Gustaf Prien's group The Crystal Cave
"https://twitter.com/i/status/1330191662518312962 Mysterious monolith found in the desert. What is the secret of this stone, if it is stone? :D"
Morell Sunweaver commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"Then it is good news, you are learning."
Kaldara commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"I had to stop myself from unintentionally choking someone with telekinesis that was in the building next to me.  When I sensed what I was actually doing, I made myself stop in time.  All this from imagining I was choking someone else and…"
Nov 23
Morell Sunweaver commented on Tara Pelton's group Shores of Valinor
Nov 18
Morell Sunweaver commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"Good to see that you have honor and work on having it. Always good to see such people. Especially today, when all I can read in the news are idiotic ideas of our government, often copied from other countries without giving it a thought."
Nov 17
Tara Pelton posted a status
"Scorpio New Moon the veil between the worlds is thinning...."
Nov 16

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