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This is a sub-section of this group for those of us who have the Moon in aspect to Pluto - this is called a 'Hades Moon'.

"The Pluto-Moon combination brings in a greater level of awareness, and a deeper connection to the unconscious, instinctual forces than the Moon alone.  This combination has a peculiar intensity about it.  An urge, often compulsive, to explore the taboo areas of life where others fear to tread.”
“As such, Pluto is rarely welcomed by those on whom he comes to call, much less accepted as a valued part of the psyche.  For most people, the Pluto archetype is repressed way down below the conscious level where it forms part of the individual, and the collective, shadow.

“However, the archetype also has a richness and depth which can only be contacted through the subjectivity and interiority of the solitary, inward path.  In this expression of the archetype, solitude and seclusion produce inner strength and breadth of purpose.  This is the creative archetype, the one that recognizes the many deaths that go into renewal and rebirth.  Here is the artist, the counselor, the therapist, and the surgeon.  One of the major strengths of the positive Pluto archetype is that, familiar with the dreams and images of the inner world that link to the collective unconscious, it rarely fears the transition known as death.  Indeed, the Pluto archetype positively welcomes any kind of death or ending as a chance to grow into something new or deeper.  This is Pluto as destroyer, just as Shiva with his endless dance to keep chaos at bay, is also destroyer and creator at one and the same time.  This “god” is the creation-preservation-destruction cycle of life itself.” - Judy Hall - Hades Moon

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Describe Your Hades Moon

Describe your Hades Moon here - in which aspect, sign/s, houses are the Pluto and Moon in your chart/s?

Here is my chart below: Pluto rx/retrograde in Gemini, Moon in Cancer, both in 4th House, with Pluto pulling (through conjunction of 1 degree) on the IC/Imum Coeli

If I had to describe this Pluto rx-Moon conjunction to someone who does not have this, it is akin to having both the transformative energies of the Dark Moon, with the illuminating energies of the subconscious of the Full Moon all the time.  It is the difference between the ocean's surface (the Moon alone) or walking on the sea-floor (Plutor rx - Moon conjunction)

Moon conjunct Pluto: With the conjunction, the principles of the Moon and Pluto are so innately fused that it’s an inherent part of life for you. The most fearlessly introspective of the Moon-Pluto group, you’re capable of confronting every hidden or not-so-pretty emotion, desire, memory, or complex that drives your behavior. It’s not even a conscious thing, though. You just automatically do it. While this means you probably live with a profound level of self-awareness that most wouldn’t even be able to handle without running away scared, remember that there can be such a thing as too much digging. Just settle for coming back up to the surface on a regular basis and simply gazing up at the clouds instead. It doesn’t make you “shallow”. It’ll just keep you balanced. - Astrology Arena

Well, if you can read it... I guess you can, I'm interested.

If I udnerstand, I have pluto, mars, sun and moon in sagitarius, my sign.

Your Pluto isn't in any aspect to your Moon - Pluto is, however, under its ruling sign of Scorpio.  Maybe you might also find the information on Pluto helpful.  I don't know how strong the Pluto energies are for you though.  I still have to post more on Pluto in the group.

Morell said:

Well, if you can read it... I guess you can, I'm interested.

If I udnerstand, I have pluto, mars, sun and moon in sagitarius, my sign.

Not pluto, Mercury... Wrote it wrong.

I'll surely will, something of that info fits for me, but I guess that it isn't that strong. But due to the text there surely are some.

Ah ok.  It might not be as strong, and that's fine...it is what it is.  For some folks like me, Pluto is a very personal planet, if only because of being in aspect to a luminary - in my case the Moon.  For others, it may be the Sun.  I also think Pluto can have a strong influence in the houses: 1, 4, 8, and 12.  I have it in the 12th for my 1824 chart.  The body I came into has it in the 1st and conjunct the Ascendant/AC.  The soul transfer event chart also has it conjunct the AC, but in the 12th. 

I also feel that Pluto exerts more of an influence on one personally if it is retrograde.


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The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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