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I figured out funny idea.

When scientists found out Maldek, the lost planet, they named it Krypton.

Nof far from where I live a meteorit fell down a long time ago and when it hit, a lot of green crystals were created, or rather green glass, that is like no other on Earth.

We call it Vltavine, but it might be called kryptonite too?

...you know, those bookstores Luxor in my country also are funny fitting into the idea.

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 Vltavín is called Moldavite to most people and yes it has healing properties cos it was created via a asteroid, that asteroid was most likely a part of Maldek coming down to earth, portions of it also hit in Egypt as well creating yellow Egypian glass a type of tektite prized by King Tut and made into precious jewelry it too has healing properties..

meteor glass cosmic scarab

Read more:- https://www.ripleys.com/weird-news/meteor-glass/


Yeah, despite living nearby place where it hit, I still have yet to find my own piece.

There is actually "green fever" here now, it even hit the news that people dig deep holes ins earching for it as it turns pretty cossy, price tripped from last year.

Oh really it dosnt surprise me in the least that people want it more..everything is going up in price its horrible..but I am surprised you havn't owned a piece of it yet..I walked into a shop once years ago a spiritual shop selling all these crystals and I walked past a cabinet suddenly I felt my temperature rise,and my heart beat started to beat faster and I felt really sick as if I was going to faint,I stood by this cabinet for some time trying to gather myself and the lady came over and asked me if I was ok..I told her I couldn't figure out why when I walked past this cabinet this rush feeling came over me, explained how I felt and she looked at me an said put your hand over the glass above the cabinet,some crystal is calling to you and that's why its making you feel sick.. so I did just as she told me, and yup it was Moldavite a small necklace pendant of it.. she took it out the cabinet and placed it in my hand, instantly I felt this buzzing sensation in my head and my heart felt like it was ripping apart,I suddenly wept and couldn't stop weeping holding this stupid pendant in my hand..she comforted me and said do you know what your holding, I said yes its formed from a piece of my planet,she then said you[meaning me] must be from Maldek then. I just nodded I was weeping so much.. guess what I didn't purchase that pendant though it wasnt the kind that I would wear,but I know Moldavite is real and this incident proved it to me ...so I've also been hunting for the right piece for years now..when I do find it I hope its good enough to show me vision scapes of home..

Actually mum gave me pendant with two grains of it, but honestly so tiny pieces feel too tiny for me. But I'm still glad for it. No, I want the thing found in nature and given to me by fate... didn't find any good one in the stores yet. It is one of my plans for summer, probably I'll check the river Vltava, there are few cities where I can explore the river nicely without having too much danger from police. after all I'm not going to mine it, just look for it.

Best way is that it finds you naturally yes..it will release a type of signal that your soul will pick up on instinctively..good luck in your searching and enjoy nature while your at it.

There is so much fake Moldavite out there too, gees its just melted green glass, or carved Jade made out to be moldavite...so the only way I would suggest is to feel its energy first & foremost..or get the authentication papers as it can be a costly mistake purchasing fake stuff..but feeling it is unmistakable I assure you,as it raises your heart beat for starters..I can see online the real stuff too, maybe its just me having a gift in sensing it IDK but I often click on pendants to those available I know are real & I like and they are often sold..its annoying..but one day it will show up for me I'm sure..


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


October 25 Kissing of Venus and the Sun

Please —  those better suited to provide wisdom on this take the reins to tell us more— 

October 25th is the kissing of the Sun and planet Venus in the heavens which will bring 

a revitalization  and joyous celebration portal to enjoy her music! 

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