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Hmm at the risk of being subjected to a drawn out debate,I'm going to say my thoughts & views on this experience anyway,as its interesting I might add and do believe there are totally some fake psychic & paranormal ghost experiences ...but my response may be a long story as I'm a rambler and you may just brush it off as a waste of breath or long winded, that's your prerogative also ..but to say that all psychic or paranormal experiences are fakes & frauds is in my eyes incorrect wording,sorry,there are real psychic and intuitive people out there that don't understand this gift either,some over here in New Zealand who have solved crimes even which dosnt happen often.. but its a fact and police here have used their testimony and evidence ...

Now before you jump down my throat may I say if I denied my given intuitive psychic gifts and clairsentient,clairaudient,telepathic and remote viewing abilities I would be denying myself,my whole being totally to who I am as a human on this planet, I say this as I do not claim to be able to talk directly to passed over spirits in the literal sense of receiving verbal messages from them to relay back to others,nor would I make up fake info to others to gain money or make myself appear better than others.

I do not do channeling for people.. no I cannot do that,however I most certainly am able to sense them in spirit form via belongings they owned or touched,that's called psychometric in my reality and my presence,but I have honestly lived with a spirit or ghost child in my previous house down south Island who resided in my own wardrobe for 5yrs to the point that I was able to see visual evidence of her activity,she had worn the wallpaper off the back wall with her feet I'm presuming by swinging on the centre bar and banging her feet on the wallpaper scuffing off the print of it even[it was new wallpaper to]... also she managed to make a visual impression on the clothing bar where she had been swinging by her hands I'm presuming... it had changed colour from shiny, leaving what appeared to be like tiny finger print impressions even changing it to dull,just like acid from finger tips will do over time when exposed to air,this was in one area only the rest of it was still brand new & shining..

Now I say her cos I sensed it as a her not a male,she was very calming energy wise,not rough or edgy..though she was cheeky in nature as well being a child nature in spirit,...where he/she came from I have no idea it just showed up one day... now I tried to get him/her activity on video film but each time I set up my camera's he/she would play games with me the instant I stopped recording she would do something,& found it funny, I didn't it was frustrating...but I also had witness's to his/her activity it actually became a party joke in the house in the end with the 3 guys I shared the house with.. cos he/she would bang on the walls in my wardrobe in my bedroom and people would think I was bonking some chick in there only I'd come out and the banging would continue... they would go in to find no-one it freaked heaps of people out I tell yah...

at first it sounded like a banging water pipe so I had the landlord bring in a plumber and try to suss out where it was stemming from to no avail,everything was fine, and the plumber said the sound was no where near a water pipe either it was boggling him also cos it was in my wardrobe wall,no pipes around and no way could it be an animal as it was a sealed unit wall & floor he investigated for a few days....

Now this house was a newish town-house too, not a old run down relic home either,so cant blame twisted boards creaking or offline structure either,as she would open the wardrobe door freely yet the carpet was new and when I tried I had to drag it hard over the carpet leaving an imprint,how did she do that I have no idea..all latches were new & secure also but she would open the door randomly each time I left my bedroom even after I'd closed it playing with me..so if you can explain that one please do so....

I would also play with this spirit like give her toys,chuck them in my wardrobe only I'd find the toys chucked out the wardrobe often somewhere else in the room over the next few days I found one on my bed even....my dog knew this was going on also, she would sit and wait outside my wardrobe turning her head from side to side listening wagging her tail...

I also felt her one night come out and actually touch my face stoke my hair she obviously liked me [who wouldn't I'm a cool dude LOL] but seriously my point is that spirits[ghosts] do exist and I can and have sensed them, seen them as well as photographed them,does that make me a good psychic well yeah kinda.. I can also predict things happening and they come true,just recently a horrific incident even one in you guys news in USA the sad event of the brides burning in the car on the motorway I predicted it a day ahead of it actually happening... sparked from watching a movie titled 'Brides' in the evening followed by dreaming after going to bed that I was in a car and it actually was happening,& I was in the car screaming to the driver to stop even,I woke up screaming in my sleep,realised it was just a bad dream shrugged it off as such until then the next day on the news it had actually happened for real...

This was so real it scared the crap out of me to.. upset my soul to the point I was a mess all day and totally sick,as I was powerless to do anything about it or prevent it, my heart went out to the families of those woman.... but seeing it unfold in a kind of subconscious dream state only.

Why would I see that!.. if I wasn't psychic it makes no sense to me. Natural predictions of earth events I can sense them too,yes its a intuition thing, but bloody good to say something like a volcano is going to erupt in a week and damn one does its far to coincidental and happens too many times..some say its more likely to be synchronicity ..but they are confirmed by many of my friends even.

But Im not good enough psychic to be able to say my version of events in murder cases under investigation and have them confirmed as correct by the investigators further on in conclusion also on many occasions nope..,but will I say them to gain money publicly nope... no way that's not my thing,I am who I am and I'm truly psychic I know this and I actually hate my gifts at times they are a curse to me,but I cant turn them off. And I'm not a FAKER Nor am I a FRAUD cos I just say things as they are and not seek anything from them other than to share an experience..

Hope you enjoyed reading my spirit ghost girl experience,I don't live in the house any more and I don't know if this spirit is still there doing the same thing to its new owners,I don't want to know either I had it for 5yrs that was enough.


√ℓἇ∂ἇ ..

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What a tale... It's fascinating.

She didn't follow you into your new house then? I guess that she wasn't invited to come.

No she didn't follow me up north to any other house,when I left that house she was left there. However I also have a ghost in this house but its a adult male and I've only seen him five times, but a friend of mine has also seen him twice, he comes in the frount door, stops in the hall way, looks into one bedroom & then the lounge from the hallway and then walks into the spare room, hes tall, has long blonde hair, looks like a hippy as hes not wearing shoes is barefooted, with flared jeans & a check print cotton short sleeve shirt hanging out over his jeans..his body language tells me he looks confused..but he knows hes been seen,as he kinda acknowledges us with a slight nod before going into the spare room & vanishing...but I havnt seen him in over a year now. I made a inquiry to the council to find out who lived in this house & asked if anyone had died in it,they were fast to say no one had died,and gave me as much info as they had on previous owners... but it wasnt helpful.. 

Cool, so you have another friend in the home now. And poor dude is confused. Well, he clearly has good company in you in that house.

Yeah but havnt seen him for quite some time now..he my have left,as he didn't find what he came looking for IDK?

Why do you sometimes hate your gifts? You're an ascending spirit that obviously God, or perhaps the source, feels that you are ready to handle a larger slice of reality. The fact that you experienced the car accident only means that you can travel in the astral stream when you're asleep. We humans are being prepped to be stewards on a higher level, or plane, or dimension you choose.

Accept your awakening because it's not going to get any easier! And there will come a time when you will be able to step in and help before a tragedy strikes. 

What's even worse though than not being able to interfere and help save someone, is when you offer to help to stop a tragedy only to have that person, or persons ignore you. Get used to it, our human guides have to deal with are bad human choices every day, as well as are reluctance to listen when being given sage advice.

And as for the little girl and your current ghost, obviously they are aware of your ability to sense them. they're just letting you know how psychic you really are. You, like many of us on these sites, live at the cross roads of two dimensions. It's only going to get more confusing, and clearer, simultaneously as your journey unfolds before you.

Do your best to enjoy the ride!  

Yeah I hear you Bill.. thank-you for your kind words & sharing...but one could say I've been awake from birth or at least able to communicate verbally that is..but I'm certainly on the same wave length to what your saying here, except the god part, I'm not fond of that human thought form & word syntax, even Source dosnt compute fully either...yet having these gifts and abilities plus being different has come with many downfalls over the years in my life, like anyone else moreso when I was younger, which this ghost incident & experience was from I must add, I was only in my early 20's when this experience was happening back when I was at Uni,... I'm just sharing it in here now..

I've grown to accept everything that comes in these days, and that's been cos I've connected to my Raven life guide, my higher-self & to my two ET soul guides Elou & Meityr also for all total soul confirmations,and Im so grateful to them all...

But these challenges in life are not to be underestimated, the physical discomfort that occurs within ones body being able to move quickly through dimensions and the consequent morbid ruminations these may provoke [as well as the real question about one's sanity] can come to dominate ones awareness and keep people from being able to honour in their transforming gifts in this reality,humans dont understand whats beyond their normal visual reality,as most people simply do not know this level of experience because they remain so bounded, ..

In multidimensional life, ones self becomes the locus of interpenetrating forces [or wavelengths,or vibrational frequencies] that seem to be coming from these differing dimensions, so the sense of self is in constant flux,add to that I hold keys beneath my skin, known as cartesian cordinate veca codes' as well as a blue healing ray it floats like a mist across the palms of my hand.. changing in different environments enabling me to sense deeper into people, one could say I often fly on a single zuvuya track, vision is the source of my intelligence that sustain's the planetary whole... all who wish to seek to know my mind and create according to the universal plan, come to me, and they see within my mind is the power of universal mind in its eternal creativity, to know me is to know the Astral plane of all embracing infinity from which higher mind is created....I call it 'P' shifting..however humans do not understand offworlders and never will,so its hard to express as they think of us as hybrid human aliens, when we are no different to you humans, many of us were once human living human incarnations and past lives, we have just ascended to higher dimensions in consciousness & thus returned for a new human experience, though on descending we loose a lot of our wisdom in the amnesia state sequencing like a veil of forget-fullness, due to atmospheric's that take effect upon descending to 3D.. as we only came before your creation to this earth plane and have experienced all that you are now evolving through really,yes we have done it before many times.. and so now you see why I say the things I do,and why humans do not understand who I really am nor resonate on the same soul frequencies in many ways sadly. I should step off my soup box now aye..I often just ramble on,cos I am enjoying the ride as you put it or I go off topic in all directions......


This whole discussion is so beautiful. I love to see how connected you are to the unseen. Joyfully, Tara

OK Vlada, I realize you're not a fan of terms, God or Source, I'll try and remember to use Higher self when commenting on your posts. I could argue that Higher Self is one and the same as the before mentioned terms, but, for now it's a mute point. LOL As I see from what you call rambling just exactly where you're coming from. 

Ahh come on Bill, lets face it ..its great to have differing view points of human consciousness from within this earth sphere holographic matrix, its what adds to the wonders of life's journeys & keeps us all as individuals is it not.. but I assure you I didn't originate from any omnipotent deity god/source, unless you would call my ET cosmic soul father a God,[which I dont see him as one, though he was offworld]..

I'm sure I have existed before your universal creation as your soul speaks from a human created syntax & belief system,where offworld there is no such thing as religions...

I am also a twin cosmic soul, I came into creation as a separated soul spark created via magic upon the planet Maldek by my cosmic soul father Archeut Ananuel from the Mavrud Maldekian Council of Universal Creations, he is the Creator seal of our 13th dimensional existence at a area called Dílakhí Malkhuthakh..my mother was of high status lineage on her planet, she was Venusian, my father was from Martian Lineage & cosmic brother to Luciel Ishukei Mekhut [known as Lucifier to humans] .. when I was first thought into creation, this was the instant via cosmic consciousness that my memory began. My cosmic soul brother is not incarnated and is somewhere in the Proxima Centuri star system.. my Cosmic soul twin brothers name is Vanyala-karharg Almyer & my cosmic soul name is Arktuis Mektah Aunhuiln.. this is my higher-self I speak of, and I'm guarded by two ancient ethereal Council Elder Root Race Guardians from the planet Menkalinan (Beta Aurigae) star constellation,I call them my scepters.. thus all this has nothing to do with any God/Source..

This text below explains the magic of my cosmic soul birth creation into existence.

I Entered..
Neneki nesenti-mikenko amach ajakis akis tentana mija-narka ni moi .. hai ki an ei duduk sheiben-ei-ta mahesh anapuna...ekataya Kanesh omata tawai! kukula- em- sham, sakti elmkt ei sei ektu ahan kul..mekhut daaka.....
Before the first NOW, there were a countless number of centuries of non-time & so, at the exact live instant, before which it was a moment, a powerful voice of my father echoed inside the created birth sphere & said:


And the larger sphere of whiteness light like that of a thousand oceans came together to form my soul spark...it ignited into being, that act was like a flower that spread its white petals. That moment resembled like a corolla that arose upwards in a spiral figure of 8.

It looked like an explosion of light moving in slow motion..then it split into two sections.. then there was two me's, my cosmic twin brother was ignited into white light of becoming, his soul then split into two sections & made my soul smolder & split again..he followed suit & then we both were drawn by the attraction of the birth sphere, its exterior had turned blue & a symphonic echo faded, until the last light rays from the sphere opened into that like an ocean, and we were both thrown into existence.
Our soul & spirit then was glimpsed in the magnitude of blue energy vortex's to form a spiral star, we were suspended, facing each other floating in the air,
levitating over an ocean of blue & white light mist, it took on the appearance that of liquid aqua coloured water,
It was as if the blossom of the Infinite flowed great rivers of light prisms splaying outwards, combining more and more incredible light wisps of swirling, whirling around each other, forming centers..
Deep into the evo, we were maturing, we were developing or evolving into a form kinda like an embryo does.,..then the sphere spoke to us in our Maldekian language into conscious memory & said:


Feel safe now from the vacuum of nothingness, against the insecurity of not knowing as your cosmic birth father will take care of you always, do not feel abandoned in the middle of these silent solitude's to come, as it has begun.....
Ashan ei em elo' enta akta khor diwaj'hl en eli walh .. ek enta sheknah mu en ra' ehl ,ana epta khorj en djawa'el- emni amma aya hori anana em shakul ka te a moi...

© √ℓἇ∂ἇ ♏¿ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ


Great isnt it..lol

Tara Pelton said:

This whole discussion is so beautiful. I love to see how connected you are to the unseen. Joyfully, Tara


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


Happy new moon

Happy Elven Full moon! Yavanna is Among the Valar, stands out for her compassionate representation of the voiceless, her commitment to peace, and the bodies of even the smallest and most overlooked in Arda. She is called Kementari, Queen of the Earth,

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