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I often go into vision states kinda like remote viewing while listening to music in the background, I first thought I had been going into lucid dream states or just fallen asleep fast as my body went heavy to start with, then I started to see scenes unfolding, through a mist..often opening out into these ancient scenes, these ones in particular tweeked my interest to things not often spoken about so I write them down, I have so many in files I cant find them all...but many have since been confirmed they are reflections of past life recalled memories shown on the walls of my 'Halls Of Remembrance' revisited..

NOTE:- All pictures are depictions only...


There is a hidden underground 'city' beneath the Giza Pyramids, experts claim - The BL

I was under the great pyramid in Egypt in the caverns below, people huddling together in groups against the walls, and a priest walking past them, handing something to them all to eat, it reminded me of a catholic congregation religious ceremony when they hand out those small slivers of bread wafers into the mouth...,but this wasnt bread, it looked like a round leaf of some kind & it was moving and squirming like it was alive and it swirled with colours moving in patterns on it as if it were actually a living thing, I saw this in a close up field of vision almost like a split scene in a movie where the camera shifts to show you something up close then moves to the rest of the scene unfolding around it, it was weird..these Egyptians were then each moving off into the doorways and passages, while other elaborate Egyptians dressed in robes were holding what looked like huge lamps to guide the way through the doors bu they wernt lamps as such...[much like those glyths of the light bulbs in pictures below] ....but they had no leads on them like in the pictures we all know & have seen, instead I saw sparkling invisible like energy beams where the lead is seen in the pic instead and they led directly into or through the solid block walls themselves, there was also music in the background that was emanating around the corridors clanging sounds like cymbals & string instruments from another room echoing off the tunnel walls acoustically..people were holding hands just like in the glyth below,& chanting was going on as well,it was some kind of ceremony.. I dont know what this scene was about as in what they were trying to achieve by performing, I dont know if I myself were actually participating in it, or I was just witnessing it?, & like I was actually reflecting back on it now in this lifetime..possibly but I cant be totally certain..then the scene flicked to outside the pyramid itself and I saw lots of people all lined up in rows as they were waiting in a ques for something to happen, they were all looking up at the skies above their heads and the energy I felt from this scene was of anticipation, something special..I was floating between these people then but I was invisible to them, I could hear and see everything, from their conversations to each other, though I didn't know what they were saying due to it being spoken in their Egyptian language, I still sensed I knew it, they were definitely excited and there were priests on the outside of these ques of people chanting and waving incense around the place, as if blessing them all..

Then I stood upright behind this one woman,and in that instant I swear I could even smell her scent, she had beautiful braided hair in fine plaited rows, just like the African woman do their hair in rows of tiny small plait's it even looked like it was a woven fabric..she had a long white gown to the floor, with a coloured woven fabric belt around her middle.. that's all I could see from behind her really.. apart from this belt around her waist in bright coloured threads twisted around each other, with beads on it also she did have small gold earrings.....she appears like a high ranking Khanit Obosom Nyamewaa-Nyame,definately got Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit [ Nubian or Ethiopian heritage?]...

Then I felt like I was being lifted up into the sky and I was looking down on these people and then I saw all these people floating upwards into the sky beside me..then the scene changed as a sudden fear came through me and I saw it...A HUGE SPACE SHIP IN THE SKY!!!!!..

we were all being taken onboard this huge mother space ship!!..the sky was struck with lightning all around me, and I could hear huge boom sounds like in a thunder storm, people were floating past me and staring at me in total disbelief and fear on their faces asking for help... we had been prepared for this to happen also inside the pyramid itself I think, yet it appeared on their faces they didn't know just what was going on..we had been given that leaf to eat and it changed us all internally in some way, possibly so our bodies could withstand where we were going to be taken to maybe,dimension/planet/wormhole???..

as the next thing I saw was these huge lights in my head glowing like golden fire embers and then I suddenly clicked out in a shocked sensation like waking up out of a dream of this vision back to myself again in my chair here..feeling like I'd just been dumped from a high up place to the ground suddenly, I hurt all over & felt sick in my stomach and had to struggle out of my seat to get a drink as my mouth was so dry and this horrid taste in it I've never tasted before in my life [or had I,was it the taste of this living leaf thing we all ate?].. anyway just sharing my vision..

Images below that I share kinda what I saw but nothing like it at the same time,gees I wish I could bring out the real images from my head into physicality form to show you,it would blow your mind totally..

I found these images online to kinda give one a notion into what I was seeing,best I can do, though they are not totally accurately depicted I'm afraid...


Another vision state:-

Image result for spiritual greater body of self

I watched a full long documentary on Netflix the other night from the burial grounds of Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo & the excavation of the tomb of a high priest "Wah-Tye" who was the Priest of Purification. He lived in the 5th Dynasty.

I got massive chills watching it as I kept drifting into past life memory recall visions of my rite of passage ceremony floating in water in a huge stone box like the one shown in the video...Sensory Deprivation Tank?

'Ritualistic Ceremonial Rights Of Passage Sensory Deprivation Chambers' these allowed humans to connect with the 'Etherical Gods'.. via 'Out Of Body Experiences' to report back to the Pharaoh about their cosmic travels,it was a horrid initiation ..

Image result for deprivation chambers

We were also given Lotus juice, Nymphaea Caerulea a hallucination drink in form of ecstasy rituals before we went into these chambers,our consciousness was so awakened we were already half way into the etherical astral realm before we even got into the chamber itself, 'tripping' in other words so can you envisage that as well as the anti-gravity and being locked in a stone tomb where our minds would go, many didn't make it out of those stone box's.. seriously deranged our heads totally in mental breakdown mode..some even committed suicide..

Image result for lotus lily in egyptian rituals

Serapeum Saqqara | Ancient mysteries, Ancient civilizations, Ancient artifacts

When you enter your 'Halls Of Remembrance'  in your Lahun chakra you get there in your greater body & true self and its a reality that communicates between the formless and unseen underlying aspects and the outer experiences that we once thought were absolute or objective..there you experience direct experience of words like say Love or energy in full body feelings that include every level of self.

Reality seems to become a dance with those energies and you literally connect to every thing & every person you ever were blessed to be in the company of in all lifetimes, its as if your re-living those experiences all over again, so maybe just maybe your already kinda half way into it, but not realising it as separate from your 3D reality experiences & this is why you get confused to what it actually is....

However in saying that I wish it to be known that this reality dimension while there is so much more inclusive and primary than emotion or thought that if the energy of just say the thought of the word 'Love' sweeps through you & takes hold of your soul in a grip instantly its that powerful a realm & all thoughts you have in the outside 3D reality or the emotions you experience in 3D reality that you were formerly experiencing, no matter how powerful they were, they just evaporate cos you literally become part of that dimension your in as its holding your true self & soul..does that make any sense?..


Another vision state:-

set in a possible Celtic time span,not sure which country,or it could have been offworld also? ..I'm only presuming as I cant be 100% certain,I don't know exactly when but a damn long time ago regardless ...

I've only ever dreampt of this time once before, of a tragic event amongst it of this nature that often stirs up such raw emotion on things,it will be the work of a moment to authenticate....the houses were stone with thatched roof's and the clothing predicted very early century,shawls and pants and just simplicity in their makeup???..

Jacey Elthalion. Lord he's gorgeous. That hair.

Anyway I was sitting on a rock by the waters edge & watching the water lapping on the rocks beside me,drifting into my own thoughts in a dream state... overlooking this beautiful deep blue crisp cold looking still lake to what I could make out on the horizon across it as there was land mass on the other side..

it was cold and a wind was blowing I swear even I felt it's cold chill and I shivered in my dream even..and then this woman came up behind me,at first I didn't look or turn my head around I just sat and kept my eyes on the horizon,and used my peripheral vision to see her shoes and length of her skirt looking down beside me..next I saw her hand on my shoulder it was pale clear complexion and had nice clean nails[gee's the things I notice in my dreams] anyway next I smelt her,very lavender type aroma and then I saw her hair flowing over my shoulder,long and the most beautiful shade of strawberry blonde red I just adore LOL..

anyway still telling my vision here,I shouldn't get lost in that one moment as more followed...I will share best I can using images off the net to give some idea of it away from my own head space.its amazing how I'm able to find these images on the net that do portray it so well...anyway moving on..

Guerreira Viking

her hair was on my chest hanging over my shoulder [ I still had not turned around] and I said to her,"Do you think we will have to stay here forever,or can you see us both moving away on our own"..her reply was "Yes we can move in the Summer to the Inland,Father has gathered supplies in store and we have your silver arm bands to trade with.. if we need assistance from the traders,as well father has gifted us 6 beasts [I'm presuming she meant cows]..I then said "And who is coming besides us,we need protection,we cant do this alone" she replied with "8 families in total,not all are of age for heavy responsibilities though,some are still children...but more men than woman"..

Norse Mill Blackhouses, Isle of Lewis by <a href=

Next I stood up and turned around and stood before her,and that's when I saw my arms and the tattoo's I had..and she also had one on her arm well lower arm just before her wrist cos her sleeve edge was just covering it..Next it kinda jumped or skipped and I was running into this dense forest in a real panic as I could see fire in the trees, then I came to this clearing and I saw my house was on fire and my wife & child were no where to be seen,I could hear raised voices , yelling and screaming from my family in the forest,I'm presuming they were people who also lived or had moved with us into this forest from where we were before beside this lake..but I couldn't see them, all I could see was fire moving through this forest,next I was on my knees screaming in agony in pain, with a arrow protruding from within my left shoulder, I could see the end of it coming out from below my inner armpit, my head was spinning and all I knew was I had to get up and run fast and not in a straight line..

I would like to just sit down here

so I was running then but in a zig zag type motion behind the trees,my heart was pounding and I saw blood running down my chest, I grabbed my shoulder and pressed hard,sometime later,in the gathering dusk, washed, bandaged and a little refreshed,..this was then when the dream suddenly shifted again.. and this time I was then in some cave it was high up in the hills,

and I was carving things out of soft stone [like sugar soap], & wood [soft tree branches] & bone [from a hunted deer left behind], it's twiddling I think it's called,I was making creatures like birds and snakes,boars,then it shifted again and I was walking out of the forest to my house again and seeing my wife and beautiful blue eyed daughter, she ran up to me and was grabbing my small leather pouch attached to my waist band,so I handed her the leather pouch.. & inside she pulled out a stone creature as she hung swinging off my leg like a monkey giggling,

Murriel Clannagan

I'm presuming it was a common occurrence for me to make these things in this cave and bring them home for her,she was my only precious child after all..kinda like a home coming gift from a father [me being that father], but I dont know for sure that's just how I saw this scene to be..these carvings they looked a lot like the pictures below..

Old Bering Sea Peoples, Alaska - Human Figure, 2nd Century BC- 1st Century AD, walrus ivory.

An Okvik ivory figure, St. Laurence Island, Northwest Coast, circa 200 B.C. - 100 A.D. This figure is a fine example of the Okvik culture, which flourished between 250 B.C. and 100 A.D. on St. Lawrence Island. Objects made by the Okvik were first discovered by the island's inhabitants in the 1920s, and then again in the 1930s during excavation work. They are considered to be the masterpieces of the region's pre-historic art.

I then entered my cottage with my wife and child in tow,she was playing with the stone creatures on the floor in front of a open fire, while I were sitting at the kitchen table in this same small room, my elbows seated in one palm of my hand I began to talk to my wife,while she was making and preparing food over the fire, and I said "I should never have left you in that warren I didn't even ask how you got out or away from who ever these savages were who had been in the forest and who had lit the fires & burnt the houses,nor how did you get out?..she replied "more by luck and good management dear, you knew I could swim, you'd taught us both how to use reeds to breath,we did exactly what you taught us to do, a few of us escaped like that into the lake, but now the survivors they are still dredging the lake for more bodies", then I said " Were going to have to move again you know this, as they will come back,we have to leave everything behind, make them think we all perished,they know all about you and I, and will soon discover I've escaped also, I hadn't once complained about my shoulder, I didn't want her to worry, I'd see to it later that night, I'd already pulled the crude arrow out"..I let my hands fall to my sides as I had seen death first hand this day,my own brother was dead,and his wife and their child, that was the saddest thoughts going through my head, seeing it all unfolding,I felt myself wanting to weep in my dream even for the sheer loneliness of knowing that my only blood family members were gone, I was alone now, and I had to farewell my only kin in the morning..and I had to protect my own wife and daughter from the savages return.

Logic told me that it was not my fault that I had tried to save them by leading the traitors in another direction away from our village, allowing my own wife and child to escape these savages who had entered my village.

I knew these savages who had come into my village were after me,and something I held that they wanted... but I dont know what that something was or is even now to this day in this incarnation..

I know that these savages worshiped different gods or had different beliefs than my own,they would dance around fires in the moonlight and so would be classed as moon worshipers and for that reason only, they were or classed as lower insignificance as they did not live in villages they lived in cave dwellings in hill sides..and they were all outside the balance of nature even and more like ravaging barbarians or prehistoric man,uncivilized..reaping other villages of their belongings and food supplies & destroying their crops etc..

this heavy air shuddered and closed in around me in a distant misty bleak scene and thoughts of there was a long way to go to travel through  over grown forests & wastelands before I accomplished my purpose and of safe guarding my family from more dangers ahead of us..I fought to stay in this dream,and the impending unconsciousness again but was unable to fight and resist, overwhelmed at the prospect of what was to happen in the end,in both fear and relief of my mind at least I was alive within it, so was my wife and daughter I surrendered to the subconsciousness world of sleep, my mind was so tired...only in the morning to awaken with small sections of recall and still holding this heaviness in my heat, I drank my glass of cool clear water at my bedside, I had left there before going to sleep,this is common for me, as I wish with the intent to hold my dream call memory's, so I was able to write it out the way I have here..


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Just as amazing as scary. They must had been uneasy to accept, must had risen a lot of questions in you.

Yes & No, at the time these experiences were happening yes for sure It was scary,as I was like what the heck is this all about & why?.. then I realised its consciousness memory recall only and so of no real harm to me in the now,thing is I still question the why part when it happens?...but maybe its to answer those questions from others who have had similar experiences maybe,fitting the puzzle pieces together?

You're a very descriptive writer with incredible ability of recall. Have you ever considered writing a book?

Umm yes Bill as so many times I've been asked the same question, and yet I've never got around to it due to having so many written files to collate and other things get put in first place... so I just share my poetry & writings online, its as good as writing a book for those kinds who actually want to read it. 


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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