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There are perhaps even too many tutorialy to how to ascend, to awaken your higher potencial, and many other names for spiritual developement and ability to sense other dimensions of reality.

The more imagination the tutorial contains, the faster I scrap it as a crap. Not because it would not have any affect, but because many don't realise, what they are actualy doing, when performing that. When you imagine, you are not recieving much, but you are sending away signals of how you wanna things to be. But when your "sensors" are so filled with outgoing, then there is no place for what is actualy incomming.

To awaken your senses you don't need to imagine them working, you already have them on both spiritual as well as physical level.All you need is to pay attention to your senses, but in full. Take your time, sit in the room that is silent and don't even play any music, not even any meditative sounds, they would only distract your atention and disturb much more subtle sounds of the silence. And silence can be actualy very loud!

The same you can do with your smell, with your sight... and as you start using your energetic senses, you can discover that you have more spiritual senses than physical, but then, even senses the science doesn't admit, do have physical manifestation in the body.

Think about it: They teach us that we have five senses, hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. But that is far from reality, for... are you not able to:

Feel the temperature? Thermosensitivity.

Feel the presence of the sunlight? Fotosensitivity.

feel weird around strong electronic mechanisms like transofmators? Electromagnetic sensitivity.

Feel he wetness/driness? (don't know the term for that)

Feel when you are moving and how? Kinetosensitivity.

Feel pain when hurt? (So? Which of 5 senses is that)

That makes already eleven senses, but I believe that there is more.

And all that abilitites work on multiple levels. All you have to do is give any of them your full awarenes for a moment and be of silent mind.

And you will know yourself, what is beyond.

I personlay preffer working with listening, that is my start and once you extend one of your senses, the others are easier to extend too.

And if you feel need to play something, you may try this video. It doesn't disturb training of your spiritual hearing.

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To me Morell there is no such word as imagine nor imagination..this word is a human indoctrinated word & closing device of the third eye..it closes children's pure soul thought creations down instantly,if it didn't this planet would be a totally different place than it is right now,so why is it that adults get insulted by their very own children's words & thinking processes [ e.g imaginations] & choose to alter these or change the truth they speak outwardly,steering away from the reality seen & obvious perceived experience they express to their caregiver & ones they love as parents.....do they not wonder why a child gets so confused in doing this to them!!..growing then into adults who are still confused too mind you..

As everything is possible and everything has a beginning and a end, as everything has already been achieved and or created before... if not on this planet on others or in other dimensional realms,if there was no deeper insight or remembrance to all that has been visited and created in past lives or via soul experiences then artists wouldn't be able to pull imagery from their subconscious minds to create realms,design & concepts never seen or discovered before.. but they have actually visited them before to paint or draw them..in fact their minds would be totally blank canvases..every ones minds consciousness would be a blank canvas...I'm not talking crap here either..I'm speaking full truths..

Your right about possessing more than 5 senses and mentioning some of them,yes we have many not investigated or mentioned..we are all multi-dimensional beings and yet many of us dont remember that we are,being they are still in the amnesia state of this 3D reality, but we are fully magical beings as well we have many gifts that we dont use on this planet..we are capable of creating worlds within worlds and galaxies & universes, we created this planet and many others,how we did that was with thought alone,but tell that to anyone and they would say your insane to even think it..

As a person who has the gift of Synesthesia I'm able to tap into the energetic dimensional realms no one else is able to see nor sense, this enables me to see colour in music tones,or see living energy soul threads over things that are alive or have sentience,see the electromagnetic frequencies traversing the airways,..also being a full empathic as well, I'm highly sensitive so often take on other peoples pains & trauma energy and wonder why I'm suddenly weeping for no apparent reason,as its not my pain I'm weeping for,but its there's they are hiding inside themselves,I often dont sense this in time my soul takes it onboard simply looking at them in the eye..[they always say the eyes are the windows to the soul]..these things are hardly heard of spoken much about..unless you look deeper,you will find literature from guru's & spiritual people on how these gifts come into play in these earthly realms..let me explain more of my perspective what if I say there is a toxin of extreme power as to be beyond the trans-mutative capacity of nearly all human beings,and it can be used for things that many would term as un-human or Alien abilities,as there are always a few examples of individuals whose consciousness can respond to forces of such potency without being damaged,take those people who perform acts,of being inside a small box without asphyxiating,or that guy in Kenya who climbed totally barefoot to the top of Kilimanjaro and spent the night on the icy summit clothed only in a cotton jacket while he prayed to his Gods, & yet survived,..or those guru who can go into meditative states for months not eating a thing,or the martial artists who use Chi energy to set fire to things or move things with their mind etc..see these are true things & that have been researched into, so no need for skepticism..We humans have abilities beyond the norm and yet half of us never seek out on it.. let alone put them to practice.  


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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