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Shamanism - A group for those who are shamans, to learn about shamanic work, and to understand the shaman's role in society.

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Started by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።. Last reply by Ametrine -(MHZ) Apr 2, 2023. 3 Replies

SHAMAN STONE/MOQUI BALLThese mysterious healing stones also know as Shamanic Star Stones, Mochi Marbles, Thunderballs, Navajo Cherries or Indian Marbles. Geologists call them iron concretions. They formed 25 million of years ago, discovered in north…Continue

Tlingit Indian Shamans & Their Shaman Soul Catcher Talisman Tools..

Started by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።. Last reply by Ametrine -(MHZ) Apr 1, 2023. 3 Replies

Tlingit Indian Shamans & Their Shaman Soul Catcher Talisman Tools..I've been interested in the Tlingit Shamans for some time now on my soul journey it was ever since I acquired my own Tlingit Indian hand carved Walrus Ivory Shaman Soul Catcher…Continue

Toltec Shamanism: The Spiritual Realism | Documentary

Started by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።. Last reply by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። Mar 26, 2023. 2 Replies

Interview-documentary of french instructor and writer Paul Degryse, which has been been studying, practicing and teaching a form of Toltec shamanism based on the work of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan, for almost 30 years."In a world where humanity…Continue

Shamans of Siberia: powerful healers chosen by spirits

Started by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። Apr 3, 2019. 0 Replies

Shamans of Siberia: powerful healers chosen by spiritsIn windswept Siberia, Shamans have for generations cured illnesses without touching their patients, sung with their diaphragms and controlled the weather.Some can travel over long distances and…Continue

The Reality of Truth:

Started by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። Jan 30, 2019. 0 Replies

Michelle Rodriguez participates in an traditional plant medicine ceremony under the guide of a watchful shaman. photo: the reality of truthThe Reality of Truth: New Documentary Film Explores the Healing Powers of Psychedelic Plants and Altered…Continue

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Comment by Ametrine -(MHZ) on May 28, 2023 at 12:50pm

I agree Vlada, it's like frozen in time. 

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on May 27, 2023 at 6:42pm

Nenet Kam (Shaman) praying by totems. This is a scene that could have taken place way, way back in prehistory. Totally amazing.:

Nenet Kam (Shaman) praying by totems. This is a scene that could have taken place way, way back in prehistory. Totally amazing.

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on May 27, 2023 at 6:41pm

Image result for shamanic stones

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on May 27, 2023 at 6:36pm

I have found a very calming piece with Tibetan Healing flute. Everyone deserves a moment of relaxation and time for themselves. 

Comment by Ametrine -(MHZ) on March 11, 2023 at 1:58pm

Thank you, Vlada

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on March 11, 2023 at 1:44am
Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on April 10, 2022 at 11:36pm

Oh your quoting something that was said in the video,I get it now..however can I say people centuries ago or in remote places today  didn't just go out and hunt a deer solely to make a drum from their hide,they hunted to feed their families first and foremost and they praised every portion of that animal given to them in that hunt for that purpose and many other purposes nothing went to waste from that animal sacrificing its life to feed many,fur to cloth them in & they utilise many parts of it for many other things e.g. bows,spears,spoons for eating with,jewelry to adorn,fat to make soap with & to cook with, meat to eat fresh & meat to dry for years when food sources was scarce,hooves & sinews to make glues etc..its the modern day humans that hunt to take trophies or they pay others to kill cattle daily so they can buy it at supermarkets.. as they cant hunt it themselves, if they did have to hunt for their dinner each night,there would be way more vegetarians on this planet that's for

Comment by Morell Sunweaver on April 10, 2022 at 11:14pm

No, not my intent at all, the guy himself noted right after that part that when he was tasked to hunt a deer, eat it and make a drum, it took him by surprise as he was vegan. :-D

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on April 10, 2022 at 2:59pm

Many Shaman drums are made via Remo buffalo synthetic materials these days, but In the countries where these shaman drums are originally made, they actually rare the deer themselves for their own survival,each drum is made in prayerful intention in consideration of the medicine of the hide itself & the animal which gave it. If your asking me this question because I am a vegetarian, I admit I dont like that intent of killing anything & eating it at all,however I do fully understand that in these countries this is their culture & their livelihood from it and the only way to survive. The medicine, or spiritual quality of an animal may be very beneficial to consider also.  In shamanic traditions, one's relationship with a drum is unique and important.  One's relationship with the spirit of the animal it came from, or its medicine qualities, can create an even richer relationship. Indigonous people dont hunt for sport like white men do, they actually hunt for food & their families survival, everything on that animal is utilised in some way as well as being consumed to feed whole families,nothing is wasted thus it is treasured even its spirit is praised & relished for being given to them.

Comment by Morell Sunweaver on April 10, 2022 at 3:30am

Do you know what is this drum made of?

Birch wood and deer skin.

And what does that mean for you that someone had to hunt the deer, kill it, had to butcher and skin it, eat the meat and make drum from the skin. What does that mean to you?

Real gold!


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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament"  or dark matter or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.

A single thought...a mere whisper, ...... barely upon a breeze that catches a spark... all is tinder before the firestorm... and yet.
ONLY that whisper
ONLY that thought
 the world is forever changed beyond the fears and dreams of cardboard men.
Freedom and change starts within:
It is encouraged by truth and courage of people who love
Built by the respect of true beings standing as one before each other.
Lets us cross every man made borders
without fear stare into eyes and hearts of all our brothers and sisters: within our words without shouting,or force to hold each to our truths; and let us without fear freely share what works...

Written By Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ.

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