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I want to start by saying that this planet is the only "non Earth" place I have been to.  Yet, I consider it a "sister Earth" to "this Earth". I have only visited the place 3 times because my female spirit companion is either from there or has strong connections to there. My visits happened in the dream state. I had only stood on a beach that consisted of rather colorful pebbles but the waters were dark...black really. Yet the vegetation was very close to this pebble beach and quite lush and green.

My female spirit companion was there with a group of people who had clothes, suitcases, and steamer trunks with them on this beach/coast area.  I had to enter the waters, for some reason, and I did and became the water there.  This planet is not my home...since Earth is, yet I feel it is linked to Earth somehow possibly...as I was able to become the water there without any enegetic dissonance occurring.

There are humans there...as she is one...but I think human-elf perhaps, because she is, and I get along well with the elf race.  I also saw what looked like a regular cruise ship of sorts sailing in the ocean far out...which really struck me as it seemed out of place. 

Her name, I presume there, is Alyia (a-lie-ya).  She is associated with the water lily and so has nymph characteristics too.  She is very much earth-water wheras I am solely water.

Here is a colorful pebble beach here on Earth... Jasper Beach in Maine


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Alyia a-lie-ya....OMG  Elsyei lie a lakultu... are a anthropomorphic flowered mermaid type nymph with legs not with fish tails, on Maldek they would create such beautiful singing tones very much like the mythological Sirens,and they could be found on the beach frounts,many had glowing red or golden flowing hair they were very beautiful... they were known to foster their powers, which include the Naiads of water and springs; the Dryads and Hamadryads of the trees and woods; as well as the Oceanids of the seas....so tis a Maldekian namesake...now a great well known painter,did pictures of these types of nymphs though it was connected to the Greek mythology..bride or veiled which implies they were possessed of marriageable maidenhood. As beautiful women they were regarded as spirits of nature in human form, as dancers, musicians, as well as companions or targets of satyrs.

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Hah but I thank-you for that small portion as a form of confirmation that this purple planet being spoken about here is Maldek and Maldekians from first world planet Maldek are known as Alif & are Elfin in our visual characteristics,they are a  type of hyrbrid from Venusian/Martian/Plaeidian/Sirian heritage..I always thought that Tolkien wrote about Maldek & the Galactic Cosmic Wars in his own ways,he spoke fluent Maldekian even though he didn't know what he was speaking in his head,he always said himself he knew the language in his head yet didn't know where it came from,this was before he wrote the Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings tales from within his memory recall from subconscious & so the puzzle pieces come together for me when I heard the language and could actually recognise much of it via these entwined frequencies..it is not true Maldekian however but more a dialect of it,damn close though..   

She has had the blonde hair in some of her incarnations here, but there she has it as well.

I have a long history with her, and it was she who gave me the name "The Great Sea" when I had done work to help her in the Earth's 5th dimension.

She is like a hybrid of this nymph, elven, human (so water-earth, whereas I am strictly water "incarnate" so to speak).

I have a photo album that I put together with images that best resemble how she looked in certain decades. (I may have missed the 1980s though...so much to keep track of.)  She is adept at reincanating via soul transfer (more so than I as this is my first, and last, time as it is my last life).  As a psychopomp, I have helped her with soul retrieval and healing, and she has helped me out with clearing out this body I walked into. 


Halae han eliai'nerain et sekul em shakal ,all is connected,so water it is... though the planet Maldek was way above 5th dimension I can understand her descending to 5th if she had no where to go especially if she walks in soul transfer so often,she would have stepped through the instant a body came available it would have been felt like a fast plummet so I can also understand you offering soul retrieval & healing as she would have experienced red flag soul trauma,Lenae et senecar li, something else I can personally relate to???...

I admit I did wonder what that word psychpomp was... so had to google it, I dont like it as a word at all,horrid energy attached to it,it sounds like something fake or alien..just saying..rather use soul life guide,spirit guide, or soul guardian..

Yeah, I have helped her in the Earth's 5th (elemental dimension) and also 4th (akashic records level so to speak) dimension as well.  She and I have had 3rd (physical) dimensional relationships so it was easier for me to help her out.

It is a goofy word, I agree.  Even I was put off by it when I first came across it myself.


Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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