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GUIDELINES for this Site 

Use good and fair judgement and responsibility by remembering the purpose 

This is about nature-loving culture rooted in the indigenous Celtic peoples, and is about the Irish diaspora (culture that spreads as people move around the world). The Tuatha de Danann the core connection of this site are exceptional people who went North from Egypt or Atlantis into Ireland and then traveled the whole planet. This is a cultural site but it is a living culture. This is not the place for scholarship, it is a place of art and legend, music, dance and poetry.

You - the blood in your veins and the wisdom that fills your soul, are the legend. Your blood and soul are the only living record of the culture and that’s why it’s such an important site, so you can express your native culture that is in your DNA and your soul. 

It’s not a place to cry or complain if something is not authentically one or another culture or that matter to be critical at all. Culture develops in the lives of real people in the Now moment. Tuatha de Danann tribe finds one another all over the world from Peru to Kansas to Ireland to New Zealand, Japan and Alaska. Be proud of your roots.

Again, the Tuatha are the magical people who arrived in the mists on the Hill of Tara in Ireland. They may have traveled in the exodus from Atlantis.  They have since traveled the world. In this present moment, there is nothing more important than to understand your power so this is all here to aid in wisdom development. So when you are enjoying this site, be respectful. Everyone here is a magical powerhouse like you. 

Our salutation is from Star Travelers with the welcome and signing off message between planetary systems, “Peace in Wisdom” It’s not required but it is kind of the point of our reason for being here.

My requirement for public facing posts, which is all posts, must be:

Suitable for someone who is as young as 13 ie absolutely no pornography its against Ning regulations also - sex is sacred and private and does not belong on a public site. If you like someone, the chats and emails are private. Tantra is far more than sex and acknowledges sacred union. The main reason humans are suppressed is due to sexual abuse so protect your sacred being which is sexual. As far as pronouns, please let us know as appropriate if you have a preference or need and please feel welcome to add self identifiers to your profile. Romance and love poetry are welcome, if it moves to erotic, keep it private.


No religion. It is too triggering. No gurus, no cults. No proselytizing of beliefs.

Druidism which has been listed as a religion as of two years ago and is integral to our cultural style, may be discussed as it is about nature, provided there is no dogmatism. Spirituality is OK. Honor, worship, prayers all of that is OK. Paganism is a spiritual movement and is OK. Pagan Celtic style is what we are.

I am asking you to avoid icons and of the major religions on Earth such as Saints, Angels and those Avatars who are worshiped.

We are worshiping NATURE and that’s it. if you’re worshiping nature or one of the avatars of nature such as the nature gods/goddesses, faeries or elves which are nature archetypes, or mother Gaia and Father sky, that is lovely. Also no gurus, or people who must be followed or dogmas or any of that. There is plenty to love without iconography or religious dogma. Anyone of any religion is very welcome here just follow that rule.

No war discussions. This is a place for escape to alternative dimensions where we are 100% safe. War makes Earth unsafe and violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is madly triggering and cruel. Be loving and kind. Do Art not war. Just move into this dimension where there is no war. 

Definitely NO politics. No jab or any of that. Again I refer you to Nature. Plenty on Earth to discuss. 

If a person feels the need for exception to this for some reason submit to the admin.

No arguing. If there’s an issue send to admin just make sure not to be egotistical and if you have something to protest and you’re not sure send to admin for help. If you want to debate explain and post in the discussions that you want to hear all sides.

No sales of any kind unless it is promoting your personal art on your page such as link to your website. 

Don’t worry if you cross the lines we will let you know …

Things TO DO

Post pictures of your art videos of your music /or music and art you like. Write poetry, letters give  gifts and cards and good thoughts,  post photos of your art and geo art and ideas.

Anyone would read or listen to the ElvenWorld stories, there is an example of the suitable - on the edge but not over it level of romance, and metaphysics, storytelling would be lovely. Your stories are always wonderful to hear.

If you are in trauma or upset, please reach out for help to anyone you will get the help you need. All you need to do is ask. I know it can hone hard, you can always write to Tara or Vlada — truly there are many healers here. Never feel you’re a problem for asking for help. 

The purpose of this site is to enjoy a renaissance in a Celtic culture and Irish diaspora the world over so please try to understand who is the Tuatha de Danann because if you’re here you’re probably a member of this tribe and can greatly benefit from learning magic.

Be forgiving and kind and helpful. Be gentle. Consider every person as a small child about the age of 7 and you will get an idea of the gentleness with which to behave.

Please take the extra step to be with nature and celebrate her beauty and the beauty of our planet

Yes, you may introduce new ideas even if controversial such as things like eco-villages, sustainable architecture, cultural wonders, archaeology, quantum concepts in science, bio photonic energy, free energy, energy healing, scalar waves, astrology, interstellar travel, mysteries, wonder and especially people from other worlds however they arrive here.  

It is understood that it is hard to discern so please, please ask for opinions and always give your opinion with a large dose of kindness. Of all places you should be able to come here for help you discern and not everything is all good or all bad. So ask away.

If you get hurt feelings reach out and speak up to anyone of your friends or Tara or Vlada

If you have questions or want us to add something please communicate.  You will be treated with kindness

Thank you for listening and let’s have a wonderful time. Friends are welcome! 

P.s. Tara posts stories and Pep Talks on You Tube very often. If you’re feeling down, find one, listen and get inspired, then come back and chat away!  

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