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Something crazy is happening and it’s wonderful!

Dear loved ones,


miss you all so much

Something crazy is happening in that I am being catapulted into a position where I can help in development of eco villages worldwide.  So many friends are moving to eco villages right now and suddenly eco lifestyle is blossoming.  Here is what I am curious about:

1. If you could, would you live or work in a sustainable eco village?

2. Do you want to be a part of worldwide eco village development and living style? 
3.  Would you like to know about people in your country/area who are similarly interested and work on development? 

4. Would you be able to help on the project and if so, how can you help (reaching out to meet people online, working at a village, making maps,listing resources, funding, teaching, administration etc.

As we grow I am definitely looking for hiring people but right now it’s volunteer while the details are coming together we are looking to start seven villages

Also, i am looking for musicians and artists for ElvenWorld Book III and other musical productions. 
I am interested in hearing about your hopes and dreams in the area of eco village establishment worldwide. I’m already familiar with the worlds most famous eco villages. I am talking about a worldwide development of villages to bring the lifestyle to all the world, sharing technology, permaculture lifestyle and major developments that influence building sustainably and living in harmony providing stewardship and education in stewardship all over the world. 

thank you for your opinions.


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Comment by ënagualí~ᏉL𝐀ᗪἇ ኔጡ። on March 2, 2024 at 4:06pm

There certainly is enough eco villages in New Zealand already,

but all over the world too, its not actually that easy a thing to set up,you'll have to be aware you may come across a lot of red tape also in certain countries with councils regulations on proper housing on land & areas,plus house building rules & regulations.

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