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Hello Elven /|\


I’ve got an interesting topic here that I’ve discussed with other fellas recently about Einstein’s early struggles with autism and how life may have been more or less different for him in our century today – being that autism has become more recognized than it was in his day. Many documentaries on the passion of great thinkers such as Einstein, Isaac Newton and Da Vinci may tend to point out the possibilities of obsession disorder for the open interest. In any case, the new Einstein children born today with the same driven need for discovery may have it a bit harder to get started if being recognized for compulsive issues in attention. Sometimes the range of how we learn can depend on the common modes of the school system, and over history it hasn’t easily changed.


Einstein would sure be pulling his puffy hair out at our nuclear situation. We could use a super genius for a free energy machine. Einstein to save the day; grabbing his gears and magnets to whip up a clockwork device to last the whole world, and then the higher government steps in to congratulate him, and make an offer to buy it away (lol) since we would have had free energy by now if it wasn’t illegal in the sense of putting oil and electric companies out of business. The world turns with the program, but we are at least moving towards some greener living.


We don’t have a time machine yet, but one interesting possibility of Einstein in our present age could be if a child claimed to remember being him in a past life. Those chances would be harder to be sure of when many kids can be a least a lot like him by interests and inspiration. It’s a view of beliefs open for any thoughts and possibilities. Yet one thing science and spirituality may equally agree on is that most advanced thinkers earned their fame only after a tough childhood of solitude, study obsessions and other differences from how kids are known to behave, and from there falling into the spectrums of autism. For the unique minds aiming to challenge the ways of the world as we know it, their own sanity may become a first challenge needing approval of.


Whether more or less difficult, school life today for the Einstein child (as in the next leading scientist) still wouldn’t stop them from finding alternative ways of defining the world and universe. Those born with brilliance and a driven message would have that Joan of Arc energy and become unstoppable; even if uncontrollable. Einstein’s early struggles were often from crossing out the test questions and filling in answers of his own. He may have been absent-minded and a daydreamer, but there was no saying he never cared about his education. If not as active in the classroom, he could always be found in the library, discovering the world in his own way.


The frustrating thing about world history is that discovery seems to be presently hauled at the abundant stage where everything we know as fact can be agreed on. The past is constantly reviewed but we’re not often thinking about new technologies for the future, which would only be viewed on a university education level. We know that the world is round, but whether the universe is also round (as with an end point or looped end?) is something too unseen to be sure of. After that, multiple dimensions are far beyond what anyone can explain without some big evidence. When a child starts talking about 4th and 5th dimensions, the teacher will often take it as wild behaviour and wouldn’t have the patience to listen. Even with some compelling drawings and theories, the kid would have to learn French and basketball first before having a chance to explain it in an essay, and hopefully get a B+ for the effort, but with mistakes in grammar. Most kids may excel at one thing but still have to pick up on everything else all at once.


When autism becomes something hyperactive, although some with honest troubles can use a calmer environment (empathic ability is another related topic) those with high passions have their energy quieted down before they have a chance to speak, and may otherwise be misbehaving for not following the rules of silence. Rather than being taught about creativity and personal uniqueness, there can be the common normalization where everyone must be on the same page, repeating the same things said and followed by. Early schooling is often about the ‘stop, look & listen’ orders of standing still and keeping in line. Without much freedom of expression the Einstein child would likely go into reclusive studies of their own and live a quiet life, though later becoming shy with possible speech troubles from too much time alone. High school then becomes a reverse process with therapy opening them up to expression, but still in a way of repeating the words / phrases continued in the work life and customer service department. Despite social troubles, they might have the chance to write a great speech for the lecture hall, but would be graded for presentation over subject matter. Science fairs might be one way to share their inventions, as long as the school bully doesn’t get to blowing it up first. It’s not always easy for them.


When it comes to medications, the main trouble is that meds take away the warrior energy and leaves them withdrawn and without the same passions they once had. Whether a kid with any range of autism really needs medication – it’s often a matter of what the teachers have to say, and if they’d rather not deal with a kid who is ‘acting out’ on their own then they would probably recommend more therapy to deal with it. ISP supervisors do become more like stepmothers, especially when assigned year after year again without change. They understand how powerful written letters and a phone call can be, and it’s up to the parents to see though what isn’t working and what comments about misbehaviour they know their child isn’t really like.


After all this wound up in one meter stick of a reminder, the Einstein teenager may go through down points of depression and giving up on their interests as foolish (or whatever it’s been called) but would likely be driven back into it again when the inspiration comes, and will need to break through the barriers holding them back. Confidence itself can be a strange word when a person can have all the energy for one focus but be seen as lacking the confidence or esteem in another, and that’s a thing of viewpoints. Too much drifting in the clouds could be calling for more physical exercise, and while being respectably active there, other free time for fantasy and science fiction isn’t a bad thing.


There’s a lot that can be learned from fantasy writers including Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury and H. G. Wells. Who knows if something like a time machine or transporter isn’t possible? It’s a matter of having the chance for study and discovery, and sometimes life does become hard when results don’t immediately come and the pressure is on to change paths towards the main career goals we’re prepared for, but that shouldn’t be the end of everything. Even the high IQ kids still start off with the common jobs to make a living, and it seems ridiculous when teachers warn that work life is going to be so unbearable that the view becomes a fearful first impression going into anything, and in this case we’re really not prepared because we’re not taught to be friends but co-workers in competition for higher positions in another age of recession similar to those in Einstein’s time.


With great possibilities and potentials, still a lot of things don’t easily seem in our range of control. When times are hard the search for enlightenment and discovery seems a few steps too high on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, and our basic survival comes first, and once on our own in the world soon having to prove ourselves worthy of our own independence, despite any problems that still may bring up the old word of Autism – solitary living and hermit behaviour, duel excitability and silent nature, obsession with studies, the occasional stuttering and reminders to slow down, concerns about listening and attention disorder. It’s a process of long attuning to being considered normal.


There’s a constant need to keep well rounded in education and manners all the time. It just seems common nature that some mistakes will be caught and corrected, and it’s not a matter of judgment but an overall quest for mastering the school-based subjects we’re expected to know the basics of. One person may have a large vocabulary from reading and yet still face troubles with mathematics, then having to focus on and balance out both sides in all areas of life where skills are needed. One has to move at the fair responsible pace.


Most will adapt to the careers of a regular daily schedule, but now the Einstein adult still wouldn’t have given up on old habits as too childish. There’s a time for work and then a time for the play of passions, where watching mainstream television and being the consumer isn’t the only reward, and it can be fun (whether mad or ingenious in equal parts) to be the voluntary contributor in social networks towards higher enlightenment; bring about the plans of radical new inventions after all – still a fair possibility. That’s the way this Einstein person sees it. :D Labels are blockages. Genius is always driven. /|\


~ Dan / Aloe

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Comment by Daniel "AloeMantis" on July 16, 2011 at 12:23pm

Tara, I’m not sure who particularly to look for here but feel free to pass this around for anyone interested. I sure do think troubles with the environment can have an effect over the generations, and we can only hope better turns will be taken after these several recent disasters with oil and radiation. Tragic stuff but it takes effort to build a greener world.


Often I find that the more I’m getting openly involved in the spiritual life, also the past battles with autistic labels come up. I wasn’t fully diagnosed but have been under the boarder, and to be honest I don’t see doctors too regularly for the worry about the diagnosis of ADD/PDD that several of my friends have been recognised for, yet I’d view myself as really no different than them – sure I can be very passionate on one focus and therefore easily distracted / forgetful and over-imaginative, and tearful if I can’t have computer and/or nature time lol. A part of me worries about that but wouldn’t care if really so; I’d feel a bit down but not withheld. In the working world we have to show our responsibility to focus on tasks and set the spiritual talks aside, but it’s still what we’d be doing on free time – blogging every minute like this with an unstoppable passion to change the world, even if it means that we’re still somewhat childish, working part-time and unmarried (after 25+ everything is hurried) and not thinking a lot about the future. We are becoming more empathic, and that sure means big struggles with emotions and mood swings, but it shouldn’t be viewed as negative. You bet we’re darned angry about how the land is still being drilled and the water darkened. The elements are no longer held sacred with the splitting of the atom. Nowadays our true Einstein will bring us a future de-technology back to the old ways, learning to respect the land as our home and Mother. It would be better to grow our own crops without the use of chemicals, which has always been because of fears that the land is dirty and unsafe. It’s going to take time but I’m sure we’re here to escalate the process. The trouble is that the world sees our emotions as uncontrollable, and medication is the risky answer with so much going wrong with side effects, and a person just isn’t the same without the energy. Schools just don’t have the communication when everything is decided through paperwork. We’ll cross out the questions and add our own answers. The system falls and the machine stops. Rebellion against the kings has gone on for ages, and our presidents still have wars in mind over greed of the land, and now there are so many protests every day that we forget what the message was, and don’t remember anything other than one crime and several arrests; then it’s right back to the beginning when everyone asks “Where did we go wrong? Where do we look for the answers?” Have your friends check out a 1995 film called “Powder” a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ_pc6v6x-4">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ_pc6v6x-4 > and maybe they’ll start to understand what it’s like for us to be somebody very unique in different ways. You’d best grab a tissue box if you haven’t seen this movie. Also “K-Pax” is another important film. – To me Autism is another word for Empathic. We feel everything that goes unseen. I say we seriously need to start changing that school system instead of dividing kids in separate rooms to feel different, and with the same cruel ISP supervisor year after year with a yelling attitude, and the whole thing about vaccinations in schools, which is probably making genetic conditions even worse. It’s been a difficult journey but I’ve learned a lot of respect for others who are less fortunate, and we’re good kids who know crime when we see it and work together to be the peacemakers.


Anyway fellas :D Blessings of the wild Full Moon /|\


~ Dan / AloeMantis

Comment by Tara Pelton on July 15, 2011 at 1:26am

I totally agree with this and I feel that many children are being suppressed. and told they are mentlaly ill when they are not at all but instead advanced, evolutionarily advanced.Or advancing.  At the same time there are levels of autism which are difficult and I wonder if these are caused by environmental toxins as well. Tanya has 3 autistic children  (she is on this site)

 but you know the demand for change from these children could mean a whole new change in life and society.really . just the demand to care for children to find solutions to painful experiences and to respect the new kind of intelligence that is beyond mind/

Thanks you for posting this. Please look for/contact  Tanya and ask her to view this



Comment by Daniel "AloeMantis" on June 7, 2011 at 2:30pm

I’m sure hearing that about fewer past lives. I bet that longer periods spent on the other side before the next incarnation can cause a lack of social skills and also lesser immune system with more allergies to get used to.


I may have been one of those lingering type, and very lofty as the psychic group would say. I tend to have some wild excitability and they start chasing me around :D and it’s back to the grounding work which is the difference between the dancing hare and mindful tortoise. Higher consciousness can cause psychical struggles to get used to and attuned with. The shamanic chanting circles are like Wonka’s great glass elevator into space, and universal love is like helium needing the strings tied to the ground. Metaphors help to explain myself but somehow friends become more concerned when I start getting prophetic like that lol – flying elephants and tea from a mouse’s barrel kind of thing.


Reminds me of the Modest Mouse song “Float On” – no worries and even when things get heavy we all float on all right, going with the flow of things. /|\

Comment by Nevin on June 5, 2011 at 8:14pm

Thanks for this post Daniel.


As a teacher of young children and as a metaphysician, I've noticed that these kids vibrate at a much higher level than non-autistic children on a human scale consciousness.    Also, they seem to come with very few past lives on Earth.  Perhaps this is why some lack high levels of conventional social skills?    I wonder if these children are the new Starseeds we've been waiting for?   Many calibrate higher in consciousness than Einstein did.    Oh the places they will go! ~ to quote Dr. Suess.     


All the kids I see today give me much hope for a bright future for us all.  

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