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Do "Aliens" have a Sense of humor? What About all Potential DImensions?

I was just watching one of these "story of the aliens in ancient times" documentaries on the History Channel. You know the ones that leave you wondering about these manifested spaceships and beings that people are seeing.  Fascinating.

Sometimes I have this fleeting thought: I wonder what life would be like if I were one of "those" types of an aliens? Just because I had a different head shape and a different body shape, I'd probably still be me. We are very lucky to have such pretty bodies on this planet. I think it is because we enjoy sex and possibly because we just decided to go for it. So, frankly, if I was an alien I would like to be in one of those skin tight bad ass suits that shimmer in the light, like in Star Trek... And one of those jeweled tiaras like Princess Lea. ...But I digress. 

If Quantum science theory of multiple dimensions has it right, there may be just 11 dimensions. But other theories suggest an infinite number of dimensions exist and possibly all potential dimensions based on infinite moments in time of decision-making. For example, you are reading this blog. You can in any instant, change your mind and do something else, contemplate or even answer the phone. But you keep on reading. How will this change or shape your life, not just an hour from now, but 15 years from now.  Could it be that a choice of whether or not to walk through a door, to decide to really love someone or what you wear for the evening, be then a creation for you of "your" universe? But again, I digress...

My question is, what would it be like to be an alien? Well first of all I would not think of myself as an alien, of course! And second of all, I can't really imagine not being me. What do we humans think is going to happen when we meet the aliens? That aliens will be mean because we are cruel and mean? Yes. The UN is proposing an  "alien handling" department in case they crash us like in the movies. Well that's a fascinating imagination. They may be like us so let's be prepared for them to be very mean. Again, if we chose to see that, maybe it will apper. I chose not to see it and I really hope my vision of what "alienhood" is like, will be the true choice. Maybe how we think of things does matter. 

 As for me, I could think if I were an alien I would putter about my house as I do now, like the witches n Harry Potter and notice interesting things in the sky and so on. Probably in some worlds, they don't eat dinner or have to do the gardening, but they probably have to go to work, which would suck. Wouldn't be nice to live on a planet where you didn't have to go to work? 

I could well say, and it is even more true; The dimension I am from lives on a planet where there is the cool and fog of infinite light touched over by the darkness that never really arrives. Through colored rays similar to our light here on earth we enjoy excellent vision. We also enjoy the sweet fragrances of plant life in our world. And yes, our plants do speak, like in Avatar. (They speak here on Earth too, although no one is really listening.). Because we listen we have developed to live synergistically with plants and nature; we become like they and they have become like us, with humanlike characteristics. This is why we identify with your Elven- because you have perhaps at some time or another, visited our dimension and you have seen our manifestations. Our manifestations we call them are similar to your body but not as dense.

We do not need to eat because the sensations of observation and other heightened senses feed us. Senses that human beings do not know, or which are undeveloped insofar as the human species is concerned.  It simply means we are fulfilled by simply being. Animals on Earth have some of these sense.  For example, the sense of the air on your face. This is a sensation that brings calmness and peace. Much of the happenings that take place in the human society we do not require on our Home planet/dimension which you call Elven or the Otherworld.  There is no scarcity of food so there is no reason to fight for it. Actually this could be the case on Earth, too, but only when there is complete harmony and responsibility for all of the people of Earth. This may take time. 

Meanwhile, know that the place you dream of, this Otherworld, whether it is another planet, another dimension or in your mind it is all the same and very much alive. We are very much alive. This falsity of "imagination" being otherwise than sensible, is just that: a complete fallacy. There are simply other dimensions that you have chosen to enter. As soon as you enter, you begin to create a world of your own creation in the rules of this new Universe. Elven World as you call it,  it is a place that really is, right now. It truly is Beyond. It truly is an Otherworld where what you wish for does appear to you. Perhaps it is heaven or the afterlife. When you come to the Elven World as you might call it, or allow us to appear to you in your world, you are stepping into another dimension with entirely different rules, a Universe that is created by thought or life itself, this energy that is simply choosing to be. 



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