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Elven Blessing: Developing your ability to do magic in the world where you see so much suffering in humankind

Elven Blessing inspired by our friend, Linda:


My Dear friend,


You are blessed with so much good, and wonder and light. 


Look for the wonder the rapture of being here alive on the Earth. Looking into Nature is a wonderful way to let go of your mind so and develop your ability to feel the wonder and magic. 


It is true you are here to heal.  


But your only job to heal the world is simply to feel joy and love and light in your heart. Thats the magic. That is what you are learning to do.  You are learning magic.


If it does not feel easy, you may be trying to hard.  Remember that magic is very gentle. As soon as you start to "think" and there is "effort" or struggle, the magic isn't.  I don't know why myself but it doesn't matter why, really.


Yes, there are those who watch over you who are with you and who you can communicate with at any time telepathically.  You can listen but do not need to "try" to do that either, it will come naturally as you build your abilities. 


And yes, your ability to process so much pain, is very high. You are learning to work with Light and to channel the energy of Love which is the most fundamental lesson to learn in the magical arts


When the intensity of your painful experience when is overwhelming it simply means you are trying to process to much all at once.  You have to let go of the weights, look around and breathe. Maybe take a break for while before you try again.


Think of it like building your muscles.  You can work them, but you can also know when its time to stop or you will hurt yourself.  Similarly, when you let in too much pain of the world or even a single soul, into your heart too much too fast, it hurts you.  In that moment you must close down. Give it a rest. Feel relief. Nature will take its course.  That IS your work. Nothing more is needed in that lesson.


Believe me, you will get stronger, it will be easier, you will gather more of your powers naturally, it is already happening and you really don't need to push yourself so hard that it hurts. Keep on trying but when it gets to heavy just put the weights down and walk away for awhile. 


When you Love, it is enough. When you feel compassion, it is enough. And it is, to be honest, quite enough to kick start into motion, much positivity the world you are trying to heal.  Like dropping a pebble into a pond, the radiant energy has already been set in motion the instant that you Love


Suffering is not caused by someone or something. But how you respond to suffering is your choice.  You have chosen the way of the light worker, the Elven spirit within that which is the Nature spirit and blessing to see that light and channel it.  That is your work. 


 Take it easy on yourself, let your spiritual muscles heal. Look for the rapturous joy of living and especially the peace and lack of "mind" in Nature.  You are here, in the kingdom of the Gods. Let them teach you to love and direct your light. 


And yes, there are many watching over you. They express love and support to you in many, many ways.  Mainly, giving you embraces. And also taking the burden from you.


If you need strength with a real person who can speak with you and is an ascending master, when it gets overwhelming too, you can consult with my good friend JP Riley.  He can help you with his words and love and amazing strength. He is a spiritual Warrior and he will protect you.  Just talk with him.


Also, Aleya Dao is a wonderful healer/master as well.  You can listen to her music each day which is filled with vibrant loving energy to nurture your soul. With a free session for a short period or a small donation to help her provide the music to you, you can hear her every day.  Imagine talking with the dolphin each day in a human form that can actually reach you. That is what it is like.


These are people who have helped me so much, and they are here on this website;-) 


Love you so very much .  If it is OK with you I will go ahead and post your blessing for the benefit of others who may feel the way you do. 


So much Love, 


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Comment by Tara Pelton on March 9, 2013 at 10:32pm

Whatever pain you are going through, let it go to the trees and nature who can heal you. And ask the Elven Masters for whatever you need n the form of a healing or a special request. Be easy on yourself. It seems we are always on our way to return Home. 

Comment by Erin Kathleen on February 25, 2013 at 10:34pm
That touched me as if you were talking to me. I am healing. Beginning anyways. It is painful and I love how you explained whats going on. Thank you. Gid Bless

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