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How to Live with Humans: Recycle and Care for your Physical Body

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As Elven, we shudder with the negative vibration every time we are forced to throw away a plastic bottle. These plastics are an endless stream of oil spills falling into our oceans rivers and across our land; an oil spill in our own homes and gardens, covered in bright colored packages so we are distracted from the deadness of the true vibration.

It is hard not to cry for the Earth each day. It is hard to even try to live in this world some times it is so cold and cruel in this way. To see my friends, the animals and plants suffering from endless illness, pain and even deformity due to chemicals and lack of minerals in our water and our food, masked with an endless parade of wrong solutions.

By friends, please take care of yourselves first. Make every day blessed with the best food you can grow or obtain. Feed yourself, your animals and plants with minerals and clean water, detoxify as much as you can in your environment and do everything possible to recycle in every way possible.

If you do not feel good energy physically, please my beloveds, look to your immediate environment first and search for environmental poisons and do everything possible to remove them. It is true we can align ourselves spiritually but when we are being poisoned, it is a tremendous load to overcome.

If you can help by way of packaging products safely, creating safe environments architecturally and I can be of any assistance, please contact me directly.

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Comment by Elizabeth on June 5, 2010 at 11:12am
Great post, thanks for posting!
On the note of safer architecture, healthier for body and soul, much has been written but little has yet been put into practice in the mad capitalistic rush to wring every groat from land and quantify people and nature into "units of production."
Cameron Sinclair, founder of Architecture for Humanity, famously said that earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do. The shoddy buildings that killed a quarter of million people in Haiti alone are ample evidence. But mold and damp in wall interstices, radium, toxic adhesives in carpeting, and yucky stuff growing in the ventilation system are far more subtle - these every day things people can look for in their homes can drain your life energy and overload your body, especially over time. If suffering from unexplained malaise or breathing disorders, it is definitely worthwhile to examine the environment most carefully.

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