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Indigo Children Indoctrinated into Falsely Created World & Reality..


Indigo Children Indoctrinated Into a Falsely Created World & Reality..

I wish to send out a warning to all about religious mind control within this reality & indoctrinated into our new generation of Indigo/Chrystalline/Octrine star children...

Just the other day on a website I entered a discussion on a blog post titled: - 'About Gifted Children' and it was about their realities & the abilities of these Autistic, Asbergers, ADHD & the gifted children,and what they can see that adults cannot, the higher realms, light beings, fairies, spirits, monsters etc that type of thing..and how some go on to become artists and draw or paint amazing things from their past lifetime memories...

But it was more about a adults reality, as on this was the indoctrination of religion or religious belief structures or wordings from parents unknowingly pushed into their children.

I clearly stated that this actually alters their own reality of this whole planet when this was done,and they go on to be that and or the same of the adult mindset of the parent themselves doing it, how this was indoctrination should be termed as a form of child abuse or brainwashing, and in effect are no different to a disinformation agent or part of the so called MKULTRA tactics ....as this discussion was about these altered realities pushed into young children's minds...

When I pointed this out,things changed.. I was met with instant opposition from two members and my comments then got instantly removed in a controlling mannerism, it appeared to me like they were both then termed as disinformation agents themselves.... and as thus wanted to shut me down fast as I had come too close to the real truths of what these parents are or they themselves had been doing tot heir own kids, and I threatened their religious beliefs as well..... so they removed my words from the post, it was in a total controlling mannerism on their part, but also in a very defensive & childish manner too, neither would own up to their wrong doing & take responsibility for their own actions even, but chose instead to rather use stupid excuses & go into ego bickering as it opposed their own belief system & indoctrinated thinking processes...for adults claiming to be awakened it was rather pathetic..they had issues big time it was obvious..

Still I addressed these two people openly in this sites chat room to what they had done and spoke my mind maturely & publicly, then briskly left the website, as I felt for starters that I was unwelcome there, firstly by being judged & persecuted for having an open opinion differing to theirs, secondly it left me thinking if this spiritual web site is controlled in this manner then there is no hope to get any new thinking points across to anyone as they also are under their own control in their own minds beliefs or religious infused mind delusions...in other words they liked to be in control over any Starseeds open thinking process...

W & F Kreations

But I still want to bring this to others attention as it has to be changed and fast, let me continue..


It is known and said by others,let me quote & elaborate more in this thread:-... that just as the bright flashing colors of television remind these children of colors in the other planes of existence that they still remember, and so these bright colors attract them.

It is known that children's minds open and receive the quick succession of projected images without having time to contemplate them,they are mesmerized in other words.

A programmed reality is being presented to them in this way, and this reality is telling them what the world is like and how they should respond before they can find out for themselves.

All of this amounts to presenting a false picture of the world while claiming it is the reality of the world, the way in which the world works, how the world has been all along and how it is going to continue to be.
This undermines the children's creative soul inner third eye insight, through which they create their reality as children and which is meant to evolve and remain an active part of them as adults.

This programming has been sidetracking the energy field of many people on Earth.

 Instead of projecting their own reality, these people are now helping to hold the pattern being given out by a few people who have been brainwashed into this thinking process. These few people have thus used a media then to project a continuance of their own version of reality and have done this while denying they are doing it.

Many parents do this same thing to their own children without realising it.

The creative envisaging of childhood is meant to be given freedom and encouragement to develop.

The child is not meant to have a programmed reality conditioned into its being.

The child is meant to contact these worlds in its own way
and absorb what feels good to it and let the rest go...part of their soul journey of discovery & knowledge in other words..the soul growth necessary to expand ones consciousness...

Each Spirit when it incarnates on the Earth is meant to be given in every life another chance to create its reality according to its own Heart's desire.

If this, in fact, were happening, reality on earth would already have much more variety and many more possibilities open to individuals and even many more levels of reality available to those that felt attracted to experience them. 

These realities could even exist side by side and not bother one another at all. The grip of mass programming
has severely reduced this evolutionary process to a very linear and limited progression of near sameness for every Spirit incarnating, especially in America and countries following their lead. This, in fact, is not appropriate any more...

It's said that not only Churches & religions but also Governments have participated in doing this also.

The Journey by Andrzej Sykut, via Behance

This indoctrination process people just don't seem to understand is damaging  aspects it has become to the minds of the next generation of our children,this must be changed around..

And in the process we as a humanity on mass are doing nothing to change the cycle or process of how this world is managed in its controlling systems into a new multi-dimensional consciousness aspect of living..

One of the ways to pressure for conformity is the passing of laws that force participation in mass consciousness and impede the freedom to experiment with other ways of living.

Governments have revealed intent by choosing to enforce or overlook their own laws according to the situation and the influence it will have on their system.

It has been to the benefit of those in power to have the people programmed in such a way that they believe their personal freedom and strength are not sufficient to overcome the oppression.

Instead of oppressing, government is meant to study, advise and hold the balance points in order to provide an atmosphere of the most balanced personal freedom.

Twists and turns on judgments are very prevalent in Earth's reality at this time.

Judgment is limiting enough, but judgment takes a more serious turn when it is twisted by the claim that there is no judgment.

The medical and scientific professions have been doing just this.

They have been acting on the assumption that all people are just about alike.

In reality, people are not so alike.

Medicine and Science, for example, have established the minimum daily requirements for certain nutrients without realizing that different people vibrating at different rates and receiving different amounts of light in varying colors need different nutrients in different amounts.

The life style, the background pollution and every other variable is a factor to be taken into account here too.Every time a factor is rendered irrelevant, it is a form of judgment and denial.

Reality is not something that should be delineated and defined in such a limited way. Reality is supposed to be fluid and evolving.

Everything has consciousness and nothing can be denied its role in Creation, Alchemists tried to include everything relevant in their science and showed that scientific delineation and experimentation is irrelevant to actual reality.

Denial of this realisation is powering science right now. With few exceptions, the schools are also reinforcing and further programming the mass view of reality. Even telling children that fairyland exists only in stories is giving them an image of reality based on many incorrect notions. 

Image result for fantasy realms 

In this way, they are taught to disconnect from their own awareness and perceptions.

One of the most direct ways to reverse this influence and regain full consciousness is to start noticing everything you usually ignore.

Give it acceptance and any expression you can.

By starting with whatever you can notice first that would have otherwise been denied by you, and by cultivating the listening but alas we also have to teach them how to live in this society without creating schizophrenic kids.,

And this is the difficulty of it. In some societies,perhaps in one pert of the world this is easier than in another, some live in a bureaucratic mastodon like society, where a kid is bullied when for example he is not baptized.. or will be fought with when he raises his opinion to the teacher.. so it is not that easy to find ways to balance..its not easy and heart breaking to be obliged to tell your kids what we are talking about stays between the walls of ones house for example to prevent stigma, or keep your point of view to yourself if you want to finish your grades and go on to the next one even..

So I can understand the parent who is afraid, they themselves have been shut down, they do not want the same for their kids,but they also dont know how to break the cycle either... so I wont judge a individual, but trust me, out there is the worst jungle of all, its called a sink or swim reality..

In my part of the world we have free will choices to what religion we wish to believe in and its not forced on us as a all part of a society like in other countries, so it is easier to not get involved with a belief system and walk on the outside totally normal & free in other words.. but sadly this is what has to change in this world over all of it...

If we want any chance of creating a new form of consciousness that's not in fear or controlled by a belief system...but what gets my mind spinning is when people on these spiritual sites are no different than the controllers mindset they are so fearful off or against, yet they cant see it, or refuse to see it as a form of child abuse...

Its like its accepted as being ok with the excuse that its part of their reality, but it dosnt have to be part of their reality there is a choice,..its like celebrations of things like Christmas & Easter as well as Halloween as an example..conforming to these celebrations is like agreeing in a sense with the belief system it stemmed from is it not...so if you dont agree with the belief why celebrate it at all..same goes for other religious things people celebrate as sociatical conformity..

It's not that I want people to think like I do as If I have the ultimate solution.... like I'm not pushing my own beliefs to people either tis just all food for thought..

Its just theories to what this world has become for these kids, in its consciousness and we have to stop it now and make a change.... for them to create a new thinking process of consciousness..

This worlds religions are the control of souls on this planet and no one seems to be seeing it in these spiritual sites, they keep re-inforcing it instead under another disguise, be it New Age Religion or what ever its still there..then they are pushing it all onto the star kids..the whole structure of the worlds consciousness has to alter, the whole mannerism to how we teach our kids has to change... its a huge thing, but if parents dont see the damage they project onto their kids as a form of abuse of their minds... then this mental abuse continues in a cycle, century after century....,

But also dont forget in receiving and noticing aspects of your nature and expanding their expressive possibilities, you will be amazed at how your consciousness can expand and unfold into wider awareness.

Everyday reality at present on Earth is both limiting possibilities and having its possibilities limited through patterns which are being held within rigid forms that are not really reality but only the image that people are holding of reality, and there is little consciousness of the difference.

World religions that hold the image of themselves as having the best belief system have responsibility here as well.

The images that they promote are not the full picture, but are based in judgments which they project as fact.

These world religions hold images of yourself which limit your ability to approach the people involved because they are wanting to fit you within the limited image of yourselves which they have accepted as real...

Image result for fantasy realms


That its based in many negative notions.

This denial does something worse than just disappointing children; it teaches them , from an early age, to deny what many of them see right in front of them.

Most children have been convinced that many denials are true, when, in fact, they are not true.

This is one of the many ways in which people have been taught to disconnect from the full spectrum of their own awareness and perceptions.


This conditioning can make it difficult to suspend a incorrect notion and stop dismissing these things.

One of the most direct ways to increase openness and widen the spectrum of awareness and perceptions is to start noticing, as much as you can, what you would usually ignore.

By starting with whatever you can notice first, which may be feelings you have generally dismissed as unacceptable, giving it as much acceptance and expression as you can, and by encouraging the listening, receiving and noticing aspects of your nature and expanding their expressive possibilities, you may be amazed at how your consciousness can expand and unfold into wider awareness.

At present on Earth,every day reality is both limiting possibilities and having its possibilities limited through patterns that have been held within rigid forms.

These forms are not really reality.

They are the images people have been projecting of reality, and there has been little awareness of the difference.

Image result for fantasy realms

See to me when we search for ways to appreciate the frountiers of consciousness, it is the deeper integrity of our commitment that is of primary importance.

Why should anyone be locked into rituals, dogmas & techniques?

Even if you do nothing, every state of consciousness will eventually change into something else eventually but not this.

It is in the illusion of our doing that we actually resist this natural changing process.

When the necessity for doing characterises our own participation with reality it leads us into the pattern of contraction and diminished sensitivity to the wholeness of life itself.

And I also know that this is the subtle root to depression in children and on into adulthood also.

When we think about all the presumptions in this we each have about changing our world and each other for the better, perhaps every time we attempt to project our beliefs & assumptions of our hopes to transform mankind with religions & beliefs, we may actually be creating more pain and more conflict, are these people indoctrinating their beliefs into reality indirectly empowering a type of Armageddon?..

I believe our real task as hard as it is,is to stop attempting to change the world in accordance with any false image, and instead fall toward the centre of ourselves so that we can see freshly what already is, by becoming one with a child's reality of the unity of experience itself,lived to experience it as a whole different relationship,then you will see just how unbelievably conditioned you have all become..

Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።.

“Peace is not something you wish for. It’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”:

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