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My Mount Shasta Experience
We were sitting on a hill covered by a formation of great boulders 7,000 feet up on Mount Shasta. This place has been known as a Portal entrance to hollow earth and the land of the Telosians, the people who live within another dimension deep within the Earth. The existence of other worlds in another dimension in the inner earth I have written about in the Elven World. The Inner earth is called Tir na nog in Gaelic/Irish or the Land of eternal Youth. I’ve written about it in the Elven World books but, I never considered it to be a real place until I felt a calling in my heart to travel to Mount Shasta. I was curious if this mystical place I’ve written about in the stories really does exist!
As we sat in our circle on the boulders, myself and several others observed the mystical appearance of a beautiful woman and a gentleman who came out of the crevices between the enormous boulders simply appearing there behind the stones
The woman, wore a light grey - kind of a silvery colored hoodie and carried a large white bag. She was quite stylish, especially her hair which was long and wispy and curly -almost dancing around her head as she appeared from behind the rock formation. She was beautiful, tall, slender, creamy brown colored skin, graceful and smiling, with her red curls dancing in the sky like butterflies around her head.
He was also very stylish wearing a blue fedora hat with a white trim and a slim body-fitting white shirt with, as I could see when he turned around, stripes down the back. He looked directly at me and returned his gaze for some while. Then he turned and looked wistfully in the other direction showing me his magnificent profile for some time. Tall, maybe about six foot, were they both.
After some time they walked away from our sight disappearing into thin air rather than climbing the way down the rock formation into the forest. Despite all this, I do not recall questioning their appearance in any way until long after they disappeared when I turned to the young woman sitting next to me to ask if she’d seen them as well. Later on I discovered they’d been seen by 4or five members of our group, though each of us had a slightly different description of their appearance. Although it was an impossible occurrence it seemed very normal and natural.
It struck me to think logically: how they might have been campers or just people visiting the area. But why are campers wearing white and dressed so stylishly? To me they looked as handsome as celebrities. Later I found out that one or two of the others saw not a white bag but a white husky type of dog. Well, isn’t that something? To me she was carrying a white bag. As if their appearance was not fully materialized to my eye. In either case there is not enough room in the crevices of the rocks where they appeared to have comfortably held two or all three of them. There is no way they could have walked to that location without being heard by us. They were not dressed as campers or even local hippies or rangers or any such type of person that is normally everyone else in all of Mount Shasta. Although at the time, I felt their appearance so utterly natural that I felt no emotion such as surprise or fear, but only comprehension and observations. It is only upon looking back on the experience that I realize that what I saw would have been utterly impossible in the physical world.
Later I confirmed my details with both Luc and Stephanie who both described them, noticing some of the details mentioned above such as the grey white hoodie. We went to the area where they seemed to “appear”and it is a rock formation, hard to enter or leave,especially with their size -about 6;feet or more plus their dog.
Later on, after mentioning this to our group leader, who pointed out they were Telosian people, and telepathically asking about it, by calling out to the visitors telepathically, they responded, “we want to show you we may also take a trip to the third dimension.”  The message expanded to include more ideas about teaching us that we are all one. We are all the same, we are all one, here together at Gaia. They dressed in a way we could find familiar so we would find them familiar and not think they are godly, or different or strange or frightening in any way. Beams of light did not surround their heads, they didn’t have wings. They looked just like us (only 10x more gorgeous).
Then, as if to really punctuate this,point, we found, the very next morning, a hat sitting on top of the very same rock formation from which they mysteriously appeared! Those who saw them the night before were certain it was the man’s hat who had appeared that evening because it was a blue fedora style with white trim made of straw. Just so it’s clear, it’s quite difficult to climb to the top of that rock formation. Not impossible, but the placement of the hat on the highest pinnacle was not at all like someone having lost a hat in the woods but clearly was placed there to send a message, a kind of geo physical art to acknowledge the meeting between worlds and more, the message that we are all one, we are alike more than we are different. And heck, we all wear hats even if they can travel between worlds or dimensions.
The next morning I woke early before the others and traveled by foot behind that same rock formation which has been known as Portal to hollow earth and home of the Telosians. There I found a handful of slender rose quartz crystals, each smoothly polished, placed in a sort of circle on a small mound in the center of a grove of trees. I was certain it was a message for me. I touched them and smoothed them into a mandala design and placed a heart shaped green moss in the center, like the compassionate heart. For the remainder of the week until July 7th (coincident with the Japanese flooding disaster during which I could no longer feel their presence there at that location) I felt the mandala was a meeting point and a place I could message to the invisible, whatever, or rather, whoever, it might be. let me explain. Each morning I would go out to meditate at this spot where someone had left these smooth quartz crystals as if they had been gently tossed to a specific location. It was not me who left them, it was not any member of our group or our group leader who did not even know the location of them. These particular type of flat  (cut thin) rose quartz were not sold in the crystal shop in Mount Shasta. They were polished on a particular type of machine to make them very smooth - a machine not accessible to any of us. On my second day of meditation at that spot, I discovered the rose quartz crystals had been placed in a location where the sun shines exactly through the trees The spot was slightly higher like a mound in the center of the grove. I marked the path to it so I could find it again in the forest.
I don’t know who left the quartz. But I am positive it was not a human being. My tent was so nearby to the location where the crystals were found overnight that it would have been nearly impossible for me not to hear or see a  person walking there from our camp. I could even hear squirrels walking on broken twigs and slept very lightly. No it was none of us. To come to that location from any other direction would have involved traversing a deep canyon or walking many, many miles to the location along the path a path known well to be the home of Black Bears who are out at night. In other words, it had to have been someone who lives in the forest or appeared there by some other mysterious means. I have since been told there are many stories of gifts being left by Sasquatch and Telosians.
This beautiful appearance of crystals in the grove caused me to realize that I could talk to the invisible friends in the forest with a common language -geo art. Geo art or Earth Art uses found objects to make temporal designs like stones on top of stones or designs and shapes of twigs or leaves. I smoothed out the dirt under the stones, and added some twigs to define the circle for a mandala in the forest at that location. I invited my friends to come and see and add to our mandala geo art creation being made not just by one of us, but all of us together. Then I asked my invisible friends, if they could come to add to our creation by expanding the circle with even more details in the design that would appear the next morning.
Others in my group said it was the Sasquatch who left the crystals. I’ve never known much about the Sasquatch, never seen one or read about them or had any familiarity, but there is no question each time I walked in the forest I received ongoing telepathic messages expressing to me that my love for the forest was returned to me in kind, that I was loved, protected and frankly I felt there like I was being embraced.  This feeling of love was so powerful I once became confused that I might fall in love with this mystical being so completely that I would be whisked away into another world -perhaps not even with my full control, that love was so powerful. So powerful I myself wondered if this being was a lover awaiting me in another dimension. So powerful I felt even that I’d come there to greet a lover from faraway who I had left to come to Earth for my life’s purpose here.
One afternoon I lay beside the Portal enjoying the sun and soaking in the happiness of my invisible friend’s closeness when suddenly I recalled stories of people who’d disappeared in the forest with the invisible beings. At that precise moment, I heard a dog bark and my fear of this took me quickly back to camp. After that I could feel the being retreat, not wanting to frighten me. We must meet in another dimension in another time and place, I guess. I love this entity and it is proof to me in my heart that his love is so great that he would let me go before ever allowing me to feel fear. I suddenly realized that probably my fears had as their source the many times I had been used (for body or mind)by others and it came to me with great resonance that unconditional love, real love is love where no one is using the beloved for any reason. Like a parent, a child is loved because they are, not because they give something in return. Unconditional love is usually defined as love without conditions. But it became easier for me to understand the lesson that love like that, unconditional, is love when you expect nothing from the other. Not using someone for anything. I asked for understanding, voiced my love not just for the invisible, but for all the beauty of the forest. I asked for help to expand our mandala circle and to play the mandala- making game with me across the dimensions. 
The very next early morning as I slept  in my tent someone pulled into our camp, right up next to the rock formation we’ve come to know as the hollow earth Portal behind which the mandala was located and only some 50 feet from my tent. I awoke slowly to see a truck open in the covered back where someone had a blanket set up. Oh, I was furious this monster had invaded our camp! Oh, I was mad he’d parked too close to the sacred spot! I stomped about a bit but quickly gave up trying to find him to tell him off and was again seduced into the forest where I found a man sitting at my mandala meditating! He had placed a beautiful handmade wooden symbol of his own design in the center of it. He introduced himself and explained how his design was made to activate one’s kundalini. He’d already created a separate geo-design with sticks and stones in the grove of trees making geo art or Earth art of his own. Needless to say we became friends instantly and chatted for an hour. This young man, coincidentally was nicknamed Sasquatch by his friends, probably because he likes to do geo art in the woods, he said. He sported very long dark brown, thick dreadlocks and a short brown beard. He was very tall. I later found out he’d gone to top of the mountain to leave some of his geo or Earth art designs there as well.
Then he showed me that under each tree was a rose crystal, just like the ones  that had appeared the previous night. At the base of each tree had appeared a rose quartz crystal overnight, mysteriously, just like the crystals I’d found in the center. It was just as I had requested!  The crystals formed a wider circle holding this magical space by being placed at the base of each tree! Needless to say, by this time I was far beyond convinced of the presence of invisible helpers in this magical place. I invited friends to come and meditate with me in the mornings and discovered when the sun hits that spot it is illuminated in the morning from the East and again as I discovered, in the evening from the West, as well.
One morning, I invited several of my friends to the spot to meditate with me. Ann said, “Oh, this seems like it’s a Portal! Can you ask the Sasquatch if it is a Portal?”I said Ok and heard an answer in my mind immediately which was something like, “You silly ones! Don’t ask me if it’s a Portal! Obviously you think it is a Portal and so it is!” He was laughing with us as we all realized we are much more powerful than we’d previously realized! 
The new crystals appeared just as I had requested, in my telepathic expression of hope that our invisible friends would play the mandala-creating game with me. A crystal rose quartz just like the others that had been left  in the center of the circle, appeared, polished and carefully placed at the base of each tree in the grove, extending our mandala outward like water ripples from the single center drop! The feeling of love joy friendship was overpoweringly lovely.
In my meditations I just sat there and cried when I tried to comprehend all this  beauty and love. I cried from relief, overwhelm with wonder, joy and love, as if I was the mother of the bride at a wedding of my only child. Because i knew that now and forever it is an impossibility that mystical, magical beings don’t exist. There is no question that they are very real, speaking to me and who are my kind and gentle powerful friends, if I wish them to be. I am now certain there are crystal light beings. There are magical life forms everywhere. If you don’t see them it is only because your eyes don’t see them. They are there.
That same day My friend Luc from our retreat group came to me excited to show me what had happened in the forest. He’d been meditating on a small mandala circle he’d made by a nearby stone. He’d drawn a circle in the dirt and then placed a crystal of his own in the center of it. A white crystal. He stood and turned around to return to camp and saw that a handful of white crystals had appeared in a small space between the rocks a few feet away. They were tucked in a flat space between boulders in a large rock formation.I’ll bet they mark a Portal spot. This was his gift. Our group leader mentioned that Sasquatch leave gifts like this sometimes. Luc and I were the only people in our group of 12 who discovered crystals mysteriously appearing the forest during our stay.
On my evening walk that day I met Kai. Now Kai had a story that he’d come from San Louis Obisbo and before that from Hawaii and he was the most beautiful young man I have ever seen in my life. His hair whisked around his delicate features and his green eyes were like crystals. He walked everywhere barefooted. In fact, the first thing he noticed about me was my shoes, my rope shoes, which I use to be grounded to the Earth when walking in the forest and he liked them. In this forest there are many stones and sticks over a soft sandy forest floor and I really can’t imagine how he could do that barefooted but he did. He even explained how he’d escaped a mad momma bear protecting her cubs because she’d not heard him walking toward them because of his barefootedness. He walked so very gently in his bare feet as if he were almost floating. Anyway we met in the forest near my mandala portal spot where he appeared out of the blue and we became fast friends. We met up with my very good friend Luc, and Kai took us on a walking trip all the way to Ascension rock a steep climb up a rock formation that was just down the road from our camp. There he held our hands and said a prayer for Mother Earth Gaia. He came to dinner with me and I accepted him as a second son because we were felling like family. And I know that Luc for sure felt the same. 
The next day we went to the Panther meadow on the Mount Shasta to see the beauty and drink from the stream. Such beauty I’ve never seen before -flowers peaking out of every color and wonderful mountain streams trickling down from the mountain from natural springs. I was so overcome by the beauty I stopped behind the others to dip my feet in the stream. At that moment my foot touched a beautiful white crystal, it was there for me. There were no other crystals in that stream. I can only believe this crystal appeared at that moment for me. I have kept it nearby and slept with it nightly. Since then, my back which had been sore for days has been pain free, a request or should I say cry for help I’d made to my powerful invisible healing friends. My feeling of wonder by this point was totally overwhelming. I will always feel very deeply loved and certain that my invisible friends are real and will help and comfort me when needed.
Here is my prayer:
Thank you mother Gaia for this great abundance. I love you, please forgive us our errors, thank you.
Here is the message to me on the day I received the crystal:
yes, please be certain and hold this precious gift in and near your heart.
Hold the crystal, meditate, sing, write or in whatever way you can connect with us. Do this work and we will be there for you.
That night Luc and Diana went to the top of the mountain and saw light beings passing through the atmosphere and space ships flying above the mountain. The pictures are astounding. The light beings seemed to be holding an image of a crystal city within them as they flew. At the same time they saw this image I was meditating at the rock formation, the Portal entrance to hollow earth, as it has been called. At that instant I saw in my mind’s eye the visage of a woman and a man standing on the rock formation with light streaming brightly from them illuminated, bathed in brilliant light. 
The following day I awoke to walk to the meditation Portal mandala. There was an overpowering sweet smell in the air. It smelled of something like vanilla &honey or perhaps spiced with anise. At first I thought it was the smoke from the campfire. But it was not since no campfire even with fragrant redwood smells as distinctly lovely. I asked and received this lovely response:
Yes The sweet sweet smell is mine and you can thus know my presence. It is almost like an incense smell of vanilla and sage and I have smelled it since though not at that exact location.
I heard later one of the telepaths say that ascended Masters have a delicious smell. I believe this sweet perfume was an indicator of their presence.
The last day of this visit I walked with a friend up Mount Shasta. It had been a very upsetting day before our walk. Several of our group were having an upset. Then a bicycler tried to ride his bike through the sacred rock formation during a meditation, and the facilitator tried to stop him and I had to intervene to keep them safe. So I thought that was why, As we began to hike up another 1,000 feet up the mountain, I started crying and could not stop. At first I thought it was the infighting causing my pain but I soon recognized it was perception of disaster somewhere in the world. Since I had no internet connection to discover what had happened, I simply prayed. My girlfriend and I chanted “save the humans, save the humans”as our prayer as I cried and marched up the mountainside. And we meant it too. It had become evident to us that humanity has been trapped in a lower level consciousness and can be freed. Each time my mind tried to give me false answers such as some negative of myself or frustrations toward the bicycle attacker that morning, I would suddenly see in the rock formations, the shape of a heart. I saw at least 25or 30heart shaped rocks on that journey up the mountain. This comforted and helped me. 
I filled my jug with sweet water from the stream. Upon returning to the camp I noticed the intense presence of my invisible friends had gone. I asked why I could not feel their presence that day. Here is the answer I received:
“We are doing our work intently right now. It is not a time to travel to see you. Come visit us in your dreams. But know we are so proud of your bravery to be on the Upper World. Stay strong friends,comrades, fellows. We love you.”
I later found the flood and rains in Japan were happening in that moment I was climbing the mountain and I believe this is why I was crying and that my friends had left to help bring comfort there. 
I am much stronger as a person now that I have learned from such wise and powerful beings. 
Two women I met on this trip have influenced my outlook through their life’s work. The first is the woman who was with us in the retreat who is head of the Emoto Peace Project
The second is the author of numerous books on Telos, Dianne Robbins. I recommend reading her books of channeled messages from the Telosians. 

Also by synchronicity I met with the author of this website: 
So yes, ElvenWorld is a real place, with beings of higher consciousness with whom we as individuals can connect. Its so exciting and fun. What an adventure! We are all one. Peace in Wisdom. Let’s learn more, and bring the higher consciousness to Earth.
Love, Tara

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Comment by Tara Pelton on August 4, 2018 at 7:54pm

Yes, I feel this experience was for all of us, to help us to feel more confident that all we know is real and true, there is great support for all of us, much unconditional love from the unseen and especially brother and sisterhood in love of our mother Gaia, we are all children of Mother Earth -Tuatha de Danann 

Comment by Silent Silver Moon Owl on August 3, 2018 at 12:08am

What a wonderful experience Tara. I so enjoyed reading about it. You are truely blessed!!

Much love

Silent Silver Moon Owl

Comment by Morell Sunweaver on July 13, 2018 at 9:40am

Excelent, really a trip to remember.

Comment by Arethinn aTinderel on July 11, 2018 at 1:36pm

Wow, amazing!

Comment by BlueTiger on July 11, 2018 at 8:16am

Was a nice Experience you had and thank you for Sharing. 

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